Working From Home During Lockdown? Here's How You Can Remake Your Space

Inspiring Home Office Design In COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak is leading every possible company to work from home. Across the globe, employees are being encouraged to work from home and stay safe. Those who have become habitual to a formal-office setting might find it difficult to work from home. A proper home-office set up and a positive environment becomes essential to minimise distractions and enhance productivity.

But there’s no hard rule that your home office must be in a plain monochromatic palette. Research reveals that your favourite design decisions in your workspace improve productivity. In addition, it also multiplies your health and happiness. Studies also indicate that the use of natural stone in the office creates a positive environment where creative thoughts flourish and the ambience refreshes us. But our home offices lack these innovations.

However, a little help from premium-quality marble and granite suppliers from India could bring an amazing transition in your ‘work from home’ life. Which little details in home office design will help you? What types of colour combinations motivate you? These personal touches will not just make you more confident but also inspire you to 'work from home.’

So, let’s list out natural stone home-office accessories to energise your space!

An Inviting Office Desk Layered With Granite Tile

A desk with drawers is the most essential element for your home office. More importantly, an eye-catchingGranite Office Table desk that encourages you to work adds meaning. Using granite top on your desk lends elegance and sophistication to the entire room. Granite tile adds beauty as well as practicality. The stone is the most durable of all and doesn’t get easily damaged for decades. You can place anything on a granite desk and it stays away from blemishes.

Coming to style, it’s up to you. Go for an L-shape desk, a half-round, rectangle, square etc. There are plenty of options. While granite is the best option, you can also go for other natural stones like marble tiles or slate tiles. Whatever stone you choose, the desk will be the ultimate visual masterpiece of your home office.

Artistic Marble Coasters

Bring anything made of marble home and people are bound to get impressed. The beauty of marble is timeless. Whatever it adorns turns into an art. One such home-office accessory in fashion is marble tiles coasters. Placing beautiful marble coasters on your desk appears to be the cherry on top.

From a functional point of view, marble coasters keep your desk safe from water rings. Whether it’s coffee, tea or any other drink that keeps you up, the natural stone coasters are there to take up all the stains. They carry the weight so you don’t need to worry about slips.

Check the stunning green marble, Spider Green Marble with an intriguing pattern. If you desire to personalise the coaster with fancy messages you can go for Andy White or Imperial White Granite. While these are just two options you can choose between shiny designs and subtle ones.

Unique Natural Stone Clock

Clock carved out of natural stone is a unique art that’s common in luxury homes. As per your requirement,Marble Clock To Maintain Productivity you can use a wall clock to accentuate a boring wall. Or, you can use a smaller desk clock that’s easier for your eyes to reach. Both ways, this element will multiply your happy times in your home office.

Practically, a natural stone clock uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal to keep time. This crystal oscillator produces a signal with accurate frequency.

A Classic Pen Holder

Pen holders can be functional as well as attractive at the same time. A pen Desert Brown Granite Slabs at Quality Marble Indiastand is an important utility you can use to store pens and other stationery items.

If the traditional look is your favourite Desert Brown Granite is a classic choice. The earthy hues of brown and black reflect a stunning design that can go with a light colour home office desk. Another attractive option can be Millenium Grey Marble.

The Glamour Of Paperweight

Many people love using fancy paperweights in the office. They are not just helpful in holding down sheets kept on the desk. For years, they have been used by offices as a decorative element. If you need one, natural stones have endless designs, patterns and shapes to choose from. How about this gemstone-like granite tile that comes with a flashy red colour?

Calendar Stand

Nowadays, people have all their tasks managed by a plethora of online apps. However, keeping a hard-copy of the calendar is still a smart way to stay up to date. What if your PC is facing a little hitch?

Get a stunning calendar holder or stand made of marble tile or granite tile. Though these ornaments are not readily available in the market, granite and marble suppliers can design them for you.

Set Up Your Home Office With Quality Marble Exports (India)

The natural stone accessories listed above are generally not a readymade phenomenon. Only natural stone manufacturers and suppliers have the necessary craftsmanship to produce a masterpiece of your taste.
"Natural Stone Range Available at QM India

Leading in the line is Quality Marble Exports (India) that has a rich portfolio in this case. We offer personalised interior design solutions skillfully carved out of natural stones. Among our huge collection, we have marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate and other exotic stones.

If you are planning to create a winning home-office we are happy to supply premium-quality accessories.