Use This Quarantine Time To Plan Beautiful Home Renovation

Plan A Beautiful Home Renovation

There have been so many people around the world who must have planned home renovation a long time ago. But their busy life has never allowed them to plan beautifully renovated homes. This lockdown is not easy but we can make use of it. In fact, utilise this period to craft beautiful moments you can cherish for life.

A huge collection of natural stones is by your side. Right from the durable granite tiles, the graceful marble tiles, the practical sandstone to the tough quartz. Each one has unique ways to personalise your interiors with eye-catching colours, patterns and textures. While the ones mentioned are most common, homeowners often go beyond to experiment with stone varieties.

If you love experimenting by mixing and matching different colours and patterns to create exciting aesthetics, go for it! We are here to encourage you with all the talent and desires you have to put into your home renovation project.

Things To Remember Before Starting The Renovation

A number of granite and marble suppliers admit that customers often get overwhelmed with choices available in natural stones. As a result, some of them end up making expensive investments. Hence, it is very important to consider these factors:

  • Plan the layout of your interior renovation keeping your budget in mind
  • Check if the colour and pattern of stone complement the chosen room
  • Does the given space receive a high percentage of foot traffic? Opt for natural stones that are specially used for high traffic areas
  • If you have kids and pets at home, design the interiors considering the safety factors
  • Does your interior appear small? Then choose an open design and light colour scheme
  • If your interior is rather spacious you can add darker colour stones and complex designs

While these are just a few essential things to recognise, we have some quality ideas to share. These will help you make your renovation results more fruitful.

Top 3 Application Areas


When talking about flooring, anybody entering a house puts the first foot on the entryway - making the first impression. So, this part should be as attractive as the interiors. Kota Brown limestone slabs are ideal for outdoor pathways, especially if you have a garden. The green and brown combination will evoke natural aesthetics.

Marble Flooring For Lavish Interiors

If you wish for a similar look in the living room and have wooden furniture in place, consider Forest Green Marble. These marble tiles display a net of light and dark green branches flowing mysteriously.

Coming to the flooring in the kitchen, endures a lot of chaos. A busy kitchen must have a low-maintenance stone floor that stays hygienic and doesn’t catch bacteria and odours. For a neutral kitchen design, the very durable Royal Blue Granite or Monte Cristo Grey Granite tile is an exclusive option.  

Pebble Black Granite For Attractive Outdoor Pathways

The facade of a house has all the opportunity to grab the attention of visitors just like the impressive entryway. Pebble Black Granite is one of the most popular options for wall cladding. Vibrant shades of grey and blue mingle to produce charming aesthetics. Sandstone is an ideal option for exteriors as it can easily fight any harsh elements. Same way, slate is another distinct choice.

Inside the home, wall cladding adds dimension and depth to space. For the love of modern interior design, a wooden ceiling, modular furniture and a stone accent wall are the fashion in trend. The trio will produce an intimate ambience in the room. How about experimenting with the Ash Black Exotic Stone? The show of the granite tiles is enough to spice up the entire room.

To ensure wall cladding stays intact for years, remember applying a sealer coating after the application is complete. This makes the wall surface impervious and prevents it from wear and tear.

Kitchen Countertops and Backsplashes
Rain Forest Brown Marble To Enhance Your Kitchen Countertops

Just like the kitchen is the heart of a home, a countertop is the heart of the kitchen. For a busy kitchen, hard, non-porous and easy-to-clean stone is the best option. For the same, consider combining Rain Forest Brown Marble kitchen countertops with metal cabinets to create a stunning design.

Going for an open concept is a clever way to make a small kitchen look big. While open kitchens may have less storage capacity, an island could compensate for it beautifully. It serves as an excellent visual treat while improving functionality.

Do you have a huge glass door in the kitchen with light colour cabinets and light fixtures? Try matching it with Coin Black Granite. Its pattern with white coins embedded in a black base looks gorgeous. A similar design scheme could be a great choice for bathroom countertops.

Plan Your Home Renovation With Quality Marble Exports (India)
Enhance Your House’s Ambience With These Natural Stones

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Hence, while you are planning to renovate your home during this lockdown period, you can count on us. We are here to help you craft your interiors as you require. Apart from the products mentioned here, we have a wide range of natural stones. This includes marble tiles, granite tiles, sandstone tiles, limestone tiles, slate tiles and much more. If you are looking for slabs in these categories, we have them as well.

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