Ways To Achieve Hotel Style Interiors

Natural Stones For Hotel Style Interiors in Home

If you are working in the hospitality industry then you must understand the importance of interior design. It is a paramount thing that can make or break your business. In this day and age hotel guests are no longer looking for a comfortable bed and room to rest, rather they are looking for a good time at each hotel they visit. But that doesn't mean that good service, food and respectable staff should not be a priority. All these elements play an important role in making a hotel great.

However, interior design acts as the visual backdrop that will give your guests an idea about your hotel. For instance, the hotel lobby will give a guest an idea of the kind of place you are running. The use of marble tiles on the flooring signifies that it's an elegant and classy place. Good lighting and warm tones are more inviting. All of these elements should be cohesive in all areas from the corridors, lifts, rooms and receptions for guests to have unique experiences. This will prompt them to come back and that's good for business.

Have you ever gone to a hotel and immediately fell in love with the interiors of the space? Well, it is becoming a common practice for homeowners to get style inspiration from luxury hotels.

As one of the leading marble and granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) has worked with luxury hotels to create mesmerizing interiors. And with our experience and expertise, we give you a peek into how you can implement this in your own space!

Bring Home The Luxury Of Hotel Interiors - With Granite Tile & Marble Tiles Varieties

1. The Living Room

Make A Strong And Lasting Impression With Marble Tiles Flooring

The hotel lobby is the one place that will make a first impression that can make or break the visual of the entire hotel. You can replicate this by designing your living room to look like a lobby and make a strong and lasting impression.

What do luxury hotel lobbies around the world have in common? Marble tiles flooring. For ages, marble tiles have been used as an epitome of luxury and class. You can use the tiles in a traditional style of black and white marble or choose a colour that goes with your design style. For a more luxurious look, you can hang big chandeliers and good lighting to set the mood.

2. The Bedroom

There is something about hotel beds that make you feel like you are sleeping in the clouds. It could be the fluffy pillows or the duvets but you can sleep all day in the room. Designing your bedroom to fit that of a hotel room then you have to consider symmetry with cabinetry.

Also, ensure you have warm lighting, a high headboard, and some fluffy pillows. You can add a pop colour for the wall cladding by using natural stone such as black granite tile. But you can even use marble for a sophisticated finish. However, you will need to consult granite suppliers or marble suppliers for the best results.

3. The Kitchen

Neutral Hued Natural Stones For A Seamless Look

A hotel kitchen is designed based on functionality. Most hotels opt for neutral tones such as an all-white kitchen and you can choose such palettes for your kitchen. For instance, you can use dark green marble countertops with light green cabinets. This combination instantly gives a suave feeling.

You can also opt for neutral hues such as grey, beige, light brown and even black. For the backsplash, you can choose the same colour as the one for the countertop. In grey, there are various options available such as Bala Grey Granite, Commando Grey Granite etc. Also, you can opt for a mosaic design look, for instance, you can never go wrong with monochromatic colour. The hotel kitchen faces a lot of foot traffic so granite floor tiles can be the best option since they are durable and hard.

4. The Bathroom

Green Marble Tiles For a Hotel Like Bathroom Interior

The ambience of a hotel bathroom is over the top. They scream wealth and luxury and you can inject any hotel bathroom design into your own space. Some cool ideas would be having an open bathroom, wet bathrooms, walk-in showers, floating vanities and all-tile bathrooms. There are a variety of tiles you can use but natural tiles are the way to go. Marble tiles are a good stone for the bathroom and you can go all green by choosing green marble. You can use it for your vanities, countertop, backsplash and cabinetry. For an elegant look add some touch of brass. You can contact marble suppliers for a consultation to achieve this look.

On the other hand, you can opt for a black bathroom which is a common theme in hotels. Black granite tiles for the shower flooring, backsplash and vanity tops. However, have a larger window to allow in light.

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