Decorate Boring Places At Your Home With Natural Stone Tiles

How To Decorate Boring Places At Home With Natural Stone Tiles?

Hunting for the best material for floors and that scenic look for quality and luxury you see on all the home remodelling shows? Confused about where and what type of stone should be used.

When planning to remodel your home, what you should consider and at what place is the most important aspect. Among the flooring materials, Natural stone should be on top of your wishlist. None seems to be more classy and magnificent than a Natural Stone. The enduring and natural grace of the natural stone has contributed to their popularity in many home interiors, commercial and workspace projects. Be it any location, consider stone tiles to add to the aesthetics of any area of the interiors.

Why Natural Stone Tile?

The term Natural Stone indicates a wide range of mountain-born mineral substances that beats out in distinction to any man-made manufactured stone products. Stone Tiles enhance the beauty of a space area and suit almost any decor style including industrial, minimal, rustic or modern.

Nowadays, with the use of available materials gaining popularity, Natural stone has won many fans among interior decorators, homeowners, artisans because of its beauty, low-cost maintenance and long-lasting value.

Natural stone tiles’ natural density is an ideal choice for areas in homes that get a lot of foot traffic. These have a huge range of hues and design choices for almost any decor scheme you can imagine in Marble Tiles, Granite Tile, Slate Tiles, Limestone, and many more.

Different Types of Natural Stone Tiles

The best place to start is to get an idea about the various types available.

Natural Stone tiles have been used for many years. The most common natural stones include - Slate, Marble, Limestone, Granite, sandstone - each of which has slightly different compositions and properties. It's essential to understand the characteristics of the kind of stone in order to determine if it is appropriate for a particular location. Below are the detailed overviews of the best types of natural stone tiles.

Slate Tiles:

Slate Tiles are one of the most commonly used natural stones. It is distinguished by its fine grain and unique texture. It is widely used for its attractive appearance and durability. Slate tile comes in many shades and colours like Grey, Green, Red, Black and White and various mixtures of these. Slate Tiles are very durable and not prone to any chemical damage, chips and scratches.

Marble Tiles:

Famous for its rustic look of luxury, smooth texture, pronounced veining, and high-glossy finish, Marble Tiles come in a wide gamut of colours, although Black Marble, White Marble, Green Marble are among the popular ones. Also, Marble tiles run the full collection from large to small tile, nearly all shapes are available- be it rectangle, square, hexagonal, you name it.

It is a top pick in natural stone for various places like the bathroom, countertop material, marble flooring for many homes. Since it can be installed in every corner of the home, it is an immensely popular natural stone type.

Granite Tile:

Black Galaxy Granite Tile For Countertops And Floors

When you consider durability as a factor, Granite Tiles are superior among the natural stone tiles. It is trendy in both commercial and residential projects because of its natural resilience and grain effect. For decades homeowners have installed granite tiles as countertops, for floors, for better all-around and low-maintenance characteristics. The most commonly available hues of granite tile are White Granite, Black Granite, Green Granite, Brown Granite - which are refined to complement the decor style. Granite floor tiles natural beauty blended with craftsmanship can create a distinctive design and luxurious ambience of the room.

These have been a popular choice for flooring, bathroom wall, countertops but their use is not just limited to flooring only. There are limitless spaces in your interiors where you can add natural stones to revamp the classic, rustic, contemporary look to add some excitement to the boring places.

From bathroom walls to kitchen countertops, find the best places for your tiles that bring versatility to any space in your home.

1. Bar Area:

Who wouldn’t love to come home after a long tiring day to the beautiful home bar loaded with natural stone tiles?

The bar area can be the best place to add a pinch of luxury look to your home. Natural Stone Tiles complement the warmth of the shelving and wooden bar top. Now you can raise a glass in celebration with Black Forest Granite, Jack Black Slate, Himachal Black Slate ..!! Now you can enjoy your quality time with your family friends having your favourite coffees, cocktails and much more. No need to be out every time to enjoy a drink, when you have got the right vibes in your own space.

2. Mudroom:

One of the most overlooked spaces in the home space is the Mudroom. Since their design, decided by fate to get muddy, dirty, they are an ideal place for natural stone flooring. With fascinating hues and textures, a natural stone like Botanic Brown Marble, Maharaja Black Marble can convert a mudroom into a space that increases the look and adds value to the home. This flooring can withstand muddy shoes, gardening tools, snow shovels, and other objects that take a heavy toll on the ground floor. Even with wear and tear, your natural stone tile will look naturally astonishing for the years to come.

3. Balcony:

White Natural Slate Tiles For A Rustic Appeal

Balcony floors of your home are now no exception..!!

Balcony Floors are generally the most unnoticeable area of the home. To provide a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors, it is important that the material used should be sturdy, long-lasting, able to withstand extreme weather and has good slip-resistance characteristics ensuring safety. Natural stone tiles are suitable for exterior flooring for the verandahs, balconies, garden walkways and terraces for a rustic appeal. Natural stones, like Kota Blue Slate, Himachal White Natural Slate, provide an aesthetic look and enhance the feel of your balcony, along with helping you to keep cool even on the hottest days of summer.

4. Shelves and Storage:

Shelves and storage spaces are now no longer the places that can be ignored. Consider using Natural stone like Imperial Gold Granite, limestone for shelves and open storage options. These are not only functional but require less maintenance, adding beauty to the spaces too. These rows of natural stone shelves in the kitchen area create a sense of openness and space which can be achieved with closed and compact cabinets.

5. Bathroom Floors:

The look of the bathroom can be completely transformed with Natural stone tiles. Stone Tiles are best suited to use on the shower area, bathtub, walls, around the mirror, or all over the bathroom. Make a style statement in your bathroom with Amba White Marble, Onyx White Marble, Raymond White Marble. It gives the bathroom area a polished look and grants you to revamp your area without giving many complex renovations. Feel like you are living in luxury with stone tiles that flawlessly fit into the bathrooms that embrace the space.

6. Around the Pool:

What could be better than installing natural stone tiles around your swimming pool? They possess slip-resistance, waterproof, heat resistance, and provide a luxurious and inviting look. These tiles won’t be affected by chemicals like chlorine. Granite Tiles, Slate tiles, Sandstone tiles are available in various shades, sizes, shapes to match your taste. Choose the right stone based on the swimming pool and style of the outdoors.

7. Fireplace Surrounding:

Safe And Heat-resistant White Granite Fireplace

Fireplaces always catch the centre of attention. So why not give them the attention these fireplaces deserve. They are no longer the centrepiece of the room but the whole house. Natural stone fireplaces are heat-resistant, safe, sturdy and provide sustainability causing no structural damage. Most popular natural stones include White Granite - Mercury White Granite, Bruno White Granite and many more provide a modern look that can complement the hearth.

8. Entryway:

Create A Long-lasting Impression With Copper Natural Slate Tiles

While you welcome people into your home, the entryway is a place that has to be beautiful, appealing and inviting. In order to create a long-lasting impression, natural stone tiles like Copper Natural Slate on the home’s entryway will give an elegant look. They will easily withstand high foot traffic, maximum weather conditions and provide a natural look, adding an element of interest and class without being overwhelming.

Different Stone Tiles at one place:

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Ways To Transform Boring Places At Home With Natural Stones