How To Choose Between Large And Small Tiles?

How To Choose Between Large And Small Tiles?

Tiles have become an integral part of home styling. They never miss catching the eye of the viewers. Especially when they are pieces of luxurious stones - marble or granite.

The range of tiles can vary from a few centimetres to half a metre (or even more!). A tile with an area of up to 30cm sq is labelled as small. Whereas, a tile with more than 30cm sq area is a large tile.

Sizes of tiles matter a lot in the entire home configuration. Hence, care should be taken while selecting the sizes. Large tiles are suitable for big rooms while small ones for small spaces. Read further to know more about the benefits of both types of tiles - and how you can select them for a specific purpose.

Small Tiles Benefits

Small tiles are great to add depth to any space. Colourful and patterned marble tiles can bring up all Small Pattenered Natural Stone Tilesthe profoundness and glamour you need. They provide you with the freedom to get creative with multiple patterns. Other benefits of using small tiles are:

  • Easy to transport.
  • Fewer pieces are wasted during installation.
  • Combine easily with different shapes to form attractive patterns.
  • Add complexity and interest.

Bonus tip

For small spaces, busy patterns appear somewhat exaggerated. Rather use neutral-coloured marble tiles. Marble suppliers offer such various graceful options that are perfect for a small area.

Large Tiles Benefits

When both sorts of tiles are settled, large tiles conclude the final aesthetics of a space look. They offer fewer interruptions as grout lines are comparatively less. The list of benefits related to large tiles is as follows:

  • Fewer grout lines and hence easier to clean.
  • Re-grouting the tiles requires less time.
  • Make the room look bigger and brighter.
  • Organize a uniform space.
  • Best to bring up consistency and minimalism.
  • Get installed in a very short duration.

Bonus tip

Dark coloured tiles are immensely popular for flooring. New Cherry Brown Granite FlooringFor example, the New Cherry Brown Granite and Mercury Grey Marble tiles can be the perfect choice for flooring and stairs. Pay attention to hardness, porosity and durability. Granite suppliers offer a wide variety of texture, colour and patterns to choose from.

Best Applications For Small Tiles

As already mentioned, small tiles are best to highlight small spaces.

  • They look great for a bathroom or a splashback that is small in the area.
  • Besides, people often choose these tiles for feature walls and countertops.
  • Small areas like the shower wall look splendid when decorated with charming patterns of small tiles.
  • And finally, small tiles can be used at places that don't need to get cleaned very often.

Wait, here is an out of the box application!

Though small tiles are meant for small rooms, they have their place in large areas too. By designing big rooms with small-sized tiles, you can carve out something exceptionally unique. This idea is best for those who admire to stand out of the crowd!

Best Applications For Large Tiles

Generally, large tiles are used for flooring purposes. An impression of a large space exclaims out from these tiles.

  • Granite floor tiles fit best in spacious rooms.
  • Accent walls in the living room, big kitchen and bathrooms look incredible with large tiles.
  • A variety of textures are available for covering the shower floor of large bathrooms.
  • They draw in a sense of luxury when used for huge countertops and islands.
  • And lastly, they can be used for an area that needs to be cleaned more often.

Again, there is an additional recommendation for you to show your creativity. Use the tiles for the floor and extend the same up to the wall. Let this extra modern effect collect the compliments!

Take Away

Tiles are an incredible way to style up your living space. Black Galaxy Granite Tile at Quality Marble Exports Hence, the size, shape, colour, pattern and design, should be chosen wisely. If you want to create a detailed design, small tiles are the best option for you. Whereas, to get a vision of more space, you should go with large tiles.

Choose large tiles to spend less time on installation and cleaning. Or choose small ones to waste less while installing. Black Galaxy Granite can fit in both roles.

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Breaking the rules, personal preferences always count. After all, it is also a matter of taste. And the ultimate goal is to speculate the size that’s made just for your space.

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