How We Can Build Our Eco-friendly Futuristic Homes?

How We Can Build Our Eco-friendly Futuristic Homes?

People are looking for materials and methods for building an eco-friendly and sustainable house. Not to mention, the ultimate quest is to build an abode to create the best memories— and to relax and to meet. 

To build eco-friendly futuristic houses, you must start by identifying and choosing eco-friendly buildings and construction products. These materials minimize environmental impact and enhance sustainable energy. 

While discovering the future, Quality Marble Exports (India) came across some of the most important aspects of futuristic homes. So, let’s go ahead and see how our sustainable dream homes can be? 

What Makes an Eco-friendly Home

An eco-friendly house offers homeowners a plethora of benefits. Not only does it reduce environmental impact, but it also provides health and economic benefits. A sustainable home is expected to be built with eco-friendly construction materials like marble, granite, bamboo, and reclaimed wood. Building green futuristic houses also consume fewer resources than conventional houses. 

How to Build a Sustainable House?

Consider the points discussed ahead to build an eco-friendly house that would become commonplace in the future: 

1. Start with eco-friendly construction materials 

There are many green materials for building a nature-loving abode. One of the most considered materials is natural stones. The use of natural stones like marble, granite, limestone, and sandstone has helped in building sustainable houses. The stones have lots of features that make them fit for achieving a green environment indoors. Pick anyone you like, they are durable, affordable, sustainable, and non-toxic. 

Let’s take the example of the most common natural stones used for building eco-friendly houses.  


Granite is well-known for its durability, and diverse colors and textures. Due to its low carbon footprint,  it is widely used for many environmentally-friendly surfaces in the house. Since it is durable, it saves homeowners money. Granite is non-toxic as it does not contain chemical or harmful substances. Thus, it is very good for building green homes. With soap and water, you can easily make granite tiles sparkling and hygienic. There is no need to get a harsh chemical for cleaning purposes. 


Marble is a beautiful natural stone with sustainable properties. It not only represents style, elegance, aesthetics, and luxury but is also a great option for building sustainable homes

Marble stone is durable but needs to be sealed to sustain its beauty. The sealant used has less chemical content. This reduces the use of chemical cleaners for keeping it clean. For cleaning, all you need is soapy water and a damp cloth. The use of fewer chemicals makes it an eco-friendly building material. 

2. Install a drip irrigation system 

Having green outdoors is not only about the look, it makes the home cooler, cleans the air, and also serves as a windbreaker. You can keep the area watered by using a drip irrigation system. This system makes use of gravity for delivering water to plants which reduces waste via evaporation—and conserves power by eliminating the use of pumps. 

3. Install a sustainable roof

If you live in a place that remains hot most of the months, then consider installing a cool roof. This will not absorb the heat from the sun and will reflect it. This will help in keeping your indoors cool while reducing energy bills.

Another sustainable option is slate tiles roofing that stays loyal not just to the homeowner but also to his inheritors for more than 100 years. It means you will never have to replace the roof. And when the time comes you could easily recycle it and reuse it. 

4. Invest in smart lighting and energy solution

To build an eco-friendly house, consider investing in smart lighting solutions such as motion detectors, automatic light dimmers, and daylight sensors. This will not just help you build a green home but guarantee you a quick return on investment. 

5. Recycle wherever & whenever possible 

If you are constructing an eco-friendly home, there are many things you can salvage from old buildings and construction. You can get old door frames, windows, stone slabs, etc that will fit into the new sustainable house you are building. This would prove easy on your pocket, your mind—and on nature.

Consider Collaboration With QM Exports (India) 

QM Exports (India) is one of the decades-old granite and marble suppliers and exporters. Over the years, we have collaborated with property owners, architects, interior designers, and builders to help them in constructing eco-friendly houses.

Be it our stone quarries or manufacturing units, we focus on reducing carbon emissions and avoiding chemicals. As we mine the beauty of nature, we believe that the connection between man and buildings cannot exist in harmony without the soothing interference of nature. So, there comes the role of our natural stones: marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate. 

We would love to hear about your sustainable futuristic home. Feel free to discuss your ideas with us!