Achieve Elegant Neutral Interiors With Imperial White Granite!

Achieve Elegant Neutral Interiors With Imperial White Granite!

Are you a fan of neutral colours? If not, then you must be thinking that they are boring and don't give a sense of life. But this article is going to debunk this myth. White, black and brown are the most common neutral colours which never go out of style. Although there are new hues of neutral colours such as earthy red, lilac, charcoal and light mauve. Over the past couple of years, neutrals have gotten a not-so-good reputation since they are considered too "safe." It is only because achieving the right look with these colours is a delicate art. But Quality Marble Exports (India) is here to help!

Natural materials are one of the few ways that can help you create charming interiors with ease. Think of granite, for instance, this natural stone exists in many hues. If you are looking for a granite tile that is calm and peaceful then choose Imperial White Granite. Its appearance is more grey than white Imperial White Granite Tile, Slabs & Blocks with black veins that run through it. This natural stone is one of the bestselling varieties at Quality Marble Exports, one of the leading granite tile suppliers from India.

A lot of interior designers choose Imperial White’s calm neutral appearance since it gives any space a clean look. Also, you can never go wrong using this stone with bold colours.

There are tons of other things you can do with neutral colours to achieve an eye-catching design in your space. Here are a few tips that can help you achieve the goal.

5 Rules To Help You Achieve Eye-Catching Neutral Interiors

1. Keep It Cohesive

White Granite Kitchen Countertops For A Clean & Elegant Look

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Interior designers will advise you to renovate it to increase your home value. If you are planning to renovate or upgrade your kitchen with neutral hues then keep on reading.

Kitchen countertops can make or break your space. Thus, choose material and stone which will complement other appliances in the kitchen. For example, the white and grey from the Imperial White Granite will give a kitchen a clean and elegant look. The stone’s grey hues blend well with white cabinets and silver faucets. If you are looking to go more neutral, then have the backsplash and flooring complementing the kitchen countertops.

2. Keep Your Bathroom Chic

Neutral colours make a statement in any bathroom. The warm tones will create a spa-like ambience that is inviting. But it is easy to make a mistake and make the whole bathroom boring. For instance, don't use the same colour granite tile in your bathroom. You can opt for different neutral colours and patterns in various areas. Imagine black granite for your shower flooring and Imperial White Granite for the flooring next to the bathtub. For the decor, incorporate functional decor such as a large mirror to create an illusion that the bathroom is bigger.

3. Take The Minimalist Approach

Design A Stylish Living Room With Neutral Coloured Granite Tile

A modern minimalist aims to declutter their home while promoting space in living areas. Neutral colours are being adopted by interior designers to add warmth to such spaces. You must choose the right granite tile which creates a sense of serenity, and you can never go wrong with grey and white.

The Imperial White Granite tile has been a popular stone over the years. Its whitish greyish background with black veins make any space from the bathroom, living room and kitchen exquisite. With this stone in place, you can now paint your room in a grey and white combination.

4. Let The Neutral Colour Be Your Foundation

Imperial White Granite Flooring

Have you ever walked into a room and are mesmerized by the patterns, vibrant colours and design? If you had the urge to create an eclectic space, then start by choosing a neutral colour as your foundation. Imperial White Granite can be ideal for your wall cladding or flooring. It will become the backdrop for everything else such as lighting, texture, pattern and colours. Then, you can choose an accent colour which can be in various forms of bold hues for your furniture, curtains and others. However, don't overwhelm your space. A neutral coloured backdrop will help you design an eclectic space with ease.

5. Have A Focal Point

Every room should have an eye-catching feature that draws attention. It can be a work of art or a piece of furniture. For instance, let your granite tile kitchen countertops be the focal point for the kitchen. Choose a neutral colour like white granite such that the rest of the kitchen appliances should complement it. You can select silver faucets, metallic bar stools and white cabinets.

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