Top 6 Indian Granite Stones That Resemble Chinese Granite

Check These Indian Granite Stones For Your Next Project

Granite stone is the toughest and most durable of all-natural stones. It even shines generously when it comes to decorating interiors and exteriors. India and China serve as the leading granite suppliers for those who wish granite to be the center-of-attraction in their home.

Granite slabs from India and China are popular around the globe. Both countries are the biggest players in the international natural stone market. Right from quarrying to processing and exporting, the countries are involved from start to finish.

Unfortunately, as the Chinese trade landscape has been hit due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the country is facing a major shutdown. Business activity and transportation have been restricted in many cities of China, further impacting the global supply chains.

In such a situation, it is apparent that the global granite demand is under pressure. Hence, to let options be open for customers, Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the best granite suppliers from India, offers a list of granite stones. These, more or less, resemble the most popular Chinese stones in look and are as good in quality and durability.

Go ahead to find your best alternative!

1. Nurelle Grey

Rare And Beautiful Nurelle Grey Granite

The fine-grain-textured Nurelle Grey Granite is the best replacement for Chinese Mountain Grey Granite (G603). Just like the latter, it has black and white specks consistently distributed on a grey backdrop.

The use of this stone is popular as decorative elements that are also functional. For example, use this stone as a platform supporting ladles in the kitchen area. You can actually get the ladle stone in shapes you desire - oval, octagonal, square etc.

2. Maple Red

Give a Beautiful Appearance To Your Space With Maple Red Granite

The Chinese Maple Red Granite (G562) is a very popular stone, especially when it comes to having ornamental floorings and walls. At Quality Marble Exports (India), we have similar Maple Red Granite floor tiles with a slightly darker background.

The Indian Maple Red granite stone is famous for its artistic look that is reminiscent of ancient fort carvings.

This stone proves to be an excellent addition to medallions. In a granite medallion, a slab is cut and carved into the fancied shape and fitted into another large stone tile. This mosaic pattern is a great option for floorings and walls. As Maple Red throws a dark effect, you can combine it with a lighter stone.

3. Ice Blue

The Chinese Ice Blue Granite (G891) is another famous stone for interiors as well as exteriors. An Indian alternative is Ice Blue that reflects an imperceptibly different shade of blue, but with the exact veining and pattern.

The blue granite slabs are extremely attractive when used as frames for windows. The natural brown colour of wooden windows combined with this vibrant bluish-black stone can leave anyone astounded. Besides, the thin strips of granite can hold screws and do not require any maintenance.

4. Black Pearl

Black Granite Mortar And Pestle

The Pearl Black Granite (G684) is one of the best-sellers of China natural stone market. It is widely used in paving. Mirroring in tone, at Quality Marble Exports (India), we have the Black Pearl Granite. Although the veining feebly differs, it proves to be a winner when used in interiors as well as exteriors.

Considering its elegant appearance and durability, you can apply black granite for garden edging. The silvery veining on a black base will enhance the edge of the garden. It will bring out the blossoms in your garden while also keeping the place look neat.

5. Yellow Pearl

G682 Granite stone from China has a floral texture with pink and yellow specks. You will find the same beauty in Indian Yellow Pearl as well. This ornamental granite stone quarried from Jaipur, Rajasthan speaks for itself.

Using this stone to create a cobblestone walkway will give your garden the effect of being near the shoreside. It is a highly durable and fully elegant solution to decorate your driveway or patio.

6. Platinum White Granite

Platinum White Granite Slabs at Quality Marble Exports

Platinum White Granite is a perfect alternative to the Chinese Fujian White Granite (G655). It boasts of black and grey irregular flakes dancing around a white background.

Bring home this unique stone as granite tile that is carved into a cheese platter. Granite cheese platters are highly durable, easy to clean, and bacteria resistant. Technically, you will be adding an essential tool in your kitchen. An aesthetically, an eye-catching masterpiece.

Quality Marble Exports (India) As Your Best Granite Suppliers
Indian Granite Stones

Quality Marble Exports (India) has a catalogue of natural stones ready to transform your home into a palatial residence. The list of granite stone alternatives mentioned here is not exhaustive. We have tried to put the versions that are high in demand, across the globe.

Whether you are looking for granite tile, granite slabs, or granite blocks - we have it all. We customize our natural stones to meet your functional as well as aesthetical requirements.

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