Have You Tried Decorating Your Home With Marble & Granite Accessories? Get Some Ideas!

Take Your Interior Design To The Next Level With Small Marble & Granite Decorations

To carve a concrete building into a lovely livable home, numerous factors contribute concurrently. This includes the material used in construction, the stone covering the floor, the design engraved in the interior and exterior. One such prominent facet lies in the appearance maintained by the decoratives.

Fulfil your purpose of embellishment giving your house a glossy luxurious touch with high-quality marble and granite decoratives. Marble owns a dignified prestige when the talk is about decorating the apartment with the perfect finish. It forges an atmosphere of equanimity, providing the most elegant look!

Without a massive purchase, encounter the dramatic look of marbles, the most precious material for designing. And the other is granite, the symbol of prominence and quality.

Kitchen Of An Elegant Residence

Apart from the marble flooring, walls and kitchen countertops, marble can be introduced to your home as a decorative element. It can adorn a lighting lamp, the top of tableware, bathroom ware, kitchenware and other dozens of accessories.

Marble StandWhite Marble Table For Interior Decor Applications

In the kitchen, a well-shaped marble tile is a versatile option. It can support a lumpy pedestal candle holder as a footing. Both, the marble stand and marble candle holder prove to be eye-catching. Especially when the choice is something bright and stylish like Bruno White or Raymond White.

Marble Dinner Set/ Cup & Saucer

A marble dinner set can be a crowning accomplishment. Further complimenting its effect on the dinner table is a cup and saucer set. Adding these elements to your kitchen means your interiors are unique. We recommend using premium-quality white marble sets. For example, the Amba White marble tiles are a good option as you can easily spot dirt and keep it clean.

Granite Chopping Board

A ripping granite chopping board can add up to the glory of the existing scenery. Granite tile is hard and durable, so it's the best choice when looking to use a natural stone board. The minimalist Autumn Pink and Bala Grey Granite are worth considering. You can also customise a chopping board to be made of half granite and half wood. Yes, that’s possible!

Marble or Granite Serving TrayWhite Marble Kitchen Platter

Acting secretly to the loyal craze comes the serving tray engraved with high-quality marble to keep an account of your vital riches. For a durable change, you can also go for a granite tray. Besides, an expert marble manufacturer can make you a glossy marble tray with stainless steel drawer pulls in a short time.

Marble TempleWhite Marble Temple For Worship Purpose In Your Home or Office

Consulting with marble suppliers you can install a beautiful marble temple. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers elegant marble temple designs that are ready to shower positivity in the room.

Besides, all of these ideas, natural stone suppliers can craft beautiful storage pots and tins as well. There is no limit to how luxurious you can make your kitchen.

Feel Sleeky Rich When Marble And Granite Adorn The Living Room!

Symbolising vitality and longevity, granite provides the buyer with hundred of colours and patterns to choose from. Undoubtedly, black granite stands above all. It wins the race single-handedly with its versatile qualities which say 'look at me' to the person wandering around.

Granite PlanterPlanters To Make A Statement In Your Space

How about using the polished Black Marquino Granite as an indoor planter in the hallway? You will truly get the appreciation of being extremely innovative. A clue of civilization can be added to the home just by layering an ordinary planter with a glassy marble foil.

Granite Vase

An entirely polished multicolour black granite vase on the desk would seem out of the world. Making a sleek and thin vase would be an excellent option.

White Stone SculptureWhite Sculpture Available at Quality Marble India

Beside adding grace to the overall look, sculptures made from white granite, say Imperial White Granite symbolise strong grounding and calming qualities. As white marbles are trending these days, a beautiful statue of white marbles will add a feather to a cap.

Granite On The Wall

Granite inspired mirror frame and an octagon granite clock dangling on the wall can be excused to earn appreciation. Inscribing itself into a well-shaped tile collaborating with wood to design an ominous jewellery hanger, marble can help you disclose your precious jewellery even more gracefully.

Get Ready to Gather Compliments As You Partner With Quality Marble Exports (India)
Wide Range of Stonecrafts Available at QM India

Quality Marble Exports (India) is not just the leading marble and granite exporter, but it is also an expert in bringing up the rare! With the choice of an ideal material, it owns craftsmanship that can beautify your home without heavy investments.

Be it marble frames or marble coverings over relevant accessories, we offer a memorable finish to your home’s existing beauty. Whether you like the ideas listed here, or you have one in your mind, we promise to add luxury and durability through our expertise.

We also offer fine marble foils that adorn any shape of the craft you are seeking to incorporate your interiors. Bring these small decoratives from Quality Marble Exports (India), the leading marble suppliers and granite suppliers, and let people guess where you have bought these from.