Is Marble The Right Choice For My Home? Let’s Answer Your Questions!

How To Use Marble In The Best Manner Possible In Your Interiors?

Marble is the only natural stone that people quickly associate with luxury, elegance and delicacy. While that being true, there is actually more to marble’s magnificence. The natural stone is available in a wide range of varieties in India alone. And beyond its delicateness, it also stands the test of time and proves to be durable, strong, and resistant to abuse.

However, the marble suppliers you choose will have an essential impact on how your marble serves you over the years. Their experience and expertise ensure the end-product is installed with all the vital elements in place. So, let's start answering some of the most common questions we come across as one of the leading marble suppliers.

Q.1: Can I Get Marble at an Affordable Rate?

A: Yes, you can! Though marble looks and feels very high-end, you do not have to pay a high-end price for it. Indian marble comes in a wide range of varieties and prices. You are very likely to find one to suit your budget. In fact, you can get one of the least expensive types of marble tiles. These varieties are equal to the price of a granite stone.

Q.2: I Have a Small Kitchen with Light Walls, Wooden Cabinets, and Dark Flooring. Which Marble Is Best In This Case?
Fantasy Brown Marble For Modern Kitchens

A: Fantasy Brown Marble is one of the best choices for this type of kitchen. This Indian marble is unique because it is harder than most other varieties. Therefore, it is more resistant to stains and scratches. This quality is valuable, especially since your kitchen is small.

Fantasy Brown complements almost every wood finish. So, it will go great with your cabinets. In addition, this marble has a neutral colour palette. It will go well with your floors and walls, making your kitchen appear spacious.

Q.3: Is Marble Difficult to Maintain? I Have a Busy Kitchen
Sealed Marble Countertop For Busy Kitchen Areas

A: Marble is said to be a high-maintenance natural stone. However, it is easy to maintain. You just have to keep in mind that your marble flooring and kitchen countertop are made of marble. So, when there are spills, clean them up quickly.

Also, seal the surface on a regular basis. This prevents the stone from absorbing liquids and getting stained. Because your kitchen is busy, consider using honed marble flooring which is not as slippery as polished marble.

Q.4: I Want a Polished Surface For My Floor Tiles. Can I Use Marble?
Polished Marble Flooring For Luxurious Interior Design

A: Marble is an elegant choice for flooring. If you want a polished surface, go for polished Tinder Beige Marble tiles. The popular yellow marble is shiny and reflective, unlike honed marble — which is unpolished and has a matte appearance.

When polished, its brown and white veins emerge beautifully. Polished marble tiles are more popular than honed marble when it comes to marble flooring. So, you can easily get polished marble tiles from marble suppliers.

Q.5: Can I Place Hot Objects On Marble Countertops?
Heat Resistant Marble Kitchen Countertops

A: Yes. Marble is heat resistant. So, you don’t have to worry if you mistakenly put a hot pot on it. However, you need to know that its ability to withstand heat is limited as it is with other stones, including granite and quartz.

You can place hot objects on marble, but you shouldn’t leave them there for too long. If you do, the stone may discolor. In the case of lower-grade marble, excess heat may cause the stone to crack.

Q.6: Does Marble Feel Cold Underfoot? What Can I Do to Make the Marble Tiles Warm in Winter?

A. Marble flooring is cold underfoot. However, you can easily keep your marble floor warm during the winter by installing a fireplace or electric heaters. Marble conducts heat very well. It will continue to deliver radiant heat even after the heat source is turned off. You can also try under-floor heating.

Despite its name, what this entails is putting an electric mat on your floor. It has electric filaments which heat up the marble beneath it. Another thing you can do is install actual under-floor heating during construction. With this, water pipes are passed beneath the floor. Hot water runs through them during winter, heating up your floor.

Q.7: Will Water Damage My Marble Surface?

If you leave your marble surface wet for too long, the stone will absorb water and get stained. However, you can avoid this by sealing your marble surfaces. This is something you can do yourself or can hire someone to do this for you.

And it only needs to be done about twice a year, depending on the type of marble. In fact, some varieties of marble don’t need to be sealed at all. You can test the absorbance of your marble to know if it needs sealing. Or, you can ask your marble supplier.

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