Different Shades Of White Granite For Different Spaces

Elegant White Granite Interior Setup For Calm Ambience

White granite stone is a rare beauty that comes with both looks and sturdiness. It does not just reflect the grace and pure elegance of a white tone. But it also provides ultimate durability, strength, and natural resistance to heat, stains, and scratches.

There is unquestionably no denying the fact that the white stone contributes to a uniquely sophisticated and soothing ambiance. When you wish to have a simple and serene ambience, white granite is the way to go.

This is true especially when plain white doesn’t attract your senses and you want to have something between bland and bold. Or, a little bit of both the worlds. As one of the leading white granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) has a grand collection of original Indian varieties. Let’s see how each one can distinguish your interiors!

  1. 1. Alaska White Granite

When you are looking for cool-toned interiors that also give you the oceanic feel, Alaska White Granite clearly wins the conversation. The stone looks graceful with showy black and grey streaks on a white base. The entire look of the stone instantly softens your space with its elegance. Use it as your kitchen countertop, accent wall, vanity top, or granite floor tiles.

  1. 2. Cosmic White Granite

Cosmic White Granite is an unusual addition in the white natural stone category. But if you look at its image, you will clearly understand. Without the granite’s white background, the attraction of the bold black wavy patterns is unfinished. The sophisticated blend of black and white texture and patterns makes the granite a perfect choice for modern spaces. From kitchen countertops to accent walls, use this granite tile anyway to intensify the aura of your personal space.

  1. 3. Imperial White Granite

If you are a fan of minimalistic interior design, Imperial White Granite is bound to draw your attention. Thanks to its neutral tone that softens the scene with its graceful presence. The hint of pink and grey veins is the defining feature of this stone. This stone is much sought after in the Middle East region, especially Qatar. Know more about how Imperial White can truly create an imperial feel in your residential or commercial space. As one of the leading Imperial White Granite suppliers from India, we offer ultimate customization choices for the stone.

  1. 4. Whisper White Granite

  2. Whisper White Granite For Royal Contemporary Settings

Whisper White Granite is an exquisite blend of white, brown, and black hues. Also famous as Venus Cream, the natural stone catches eyeballs with its artistic pattern and texture. It simply gives the feeling of paints randomly splashed throughout the stone to reflect a regal look. It is ideal to create high-end granite floor tiles, countertops, walls, backsplashes, and more for contemporary homes.

  1. 5. Viscont White Granite

If you are looking to add some movement to your interiors, Viscont White Granite is a must-consider variety. It features a classic white background with the alluring movement of light green, and black specks. The patterns seem like rambling through the stone to offer a unique appearance. This granite stone is an amazing option for cladding as it reflects radiance in modern space. Pair it with chromed metal or dark wooden cabinets to bring more colors to create an exciting ambience.

  1. 6. Platinum White Granite

  2. Embellish Your Kitchen With The Platinum White Countertops

A close look at the Platinum White Granite reveals that it is an ornamental stone with an intrinsic fabric touch. The natural stone flaunts attractive black and grey specks uniformly spread across a white background. It proves to be versatile in adorning both interiors as well as exteriors flooring. If you love to add more warmth to space use the stone in combination with neutral walls and wooden cabinets.

  1. 7. White Galaxy Granite

Loved as one of the most elegant looking natural stones, White Galaxy can instantly soothe your space. A mix of bluish and greenish veining laid on a white-grey base with orange and chocolate garnets steal the show. When you wish to have something perfectly minimalistic, this is the stone you would love to consider. Due to its pure elegance and chromatic intensity, it is highly favored for wall claddings. That said, you could go off-beat and use it for anything uncommon.

  1. 8. Monte Cristo Granite

For those who wish to go beyond a bit of minimalism, Monte Cristo Granite is a gorgeous option. A smoky white background intermingled with black and brown specks of various sizes looks fulfilling. If your home has dark walls and neutral furniture, this option will dazzle with your granite floor tiles. You can even pick this granite to decorate your kitchen countertops, vanity tops, and backsplashs.

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