Kitchen Design Trends in 2020

Modern Kitchen Trends 2020

From the many rooms in a house, the kitchen holds the utmost importance. In fact, this is the space that is widely used be it for cooking or eating, or even chatting over a cup of coffee. It’s a prerequisite that this area follows the trends in vogue. Convenience, practicality, utility, and aesthetics are the key to designing a useful and welcoming kitchen.

The flooring, walls, and workspace are the first things that catch the attention, then comes the fixture and appliances. A good and stylish premium quality marble flooring can do wonders to any space and a granite countertop and marble backsplash will seal the deal. Depending on the kitchen space, many home-owners opt for high-quality marble wall tiles as well.

The Most Important Room

In the olden times, the kitchens were mostly used by the maids and their helpers. Hence it was never required to adorn it as much as the other rooms of the house. Besides, you’d rarely ever find a guest walking into the kitchen. However as time passed, lifestyles changed and the families changed from joint to neutral, these practices eventually gave way to other modes of handling the daily chores. This led to the attention being drawn to the kitchen.

Fast forward to 2020, and the kitchen still holds an important place in the everyday life of a family. It is here that the day begins and it is in the very same kitchen that you end your day with the last meal of the day. The kitchen is an indispensable part of our homes and it needs to be up to the mark. Through the last decade, we have seen many trends rise and fall. Some were based on utility while others on aesthetics. 2020 brings us trends that are classy and easy to implement. Let’s take a look.

What’s On Fire in 2020

Natural Stones For Every Kind of Kitchen Style

Black is Here to Stay

The kitchen, in recent times, is usually open with a separate area for eating. The latest trend that we haveBlack Granite Wall-cladding on the list is the use of black granite for kitchen countertops. Absolute Black GraniteBlack Galaxy Granite, and Black Pearl Granite can be used for the same. Along with the installation of black granite, accessorize your kitchen with light and natural coloured cabinets and storage. The use of light coloured wood cabinets will enhance the glamour projected by the black granite slabs.

Streamlining the Space

Minimalism is the new norm of the 2020 kitchen interiors. The best way to use the kitchen space is to create ample storage areas in the kitchen and pantry. This makes the kitchen look spic and span. To the beauty of pristine kitchen space, the application of fantasy green marbles such as Hassan Green or Forest Green can add an element of drama. The reputed green marble exporters often provide slabs, tiles, and blocks.

Neutral Shades

The cooking space can be designed around theTinder Beige Marble Sink idea of a calm and cosy sanctuary. With the use of essential storage spaces, furniture, and appliances, the application of Beige Granite can be done. These can grace the kitchen countertops, side tables, or even the dining tabletop. The neutral shades along with ivory white or cream woodwork will not only make space look larger, but will also create an aura of liveliness. One more neutral shade is Millenium Grey Marble. The granite suppliers are the best source to implement these exotic natural colours.

Storage is the Key

In a convenient kitchen, storage is the focal point. The pantry may or may not be big enough to contain everything you might want to use in your kitchen. But storage solutions play a big role in such a situation. Shelved storage cabinets, drawers, or organizers are essential. The cabinets can have wooden doors or can have fluted glass panels. Maharaja Black Marble or Rain Forest Yellow Marble flooring can completely flip the image of your kitchen. It adds to your kitchen a sense of glamour. The local black marble suppliers can provide you with marble tiles of the same for your kitchen. Based on the colour of your kitchen woodwork, you can choose options from other colour categories as well.

Backsplashes and Sinks

2020 brings with it trendy kitchen interiors.White Marble Kitchen Backsplash Bygone are the bare kitchen walls. Rain Forest Green Marble, Yellow Juprana Granite, or White Marble make an excellent textured choice for backsplashes installed in the kitchen. The local green marble suppliers can offer these options to you. Along with this, homeowners are no longer installing metal sinks in their kitchen. The use of natural stones for sinks has considerably increased. An array of fantasy green marble is at your disposal for the same. You can choose other colours as well for the same.

Cook Close to Nature

A green kitchen is a thing of dreams. A combination of the white marble flooring such as Andy White Marble and dark coloured cabinets work great for this section. A patio or a corner turned into a small indoor garden with some homegrown herbs and some indoor plants are the jewel of the kitchen. The kitchen countertop can be layed with exquisite Black Marble or the strong and sturdy Black Galaxy Granite. You will be able to procure these from any local black marble exporters. The green shades of the fresh plants amplify the beauty of the natural stones used in the kitchen.

Metallic Accents

The combination of metal fixtures along with natural stonesCoffee Brown Granite such as Green Galaxy Granite or Coffee Brown Granite brings a dramatic feel to your kitchen. Be it a metallic piece of furniture or a large metallic light fixture, the style quotient is raised up a notch. You can procure slabs of natural stones from granite suppliers for flooring, kitchen countertops, and backsplashes.

All in all, the trends of 2020 kitchen interiors give a fashionable and sophisticated makeover to your kitchen. Those people who own homes can refurbish the kitchen and those planning to build a house can incorporate these trends.