Slate Stone Flooring - Tough And Beautiful

Classically Beautiful Slate Stone For Flooring

Slate stone is one of the most desirable stones for flooring. As a building material, we should thoroughly understand what this stone actually is? Nature offers many gifts and slate stone is one of those. Literally, the slate stone becomes what it is through the natural processes over a period of time.

Let’s detail it out. Slate is formed from clay, volcanic ash, shale or schist under low-grade topical metamorphism. It is a homogenous metamorphic rock that exhibits foliation. It has fine grains because of the material that forms it. The property of foliation allows slate tone to be split into thin slate tiles. Slate is a durable material and can go on well for nearly a century. It requires very less maintenance. Slate stone exhibits a non-water absorbing behaviour. Therefore it does not experience breakage by freezing or frost damage. Polished or unpolished, slate slabs can render a stylish swathe.

From The Eyes of The Beholder

Slate stone gleams elegance with its natural look. You can find a handful of greys and earthy tones speckled with hues of gold, amber, purple and cyan. It is these natural colours that make it an ideal choice for flooring. While slate can be used as backsplashes, wall slate tiles or roof shingles, the most common role that it plays is that of slate flooring. The grainy surface catches the attention quickly. Slate flooring is best used in washrooms, kitchen and outdoors. You can get creative and use it in any room as flooring.

Moreover, slate is easily available. You can connect with your local slate suppliers and slate exporters. Based on the house plans, interiors and your choice, you can get a wide range to choose from. Slate slabs add a subtle touch of beauty to the decor and give an overall feeling of calmness.

The Best Part

Slate stone displays an extensive range of useful properties. It is one good looking stone to begin with. It is strong. It doesn’t give up for a lifetime and requires low maintenance. Then why would you want to get anything else? And that’s just the beginning.

Slate slabs and slate tiles are usually used for their natural raw look. This gives a rich look to the space that it is used in. Slate stone can also be polished and used for flooring. This look has its own exuberance. But just in case you prefer a natural look of slate stone for the flooring of your home or office and drop a really heavy load on it by mistake and it chips, you will see no difference of colour and nobody will ever notice that it was chipped. The raw look also gives an anti-slip property. The raw surface gives friction and hence slate tiles are best suited as flooring for bathrooms and wash areas. Slate flooring specially becomes safe for children and older people as it offers good friction and hence a good grip while walking or running. One will not slip on it with as small as a drop of water.

Slate stone is known to absorb very less water and is also stain resistant. This renders it perfect to be used for flooring in kitchen and outdoor barbecue areas. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions. You do not require to have it polished over and over again to extend its life. The stone goes on for 80 to 100 years without much of a hassle.

Slate flooring comes in natural tones which blend well with any wall colour. This goes well with the wooden or metallic furniture. SInce the earthy tones look good with natural decor, you can develop the interiors of your space with any kind of plants. Slate is great! It is known for its smooth and pleasing floor and to keep the area warm. The slate manufacturers will second that.

The Colours for the Year

Slate Stone Collection For Best Flooring Options


Slate slabs can be found in a tone of grayish green. A tone of green is present along with the grey base. Some slate slabs and slate tiles exhibit grainy textures and patterns owing to the metamorphism of minerals. Slate stones like Ocean Multicolour and Zeera Green are great examples. These stones will work best for homes and outdoors. Green slate slabs can be installed as countertops for outdoor barbeque areas or even as flooring tiles. To procure these you can contact any slate manufacturers or slate suppliers.


Red slate stone displays shades like copperish red to ocher red. These blended patches of colour appear randomly in a slate slab. These may even be seen evenly spread along the grains of the stone. This variety is full of texture however patterns may not be as prominent as in its green counterparts. Best examples of red slate stones are Copper Multicolour Natural and Copper Natural stones. A lot of slate exporters have these slate stones.


A slate flooring in tones of black instantly adds on to the style element of your indoors. Black slate stones have an array of darker tones speckled all around the stone thus creating patterns. Slate stones that fall under this section can without a doubt be used in offices, workplaces, studios and even homes to give them a sophisticated look. Black slate stones such as Jack Black, Kund Multicolour and Himachal Black are some trendy examples of exquisite black slate stones. These can be purchased in the form of slate slabs or slate tiles with any slate suppliers.


White slate is lately trending amongst the buyers. People not only prefer white slate for kitchen countertops but also largely for flooring. As we know that slate exhibits stain resistance, this color is being chosen to grace the interiors of many homes and offices. White slate flooring adds glamour to space and gives an illusion of a larger space pertaining to its colour. It also makes the expanse look lively. Himachal White Natural can be purchased for flooring purposes from any slate suppliers.


Blue Slate is a stone that has the capability to change the looks of your interiors. This variety of slate Slate Slabsstone has fine grains. Due to this formational property, it does not exhibit fragments of designs due to crystals or large veins thus making the cut-side profile of the slate slabs smooth and without breaks in the catchy blue shade. The blue slate tiles and slabs are best used as flooring where a lot of footfall is expected. This slate stone is
known for its toughness and can be a great option if you are looking for a sophisticated long term investment in terms of flooring. Kota Blue slate stone can be procured with least difficulty from your local slate manufacturers.


Grey slate is another example of widely used slate stone. It exhibits and soothing cool grey shade with organic motifs of recurring earthy tones. While SIlver Grey Natural is a tranquil option for flooring or even wall tiles, SIlver Shine Polished offers itself as a more trendy choice as backsplashes or countertops. Due to its versatile appearance, grey slate stone can be acquired from any slate exporter.