This Diwali Decorate Your Home With The Beauty Of Marble

How Can Marble Fixtures Adorn Your Home During This Diwali?

Diwali, the festival of lights is around the corner, but the festive mood is already in the air. People have started planning the decoration or have begun decorating their homes with full excitement and enthusiasm. And when it comes to festive decorations in India, there is no end to how artistic, beautiful and colourful everything can be.

As leading marble suppliers, we bring to you some amazing ideas to incorporate the marble beauty in your Diwali decorations. This is not just for the marble die-hard fans, but also for those looking to jazz up interiors the classic and luxurious way.

The stone is durable, graceful and comes in a wide range of colours, patterns and textures. Each natural marble tile offers a look and feel that is irreplicable and a perfect accompaniment to mark the beginning of the new year! So, let’s go ahead and check out how marble can add the festive pomp to your home.

White Marble Temple
White Marble Temple To Create A Divine Interior Experience

Whether it is Diwali or other festivals, decoration starts from the Pooja rooms. In this devotional space that blesses your home with positive and powerful vibes, establishing a white marble temple surely means something. White marble temples naturally reflect the sanctity and purity of the natural Hindu temples.

So, this Diwali, consider bringing home an eye-catching marble temple to your home. Placing the temple in your pooja room will transform the feel of the space most enchantingly. Apart from being prominent marble suppliers and manufacturers, we own a skilful workforce of artistic sculptors that craft intricate White Marble temples of different designs. We use high-grade white marble and advanced machinery to create smooth finishes and shapes.

Marble Diyas
Purify And Illuminate Your Space With Marble Diwali Diyas

When we talk about Diwali decorations, the first thing that comes to mind is diyas, the small lamps. These glowing little diyas have a deep significance. They are a symbol of our journey to enlightenment. They signify purity, virtue, good luck and strength. What material could be better than white marble that evokes a sense of purity and goodness?

One of the popular picks is Andy White Marble. It comes with an off-white base and pistachio colour grains spread irregularly. This marble is loved due to its rich appearance. And hence, it proves to be a great option for diyas. If you would like to go for a brighter shade, Millenium Grey Marble is the most elegant choice.

Or, if you are not a fan of white diyas, you could choose from the variety of colours available at Quality Marble Exports (India). You can use these marble diyas anywhere in your home, including the interiors as well as the outdoors. Even when soot builds up inside these lamps you can easily clean them with soapy water.

Marble Candle Stands
Homely Marble Candle Stands In This Festive Season

Candles are another incredible way to brighten up your space during Diwali. Bring in your creative side and you have endless options to play around with candle decoration.

You can put them along the walls, entrance of your home, along the pavement, facade or also on your outdoor tables. You may be using a lot of decorative items to give a new look to your candles. But how about placing these candles on marble stands?

For example, a polished Rainforest Yellow Marble dazzles with its conspicuous brown and white veins on yellow background. The pattern of this stone is such that once you use it as a candle stand, you don’t need anything to decorate it. Be it modern or traditional interiors, you can use the marble stands as a centrepiece or accent decor.

Marble Serving Trays
Graceful Marble Trays To Please Your Guests

Do you wish to amuse your guests with an extraordinary way to serve? Well then, make way for marble serving trays. These look unusually eye-captivating, high-end and luxurious. Although they might feel a bit heavy, displaying sweets and snacks to serve during Diwali buffets makes them the centre of attraction.

Usually, you would find white marble trays available in the market. But going offbeat with a stone such as Emerald Green Marble will make you and your space stand out. A light green marble base embellished with dark green and black veins looks truly ornamental and sophisticated.

Marble Lanterns
Baby Pink Marble To Reflect Luminous Textures

Lanterns undoubtedly add that element of the festivities in the air from balconies, windows, and open corridors on Diwali gives a truly warm and welcoming feeling. This time, let’s drop the idea of decorating the old lanterns with paints and small Rangoli patterns.

Instead, brighten up your lives with marble lanterns that don’t need any embellishment. How about getting lanterns made of Baby Pink Marble? When you light up the lanterns made of pink marble, the glow will spread itself in magnificent hues.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - High-Grade Marble Available In Marvellous Colours

Quality Marble Exports (India) manufactures, supplies and exports marble tiles/slabs and other natural stones worldwide. Apart from offering products for large-scale interiors and exteriors such as wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertops, etc, we also offer ornamental stone crafts. Some of these include pebbles, cobbles, fountains, handicrafts, and sculptors.

Broad Range Of Marble Decoratives At The Leading Marble Suppliers

Carving decorative elements made out of marble and other natural stones is our expertise. For Diwali, bringing home white marble temples, diyas, lanterns, etc. is a pocket-friendly way to enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Whether it is Diwali or any other occasion, we are here to provide you with personalized decorative items. Let us know your requirements because we deliver what you fancy.

Happy Diwali :)