Top 7 Marble Flooring Ideas To Create A Grand Entrance

Marble Flooring Ideas To Create a Grand Entrance

The entrance of a home or office building is the first thing that has the opportunity to catch eyeballs. It is the place that immediately gives you an idea about the rest of the interiors. And when it comes to flooring after your main door, many owners end up confused. Which material would perfectly fit the requirement? What could be the best option to make a first impression?

The answer to all your questions could be marble flooring. A marble is a natural stone that easily grabs attention. It can bestow a unique character to space, add a heritage charm, and stay beautifully functional in all seasons.

A plethora of marble designs are available to satisfy your aesthetic requirements. Whether it’s your residential or commercial property, nothing can be more inviting than installing marble flooring at the entrance. You can make your flooring look traditional or modern. You can even match it with the theme of your interiors.

What’s more, Quality Marble Exports (India) brings to your unique marble flooring ideas to help you make a great decor statement at your entrance!

One-Of-Its-Kind Marble Flooring Ideas!

Beauty In Borders

Marble Flooring Design For Entrance or Living Room

This is one of the great marble designs which you can get for your entrance - or living room. In this design, you can have the border along with the room walls in brown colour. You can pair this flooring with wooden furniture. And the centre inside the border can be a lighter marble tiles variety or any other material. It will give your entrance a cohesive look. For example, the entrance of a Manhattan apartment has steel flooring at the centre with marble taking the borders.

Taking Center Stage

This is the best marble design for the entrance or hallway which has less furniture and is focused on the flooring. In this type, you can opt for symmetrical designs with a traditional or contemporary look. Rain Forest Brown Marble paired with a lighter colour natural stone can result in intriguing aesthetics.

Classic Checkerboard

Classic Checkerboard Flooring - Black & White Marble

How about adding an interesting twist to your entrance flooring? You can use alternate black and white marble in the form of a checkerboard. This design will not grow old and is going to stay in the trend for years to come. Hence, it will keep your entrance stylish and brand new. Instead of going with plain white and plain black marble, Maharaja Black Marble Tiles with Indian Satvario Marble Tiles can truly add a mesmerizing charm.

Pattern Play

Here the play is all about patterns! Inside a black marble tile, you can insert a white marble diamond. Or perhaps, you could use huge diamond shape tiles to match each other. The former design is intricate and calls for skills. However, when installed, It will give your hallway a modern look and you can pair these tiles with modern or antique furniture. Because both types of furniture will add charm to your interiors.

Unique Geometric Marble Flooring

This is one of the common marble designs which is used in the entrance to make it look beautiful. If you love a funky look, you can go for geometric-shaped marble flooring with different colours of the tile. Here, no two tiles will have the same shape or size. You can make it more classic by pairing it with wooden furniture. You can make this design bold with a stone such as Spider Green Marble Tiles. Or, if your choice is on the other side, you can even go minimalistic with Millenium Grey Marble.

Carpet Design

Would you love having flooring that just feels like carpet? Well then, you can achieve that beautiful feeling with marble tiles. For instance, you can achieve the look with the enchanting Forest Green Marble in a velvety finish. This is one of the marble designs which can add drama to your place. Pair this with modern furniture and attractive lights - and you are ready to flaunt the floor.

Spiral Flooring

Spiral Marble Flooring For Home & Commercial Properties

You may not find this kind of marble flooring commonly in homes or even commercial properties. Because it’s novel! The marble tiles should be shaped and installed in such a way that it forms a spiral design. And at the centre of the floor, you can place your choice of a showpiece. However, achieving such a pattern requires professional expertise. Hence, you need to hunt for the perfect marble suppliers.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - Ask For Any Kind Of Flooring!

No material is as charming as marble flooring. However, if the tiles are not cut, shaped, installed, and finished properly, it can completely ruin the look as well as your investment. Therefore, it is important that you choose only one of the professional marble suppliers that already have experience in creating such masterpieces.

The Top & Authentic Marble Suppliers From India

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one such marble exporters from India that have been providing bespoke natural stone solutions to property owners around the globe. We have more than three decades of expertise in delivering customized marble tiles, slabs, and blocks among other natural stones.

The marble flooring designs discussed here are not so easy to achieve by anyone. If you are looking to install unique patterns in your interiors, we are here to deliver the art and the expertise!