How Lighting Can Impact Your Black & White Interiors?

Effect Of Lighting In Black & White Interiors

Interior design is one of the most essential things to make your place look great. Many factors can affect your interior design, therefore, you have to choose every single factor thoughtfully. Many people concentrate only on the furniture, flooring and the colour of the wall. However, proper lighting is as important as other aspects of interior design.

The concept of lighting is simple and the motive is to enhance the very feature in your house. You can’t add one-size-fits-all lights in every corner of your home. Many people make common mistakes to choose the same kind of lights everywhere.

If you have installed premium quality black granite and white granite in your interiors, poor lighting can spoil the natural stone look. You have to choose lighting that highlights the beautiful veining and pattern on each granite tile. As a decades-old leader in the natural stone industry, Quality Marble Exports (India) brings to you the common mistakes and its solutions to bring out the best in your natural stone applications.

Read on to gain useful insights and ideas to make your space shine amazingly!

Restore Your Ruined Black & White Granite Tile Look!

Black granite and white granite are two widely favoured natural stones for interiors. But being neutral colours if lights are not used around them strategically, you may not be able to enjoy the best look and feel the stones give.

1. Divide Rooms Into Sections

White Lighting For Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

Many people use one light in every room concept. But this is not the way to enhance your interior. First of all, you need to divide rooms into different sections. Each section can then have separate lighting based on the use of the area. If you are dividing areas in the bedroom then you have to add dim lights in the bed section. And add separate lighting in the dressing area. This will give your room balanced lighting.

If you have a Black Marquino Granite countertop in your kitchen then choose white lighting to get an open and bright feeling. The white lighting should be placed in a way so that uniform brightness is spread across space. However, if you wish to give dramatic lighting, some areas like the corners of the kitchen that are not used often can have dim white lights.

2. Add Dimmers

Many people think that adding dimmer is not necessary but if you try this idea for once then you will be in love with it. Adding dimmers in a room with great colours will add drama to your room. It is also known as the mood changer lighting. Lighting will also depend on the shade of your granite tile. For instance, if you have white granite floor tiles in your living, you can choose to go with white lights surrounded by bluish-purple dim lights to add drama. However, it is essential that the colour does not change the natural aesthetic effect granite has on your surroundings. Like, for instance, Platinum White Granite with a neutral tone might not look good under blue lights. The aesthetics depend on the surrounding decor as well.

Dimmers are available in various shapes and colours to add mood to any space in your home.

3. Perfect Colour Lighting

Golden Lighting To Compliment Your Granite Floor Tiles

The colour of the lighting is one of the great parts of your home interior. When you look on the internet you will find many photographs which include yellow or golden lighting. It will give your pace a royal look but after some time you will be bored with this lighting. You have to make sure that the colour of the lighting will complement your room and granite floor tiles.

For optimal results, you can consider discussing with your interior designer about the lighting colour. They provide you with great recommendations about lighting types and their shades.

4. Add Spotlights

Bring An Aesthetic Look With Spotlight & Imperial White Granite

Adding spotlights in your place is one of the risky parts because you are there to perform but adding some will bring people's attention to the antique pieces. You can also consult it with your granite suppliers and arrange granite tile solutions that will give an aesthetic look to your place. You can pair the spotlight with Imperial White Granite. It will give a decorative touch as the lighting will highlight its beautiful grains.

You will also find many colours in the spotlight which will give your house a perfect look. You can also add some lighting to your wardrobe which will make your dressing stand out. You have to choose the wardrobe lighting according to the material and colour of the wardrobe.

All the above factors are necessary and important while choosing the right lighting according to your home interior. Perfect lighting will enhance every feature of your home - and the furniture. The colour of lighting will also make a big difference in your place. You have to make sure that you will choose the best lighting according to your room décor.

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Often, interiors designers suggest choosing the lighting design before deciding the kind of natural stone applications you want to go for. Lighting determines the mood of the space and has a significant impact on human psychology. It also stabilizes circadian rhythms and promotes a good night sleep. So, if you’ve already planned your lighting design, we are here to help you choose the best granite flooring tiles, marble tiles or other natural stones. Considering the colours, veining, and pattern of a specific stone, you can create blissful interiors.

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