The Wonder of Marble Veins

Marble Tiles & Slabs With Distinct Veins And Patterns

Marble has long been considered the epitome of natural stone elegance. Its beauty is unrivalled and that is why for centuries marble tiles have been the go-to stone for castles, churches and temples.

Nowadays, this natural stone has evolved to fit both traditional and contemporary design styles. There are a plethora of marble tiles to choose from, but did you know that no two stones are alike? The veins and streaks of this stone are like fingerprints, each with its character and personality.

However, it all depends on the space the marble was mined. Therefore when it comes to getting marble tiles it all depends on the veining whether you are looking for dramatic or subtle streaks.

Quality Marble Exports (india) is one of the leading marble suppliers from India that offers a broad range of marble varieties with distinct vein variations. Here's a look at marble veins, how they differ and why they matter when you are planning to decorate your space!

Types Of Marble Tiles Veins

Although no marble veins are similar, they have some common features that can make it easier to identify them. For instance, linear veins run in a unidirectional way. Also, there are three veins that look like capillaries and shell stones that have fossils. Brescia and brazzo have terrazzo spread on the marble tiles. There are different types of marble veins that can suit your space. It just depends on your style. Here is a look at some of them from one of the best marble suppliers from India.

1. Yellow Marble

Bold Veining In Yellow Marble Tiles

Yellow is a lively color that can brighten up any space. It symbolises happiness and vibrancy. However, yellow marble is the least used color variant of marble tiles.

Rainforest yellow marble is a variant of yellow marble. It has a subtle yellow background with tree veins that are dark brown. The veining of this marble is so bold that you can clearly see it from a distance. Rainforest yellow marble can change the aesthetics of both the interior and exterior. It can be used for kitchen countertops, marble flooring, backsplashes and vanity tops. The color and bold veining make each application stand out.

2. Brown Marble

Rain Forest Brown Marble For A Smooth And Subtle Look

Brown is a very safe yet versatile color that interior designers can use. It can add a touch of charm to any space therefore you should use it in a space that can grab attention.

Brown marble tiles are known to stand out in the kitchen and living room. There are different types of brown marble varieties; such as Rainforest Brown. It has a natural brown background which is full of dark brown and whitish veins. Just like its yellow version, the veins are the limelight of this stone. They look stunning from a distance.

Another beautiful example is Fantasy Brown that has a rather smoother and more subtle whitish brownish background with brown and blue veins.

3. Green Marble

Add Vibrancy To The Space With Web-like Veins In Green Marble

When you want to add a fresh look to your space then look no further than green marble. It is stylish, colorful, and the veining gives it a luxurious look. Green marble tiles can be implemented for different uses such as kitchen countertops, marble flooring, vanity tops and backsplashes.

Thanks to the presence of divine-looking veins, one of the best examples is Spider Green which has web-like veins that look mysterious and at the same time full of life and vibrancy.

Emerald Green has black green streaks on a pale green surface. The veining is not so bold but it looks like it's peeking from behind. Others include Forest Green that infuses light and dark green veins, Fantasy Green that has vanilla and olive waves and RainForest Green which has brown veins. These marble tiles add a natural aura to any space.

4. Pink Marble

Pink is associated with calmness and positivity. Pink marble tiles work best with neutrals such as white and grey to make them stand out. Nevertheless, it works with bold colors such as green and brown.

Marble suppliers from India have a variety of popular pink marble tiles like Onyx Pink. It has a pinkish white surface with green and pink veins. The veining makes the stone colorful as compared to other marble stones. Also, Baby Pink Marble which has a dark pink base with brown patches is a popular marble tile.

5. Black Marble

Adorn Your Interiors With Mercury Black Marble

The black marble has a strong personality that can be used for interiors such as kitchen countertops, marble flooring, staircase, vanity tops and wall cladding. Also, it can be used for exterior paving and facades.

Some of the variants include Mercury Black Marble that has white and grey veins that form rough patterns of a gushing stream.

Carbon black has wavy white and grey streaks on a deep black surface. Also, Maharaja Black marble quarried from India has thick white veins and gold streaks.

6. Grey Marble

This marble tile evokes a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Grey marble tiles can be used for both exterior and interior designs. One of its variations includes Mercury Grey Marble that has very bold white and grey veins. They form patterns and when two tiles are joined together, each one can form a mirror image-like appearance of the other.

The Millennium Grey Marble, on the other hand, has either black or white veins. These veins are subtle and slim. It all depends on the place it was quarried.

White Marble Veins To Add Elegance To The Space

7. White Marble

White marble is probably the most used marble of all the above. It has a distinct look and feels especially for small rooms. White marble tiles give the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. Marble suppliers have a wide range of varieties like Onyx White, River Blue, Raymond White, Mercury White and Andy White. Each has a particular vein that identifies them.

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All the above-discussed marble veins are from the Quality Marble Exports (India) collection. If you are looking to buy marble tiles for your upcoming project go ahead and browse the different options available on our website!