How Different Color Cobbles Can Enhance Your Outdoors?

The Beauty of Cobblestones in Outdoors

Cobbles have been used for centuries and have a rich history in paving. They are mainly found in riverbeds and are mostly rounded. However, today they exist in all types of shapes and they are mostly quarried from two natural stones; granite and sandstone. They are visually appealing since they are in a wide array of colors depending on the stone quarried. They can be installed in different patterns such as the herringbone and geometric patterns but it all depends on your taste and style. Cobbles add an impressive look to your outdoor surfaces such as the driveway, paving and pathways.

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Different Applications Of Cobbles

Natural stone cobbles come in different shapes, sizes and colors. Thus, you should choose one that enhances the aesthetics of your outdoors. You can use the help of cobble suppliers to get the right fit for your exterior decor.

Here is a look at some cobble colors and the best places to use them.

1. Natural Cobbles

Natural stone cobbles are always the first choice for many architects. This is because they have all the properties of natural stone from; durability, resistance to heat and scratches, and low maintenance. It is flexible so you can use it in different areas of your space. If you are looking to add a natural feel to your courtyard or driveway then install natural cobble that reflects natural hues.

2. Grey Cobblestone

Grey Cobblestones For Rich Landscaping

Grey cobblestone has a rich color and texture depending on the natural stone it was quarried. It is a good choice for cold areas because of its anti-slip properties. It is a good choice for landscaping in both high and low traffic areas. You can find that natural cobblestone suppliers have it in different names but have the same properties.

3. Natural Grey Cobble

Concrete blocks do not have a long lifespan but you can replace them with natural grey cobbles for big projects. They showcase their natural color making any exterior stand out. You can use them to create slab paths in the lawn for the green grass to pop.

4. Natural Black Cobblestone

The phrase 'black doesn't crack' is a true definition of this kind of natural stone. Natural black cobbles have a consistent color throughout the stone and a silver crystal color due to the existence of minerals. It will make other elements stand out. It is a good choice to edge the planter bed and separate it from the lawn. The cobbles will act as a barrier of protection for the plants when you are mowing the lawn.

5. Natural Blue Cobblestone

Spruce Up The Space With Natural Blue Cobbles

This color is simply elegant. It can change the aesthetics of any space and spruce it up. Also, it can add value to your home. You can use it on your backyard and patio in a mosaic pattern to add an extra charm to space. It tends to give an old fashioned European feel to the decor. However, you will need reputable cobblestone suppliers to level the cobbles to avoid stumbling.

6. Silver Grey Cobblestone

This cobble has an exotic yet elegant feel to it. Silver grey cobblestone can be used on archways or as headers. They will accentuate your exterior making your space feel extravagant. You can pair these cobbles with any dark shade outdoor decor like water features or benches to give a sophisticated look.

7. Natural Red Cobblestones

Red Cobbles For A Traditional Pathway

Red cobbles have a traditional effect in whichever place they are installed. Many people use them as pot toppers so that they can hide the clay in a pot giving it a natural look and feel. They can also be used in water features such as a pond and they are completely safe to use with marine animals.

8. Multi Colored Natural Stone

It is completely safe to use different colored cobbles for your exterior decor. You can use them as a walkway for your garden. You can create a mosaic of red and black stones or blue, grey, and silver stones. You can choose whatever pattern you wish. Natural stone suppliers provide a wide array of different colors of cobbles. A mix-match combination can give an artistic feel to your outdoors.

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