4 Natural Stones For Safe And Sensuous Fireplaces

4 Natural Stones for Safe and Sensuous Fireplaces

Since the age of royal palaces and castles, the fireplace is regarded as a luxury symbol - a highly decorative architectural beauty. Today the fireplace has evolved with the blend of artistry and innovation. Yet the feeling is the same - utter warmth and comfort during frosty winters while sitting with family.

What has truly maintained the prominence of these warmth-giving hearths in homes is natural stone. Be they limestone tiles for a clean look, slate tiles for the rustic feel, or marble for rich beauty. Today, marble suppliers offer bespoke natural stone products that are almost impossible to replicate. Regardless of whether you need stone for clean, bio-fueled flames or intricate stone-carved masterpieces, you get what you fancy.

Take a look at the best natural stone options that can help you bring a safe and sensuous fireplace home. We've got the benefits covered!

Best Natural Stones For Fireplaces


Granite Fireplace That Are Effective in StyleGranite is the best option when you seek a clean and modern fireplace surround. One of the best options is Black Granite. Its unmatched durability makes it one of the most popular natural stones worldwide. Scratches, cracks and chips are things it wonderfully resists. The stone is also resistant to heat and requires low maintenance. You only need to remember to reseal it once a year so that it can endure almost anything.

Another unique and beautiful granite variety is Imperial White Granite from India. This granite tile is available in various finishes at the leading granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India). You can use both granite tile or slab for your fireplace. However, the stone is considered most suitable for gas or wood-burning fireplaces. When it comes to choosing the colour, pattern and texture, granite has hundreds of them to fit any design aesthetic.


Everyone knows that marble is just another name of luxury. Its timeless elegance and rich looks will easily make your fireplace the centrepiece of any room. But the kind of look and feel marble gives comes with a little more maintenance requirement than granite. If you take care of it, the stone will easily resist stains, cracks, and chips. Without any doubt, marble tiles and slabs show excellent heat tolerance.

Marble Fireplace That Offers Modern StyleYou can use the stone for any type of fireplace including wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplaces. It has many colours and patterns to choose from to get a bright and sleek look. Matching the orange-yellow flames with Green Marble is something you would admire for life.


If you love pure simplicity, limestone is a perfect option. The stone provides an earthy and rustic feel with an artistic touch. If you are a fanatic of the provincial look, stacked limestone tiles create just the desired atmosphere. The stone is available in colours ranging from light cream to brown and black.

In terms of characteristics, the natural stone is impressively durable and resistant to heat. Nonetheless, it serves well only when used for electric or gas fireplace surrounds. As it is a porous material, it will require regular sealing to avoid stains. With great care, limestone can handle abuses for years. It is less expensive compared to marble and granite.


The most natural-looking effect comes with sandstone. People who love the rustic, countryside look and feel should definitely consider sandstone tiles. The stone is typically distinguished by an uneven Honed Sandstone Fireplace For Any Interior Space surface that contributes to an ultimate natural and traditional look. The colour options are plenty including yellow, pink, red, grey, white, brown and green.

Coming to its features, sandstone is almost as durable as granite. It shows tough resistance to heat and scratches. Its original look never fades even after decades. Both sandstone tiles and slabs can fit into any design style you need. To keep it looking fresh, you need to pay attention to regular cleaning and occasional deep cleaning. In terms of affordability, sandstone lies in between limestone and granite.

Their Benefits

Benefit #1

Natural stone has the innate ability to absorb, store and radiate heat. Hence, it improves efficiency by spreading the warmth of fire throughout your room. While marble and limestone are great at absorbing heat, granite tile is expert at conducting heat.

Benefit #2

We know that the burning of fuel in fireplaces results in a black layer on the open surface. But the natural stone is extremely easy to maintain. A simple wipe with a cloth regularly is sufficient. And to prevent dirt or soot from settling in, porous stone like marble requires sealing.

Benefit #3

Timeless beauty is a natural attribute of every natural stone. As the stone weathers with time, its appearance enhances the aesthetics. You can see this indestructible beautiful look of natural stones in historical places.

Benefit #4

Unlike many other materials, natural stone is a clear winner when it comes to fireplace safety and security. Whether the stone is calcareous or siliceous, it stays intact against heat and fire for centuries. Natural stones are 100% non-flammable and safe construction material for fireplaces.

Quality Marble Exports - Celebrating Rich History Of Fabricating Custom Natural Stones For Fireplaces

Choose the Right Colour for Stunning Fireplaces


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Whether you have a traditional fireplace layout or a contemporary design adjusted to a theme, we have creations for all. You can have your choice of natural stone type, size, shape, colour, pattern and finish.

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