7 Natural Stone Innovations That Can Bring Small Spaces Into The Limelight!

Unique Natural Stone Ideas To Highlight Your Small Spaces

Interiors with entire marble floorings, granite kitchen countertops, and slate tiles wall claddings have all become familiar. But there are many other new and different ways to incorporate natural stone into your space that immediately catches eyeballs. With a little inspiration from brilliant designers all around, you can bring even the smallest area into the limelight.

If you have preserved the timeless beauty of nature as a remnant you can apply them to produce artistic masterpieces. Or, you can even get bits of natural stones from granite suppliers and marble suppliers to decorate small spaces in your home. Read on to grab ideas that come from the finest designers around the world.

Shower Niche

Needless to say, a shower niche eliminates all the bath clutters, making the space look neat and clean. But when you create this corner using natural stone, it goes beyond to offer a visual abundance. Check out this marble collection that speaks of its beauty even when used in tiny spaces.
Marble Shower Niche For Attractive And Neat Bathrooms

While getting your stone wall installed from marble suppliers, remember first to carve a pit for the shower niche. It will make your bathroom stand out even when you don’t want to clad the entire wall.

Stone Drain

Have you ever imagined a natural stone drainage solution for your sink? Creative designers have come up with sink drains surrounded by granite tile Rain Forest Brown Marble To Enhance Your Interior Decorand many other stone varieties.

You can apply this idea to your sink drainage while retaining or adding the beauty and personality of natural stone.

Above all, the beauty of natural stones intensifies in wet places. One of the best examples of this is Rain Forest Brown Marble which deepens in appearance when it comes in contact with water.

Door Handles & Knobs
Marble Door Knobs As An Unlikely Attraction In Your Interiors

Just a small door handle made of natural stone can make anyone say, “Wow!” Incredible shapes and sizes of door handles and knobs come from creative minds.

Take, for example, Collet Zarzycki, a London-based Architecture firm, and Joseph Giles, leading designers of luxury architectural ironmongery.

They have come together to create a stunning range of marble doors with handles and knobs as a significant attraction. The luxurious and delicate Onyx White and the lush green Forest Green Marble have been used in the finest hotels and buildings worldwide. Going a step ahead, you can use it as an inspiration for your drawer handles as well.

Marble Soap Dispenser

If you are looking to add a luxury accessory to your bathroom, turn to marble soap dispensers. These don’t just reflect a rich vibe, but also are hygienic. Regardless of how many people use the device, it remains bacteria and germ-free. Use a subtle and elegant marble such as Raymond White Marble which beautifully exposes grey streaks on the dispenser.

Candle Wall Niche

Lighting is integral to the aesthetics of interior design. And there are countless ways to illuminate your home. But one of the most unique add-ons to your existing lighting fixtures is having hand-carved candle wall niches. Incorporating decorative candles in these natural stone wall niches can totally transform your interiors.

You can either carve small niches to place one candle or a long section to place multiple candles together. Using Ocean Multicolor Polished Slate for candle wall niche can add a naturally pleasing atmosphere in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. This is also a fantastic way that can contribute to the creation of an accent wall.

Kitchen Serving Window
Cudappa Black Limestone As A Durable Base For Your Kitchen Window

A serving window between the kitchen and dining room is an amazing option for an open-plan kitchen. Apart from being functional, a natural stone frame around this kitchen serving window adds to a distinct style. As this is a serving window, you can also add a thick stone slab as the base - a serving counter. How about a trendy and contemporary that applies Cudappa Black Limestone.

Fixing Bracket

You might not have thought that natural stone could decorate even the tiniest spot like the holder of a glass shower door. Also known as a fixing bracket, these elements hold the door upright.

Many designers have transformed the look of this nub by using stones like marble, granite, slate, etc. With such small applications, you know that the beauty of natural stone never gets ignored. If you wish to give this tiny space a gem-like effect, polished Royal Gold Granite, Nurelle Grey Granite and Imperial White Granite can do wonders.
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