Marble or Granite: Know Your Flooring Preference

Marble Flooring For Home and Office

Flooring is the first surface to bear the wear and tear in any residential or commercial property. So, it is essential to invest in floors that can keep up with the daily activities and at the same time infuse a warm inviting ambience.

When you consider choosing a flooring material that is ideal for your property, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. The material should be able to withstand wear and tear, resistant to water and chemicals, easy to maintain, and easy to restore. Of course, beauty and attractiveness is something that should be an integral trait of the material.

Specifically, granite and marble tiles tick all the boxes when it comes to choosing them for residential or commercial flooring projects. However, both differ in some ways which is the centre of our discussion.

Marble Flooring And Its Properties

When you enter a building with a marble entrance, it is sure to catch your eyes. Marble is one of the most magnificent natural stones associated with luxury and class.


Marble flooring is available in a broad range of designs, colours, shapes, and patterns that can be combined to add a unique look. There are numerous styles to choose from including geometrical floors, checked floors, crisscross patterns, minimalistic blocks etc.


As marble is soft and porous, it can get damaged or stained. Hence, the installation must include the treatment of marble flooring with finishes and proper sealants. This will protect the floor from stains that may penetrate and also act as a shield for the surface. Installation of marble takes about 8 to 10 days.


Marble flooring can last for more than 25 years. However, the durability also depends on the thickness of the marble and installation. A perfectly installed marble flooring adds more years of durability.


Marble floors require a little bit of care and maintenance. It needs to be cleaned regularly to keep dirt and grit away. As marble is composed of calcium carbonate acidic cleaners cannot be used on it. Additionally, maintenance includes reapplication of surface sealant in a span of 6 to 12 months, especially when it is installed in high-traffic areas. Restoration of marble is easier when done by a professional.


Marble FlooringNatural marble flooring should be installed in areas where foot traffic is not high. The material comes in light colours, so it is apt for installation in rooms that need extra brightness during daylight. Nevertheless, if you would like to opt for marble even in high-foot-traffic areas, composite marble can be the right alternative. Composite marble is a man-made marble that is more affordable and durable than natural marble. It is composed of natural marble dust, polymer resins, pigments, strength polymers, and gel coat that make marble resistant to scratch, stains, chips, and moisture. Like natural marble flooring, a pool of designs and styles are available in composite marble.

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Granite Flooring And Its Properties

If you ask about the unique character of granite flooring, the first thing that comes to mind is that no two granite slabs are equal in appearance. Granite has so many patterns, colours, and textures to choose from that every home can have a distinct look and richness added.


Granite flooring comes in sleek, matte, high-gloss formats, and rustic textures. With granite, you can add a colourful or monochromatic look to the flooring. Granite combined with speckles of quartz adds a sophisticated sparkle. So with granite, there are endless design possibilities.


The installation of granite flooring is wearisome and expensive compared to marble as it is heavy and requires special skills for proper installation. The installation takes more time as the sub-floor needs to be levelled accurately before installing the flooring. Any kind of irregularities can make the flooring hard, brittle, and susceptible to cracks. As it is a dense and non-porous material, the floor can be installed without surface sealant in moisture-proof areas. Moreover, it comes pre-polished and sealed against bacteria and moisture.


Granite is the hardest and the most durable flooring option among natural stones. Once granite flooring is sealed, you never have to worry about damage due to spills, stains, or moisture. Granite has a dense surface which makes it impenetrable to scratches and dents.

Besides, the natural stone is resistant to heat and sunlight and stays cool in a hot climate.


Flooring made out of granite is very low in maintenance provided it is installed properly by a professional. Just regular cleaning of the floor is sufficient to keep the granite beautiful and shining. Also, care needs to be taken to clean spills immediately while avoiding dirt build-up.


Granite FlooringGranite flooring is recommended to be more suitable for installation in commercial spaces and driveways. Though it can be expensive, it is ideal for areas that receive very high foot-traffic. Granite is usually available in darker shades so it is not encouraged for residential flooring. A glossy look in granite can become slippery, particularly when wet. Hence, it might not be a good option for young children, elderly people, and bathrooms. Explore the exclusive collection of Granite tiles and slabs, that include Imperial White Granite, Nurelle Grey Granite, Bala Grey Granite and many more.

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