Natural Stone Lighting Ideas To Enhance Your Space

How Lighting Can Redefine Your Natural Stone’s Look?

In the process of personalizing home interiors, plenty of people install natural stones. Marble suppliers are in high demand these days. Though natural stones define your home as uniquely your own, do you know how striking they can be when illuminated?

With lighting, the stone gets brightened up. The texture and colours start getting more attention. And, because the light is reflected by the crystals present in the stone, a sparkle is created. Seriously, nothing works better than lighting, when it comes to displaying your beautiful new marble flooring or granite floor tiles!

Besides, it transforms the look of your decorative furniture, wall coverings, tables, murals, and everything present under it. All this creates a huge impact on the ambiance.

Types Of Lighting Fixtures To Complement Kitchen Countertops

You can achieve drastically varying outcomes depending upon the lighting fixture you choose. There are a variety of types of fixtures you can choose from to bestow your kitchen countertops and islands with an exciting mood!

Pendant Fixtures

Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant lighting works best to illuminate kitchen countertops. They effectively enhance any colour marble or granite countertop. However, some natural stones like Carbon Gold Granite can illuminate to an incredible extent.

The wavy gold line in between black streams dazzles under lighting. You can have several small such fixtures or just one over-sized fixture. In general, these lighting fixtures need to be placed approximately 28 to 34 inches above the countertop.

Under Cabinet Fixtures

Under-Cabinet Lights To Showcase Your Countertop’s Beauty

What could under cabinet fixtures offer to countertop situated quite away from them? Well, according to the home designers, under-cabinet fixtures can contribute to a new dimension in kitchen countertops.

They brighten the parts of kitchen countertops that remain unnoticed in other lighting options. The lighting they shower is remarkable in every aspect. The most common light fixtures under this category include:

  1. 1. Linear Fixtures

    Interior Decor With Tinder Beige Marble

Also called strip fixtures, these are long and thin accessories. Designed to fill the space beneath each cabinet, the fixtures distribute light quite more evenly. If you decide to choose a linear fixture, select the longest one.

Their light diffuses to countertops providing them with a soft glow. Any graceful stone such as Tinder Beige Marble tiles or Millenium Grey Marble can amazingly show off in your residential space.

  1. 2. Puck Fixtures

    Enhance Your Kitchen Ambience With Bright Puck Fixtures

These are small and circular lighting supplements. Wherever installed, they create a pool of light on the countertop.

Every 6 to 10 inches of space requires one puck fixture. So, working together, puck lights enhance the kitchen countertop, increasing the wow factor.

Wine Bottle Lighting Shades

You can use empty wine bottles as fixtures to create a variety of shades. They reflect a unique theme throughout the space. And when the right shades are maintained, they create a dramatic and beautiful effect in the end. Such fixtures can be a perfect complement to bold granite countertops like Ruby Red. The gem-like pattern in the stone can reveal beautifully.

Which One Is The Best?

With the right lighting, you can make the best features come out in your home colours. To make your selection precise, here are the considerations for lightings that can enhance your natural stone applications of any type. Choose the best one you prefer!

Natural vs Artificial Lighting

To increase productivity and boost your mood, natural lighting can work best. It makes the environment calmer while showering its gentle glow on your natural stone applications. Whether it is granite floor tiles, marble countertop, or sandstone wall cladding, everything illuminates at once.

Not to mention, the level of brightness depends on the amount of natural light diffusing throughout the space. On the other hand, artificial lighting is a great design tool.

You can use it strategically to brighten up your flooring, walls, or tops. Interior designers apply artificial lighting to bring out customised ambience and mood in the interiors.

LEDs vs Traditional Light Bulbs

If you are looking for an inexpensive and voltage adaptable light source, traditional light bulbs can be a good choice. However, LEDs are the newest and most adaptable lighting bulbs.

Since they are durable, more efficient, and better in quality. All the more, the light intensity they throw is more soft and gentle. Hence, even if you are having a bright white marble flooring like Onyx White it won’t reflect to dazzle your eyes.

White Light or Coloured Light

White light is unique in its own way. It blends well with the aesthetic granite floor tiles. Choose white light if you adore subtle glimmer and magical quality.

On the contrary, to fill the atmosphere with joy and make it playful, coloured lights are generous. Coloured lights can complement off-white marble flooring such as Andy White with incredible flair.

Linear Lighting or Focused Small Lights

If you want a dramatic atmosphere, focused small lights are a way to go. For bathroom and kitchen countertops, marble suppliers suggest installing focused small lights. But for clean, warm, even lighting, linear fixtures are best.

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