What Makes Indian Green Marble Different From Any Other Marble?

Flawless Indian Green Marble Interior Decor

Indian green marble is an exquisite variety of marble that has gained immense popularity the world over. Known to the western world as Verde Guatemala, Indian green marble is adorned with natural charismatic beauty admired by all. In fact, India is widely recognized as the largest source of green marble.

The Indian state of Rajasthan houses more than 2000 stone quarries where the elegant green natural stone is found. Rajasthan’s temple-town Rishabhdeo, cradled in the laps of the Aravalli Hills in the Udaipur district, is abundant in green marble.

India regularly exports these perfectly carved stones to Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East. So, what is it about Indian green marble that makes it so popular? Let us take a look at the benefits of Indian green marble in terms of its aesthetics, looks, and functions.

Why Choose Indian Green Marble?

Indian green marble is truly one of its kind. Its unique features make it vastly different from the green stone found in other countries. Compared to the green marble from any other country, Indian green marble undoubtedly has the greatest mechanical strength and compactness.
Thick Indian Green Marble Slabs Known For Their Look And Strength

In fact, Indian green marble is the hardest form of marble known to mankind. Such impeccable mechanical properties make the natural stone the most suitable variety for construction – residential and commercial.

Moreover, Indian green marble is widely available in thicknesses up to 30 mm. In comparison, the green natural stone from other countries does not typically come in thicknesses above 20 mm.

The option of procuring the marble of higher thickness exponentially enhances the applications for which it can be used. This places it above any other variety of green marble found in the world.

Indian marble also has a dark green backdrop and veining that can add depth to any space. The most satisfying part about these rapturous features is that this stone is devoid of any artificial chemical treatment. Indeed, the greenish hue that lends Indian green marble its charm comes from the serpentine minerals that constitute it.

This also means that the diverse, intricate patterns and hues that you see in Indian green marble are all-natural. So, any place you cover with this natural stone becomes a standalone piece of art.

Nowhere else will you find the same patterns that so powerfully capture the beholder’s attention. Add to these wonderful features the fact that the Indian marble is the most cost-effective green marble option out there.

Where To Use Indian Green Marble?

Besides kitchen countertops and other conventional uses of Indian green marble, you can think outside the box and use it almost anywhere. To start with, the natural stone makes for excellent flooring material, given how sturdy and easily cleanable it is. Since this stone is resistant to extreme weather conditions, it is one of the best materials for outdoor construction too.
Forest Green Marble For Alluring Outdoor Pathways

For instance, you can use Indian green marble to build eye-catching pavements outside your house. Consider India’s one of the most sought-after natural stones, Forest Green Marble.

The stone appears like a bountiful green gemstone with branching veins. The stone is mined in Keshariyaji, Udaipur, Rajasthan, North-West India.

The green marble tiles have time and again proven to be great for outdoor wall-claddings and porches. Imagine the calm and serenity that will bathe your house when you decorate this marbled space with beautiful green plants!

The minimalist beauty of Fantasy Green Marble contributes to a soothing outdoor landscape together with refreshing plants. This is another famous Indian marble mined from the same place as the Forest Green Marble.
Fantasy Green Marble Plant Pots For Outdoor Spaces

Another related outdoor application of Indian green marble is in building swimming pool floors and planters.

If you want your outdoor swimming pool to match its green surroundings, you cannot go wrong with Indian green marble flooring. Do you love plants? Even a planter cannot go wrong with this marble. You can always show your succulents in style with a marble planter!

Take a look at this Rain Forest Marble. With conspicuous veining and brown branches, it proves to catch eyeballs easily. Using this around your swimming pool will give the space a look of a natural green ecosystem situated around an aquatic habitat. Just like nature found in dense forests!

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