Top 5 Reasons To Choose Natural Stone Pavers For Your Outdoors

Welcoming Natural Stone Pavers For Outdoors

We know you love your outdoor area as much as your indoors. And you want your outdoor area to function and feel the best. It should stand any weather condition, require low maintenance, and stay new-looking for years.

Natural stone paver easily ticks all these boxes. It is the most sought-after paving material for outdoor areas. There are distinct varieties available to suit the look and feel you prefer. Read on to find out the range of qualities in different natural stone pavers.

5 Common Benefits Of Natural Stone Pavers

Durable And Strong

Granite and marble suppliers manufacture stone pavers such as granite tile paver without using artificial additives. Therefore, they are purely ‘natural.’ The natural paver is crack-proof and offers great durability, strength and flexibility to bear heavy loads. Whether your outdoors receive high foot traffic or automobile traffic, it stays intact and beautiful for years.

Quick To Install

The installation process of natural paver is comparatively simple and quick. You can start using it immediately after installation is done. Besides, it can be laid in any moderate weather condition to keep up with time and budget management.

Easy To Maintain

In general, natural paver just requires a regular wipe with mild soapy water. If any harsh chemicals or acids happen to spill, that particular area should be immediately cleaned. This prevents pavers from getting stained.

If some natural paving tiles are damaged, you just need to remove them and replace new ones. It doesn’t require any complicated tools or heavy labour. Replacement is easy and you can do it yourself. This adds to easy and low maintenance costs compared to other non-natural pavers.

Always Fresh-looking

Pavers of any variety such as sandstone tile paver or slate tile paver do not get affected by ultraviolet light. Their colour and look stay consistent throughout their lifetime stretching over decades.

Great In All Seasons

 Natural Stone Paved Staircase That Withstands Seasonal Changes

One of the amazing benefits of natural paver is that it stays cool in summers and warm in winters. Thanks to its wonderful heat conduction capability. There is no doubt that many ancient monuments are made of natural stone in both tropical and temperate regions. Taj Mahal in India is one of the best examples.

Top 5 Natural Pavers

Sandstone Tile Paver

Easily Craftable Sandstone Pavers To Embellish Your Outdoors

Natural paver made of sandstone tile is one of the most extensively used pavers in gardens. It is readily available in a wide range of colours from sandstone suppliers. Sandstone paver is easy to work with. Hence, it can be easily cut into any size or shape while keeping your project cost-effective.

Slate Tiles Paver

Even slate tile paver resembles the sandstone varieties in some ways. Slate tiles are extremely attractive and easy to cut as per your preferences. The subtle colours and soft textures easily catch anybody’s attention. You get colours like creamy Attractive Slate Outdoor Pavement To Create Impactful Exteriorswhite, pitch black, blue-grey, muted red and even multicolour. Owing to their colour they don’t look easily dirty. A slate paver is commonly used as flagstones in outdoor areas.

Granite Tile Paver

Nothing can beat the durability and strength of a granite tile paver. This type is ideal for any kind of formal outdoor situation. It offers the broadest range of colours, patterns and textures possible. The colour categories are Durable Granite Pavers That Offer Appeal And Longevityalmost infinite. Because granite paver is extremely hard, it is not easy to work with. Hence, it is usually available in cube or brick-shaped paving tiles or as uniform-size flagstones.

Limestone Tile Paver

Pavers made of limestone tiles offer a different look than other natural stones. If you love to lay evenly coloured pavers in your garden, limestone is the best choice. Though it comes in limited colour options it adds an unmatched look to paths and patios. Limestone consists of fine grains which make it easy to cut in different shapes. When it is cut for paving, the texture comes with a velvety finish adding to distinct aesthetics.

Marble Tiles Paver

If you are one of those homeowners who love to add something uncommon, marble tiles pavers are the way to go. Marble pavers are more expensive than other natural stones. But the price tag is worth the look and feel it offers. Your outdoor area with marble paving captivates anyone with a luxurious and sophisticated look. It is available in a variety of sizes, shapes and rich colours. It can create a one-of-a-kind path or patio in your garden, near the poolside or around a fountain. Besides all, it incredibly increases the value of your home.

Customised Natural Pavers From Quality Marble Exports (India)

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