Which Natural Stone Is Best For Your Swimming Pool Flooring?

Natural Stone Swimming Pool Flooring For Relaxation

Your swimming pool gives you a sense of relaxation you desire. The rejuvenating experience is especially high in summers. Your pool deck is the place where you can have a variety of activities.

But that hugely depends on what type of material, colour, and coating you use to create it. You know that beauty and utility of your swimming pool lie within the design concept, material and proper planning.

How To Know Which Paving Material Is Best For Your Pool Deck?

This is not a difficult task. You need a paving material that is durable, waterproof, slip-resistant and heat and frost resistant. In addition, it also has to be impressive in terms of look and feel. Of course, we cannot forget how important affordability is. So, for all the requirements listed above, natural stone proves to be the winner.

Choose any one of the - granite tile, marble tiles, sandstone tiles, limestone tiles, and slate tiles. Each one ticks all the boxes. Beyond that, they are resistant to saltwater. Chlorine in your pool water will not change its original look. And as a sigh of relief, all these natural stones are easy to clean and maintain.

What’s more? There are an almost infinite variety of colours, patterns, shapes and sizes to choose from.

But which natural stone would be best for your swimming pool? Read on to check this out!.

Granite Floor Tiles
Shot Blasted Granite Flooring For Tough And Modern Swimming Pools

The toughness and durability of granite are world-famous. So, pool designers simply love it for deck floor construction. Granite floor tiles give you the broadest range of colours including green, white, beige, blue, black, brown, and more. Each colour gives you the freedom to create any kind of look you wish.

Sandstone Floor Tile

Sandstone is another excellent choice for swimming pool flooring. Rugged Sandstone Tiles For Resilient Swimming Pool FloorsThe natural graining, veining, and earthy texture of sandstone floor tiles will give you the feeling of walking on the beach. One of the unique characters of sandstone is that it keeps eroding over time unveiling its new look. And this is why it can excellently bestow a rugged look to any pool deck.

Sandstone is porous in nature. It will need proper sealing before using it for pool deck construction. Once it is sealed, it will be ready to endure heat, water and wind for years.

Limestone Floor Tile
Durable Limestone Swimming Pool Flooring That Last For Years

Limestone comes from the bed of water bodies. So, you know it is composed of fossilized organic as well as inorganic matter. This property adds to its silky texture rarely found in other natural stones. Limestone tiles have the natural ability to withstand harsh weather conditions in both summer and winter. Hence, it is no wonder that the stone was used in ancient monuments.

Limestone is available in striking colours including black, brown, blue and yellow. The colours never fade even after years of sun exposure. Limestone floor tiles need minimum maintenance and are the best option for high traffic areas.

Slate Floor Tile

Slate is a heavy and durable natural stone used in buildings for centuries. It can amazingly withstand adverse weather conditions making it one of the best choices for landscaping. The stone is available in black, grey, white, blue, green, and red hues. Its sleek nature allows you to give your swimming pool deck a modern touch.

Slatestone manufacturers suggest not to install slate floor tiles directly on sand, grass or dirt. To ensure complete safety of the deck, perform the installation on a sturdy surface such as concrete or plywood. This lowers the risk of damage to the stone.

Other Important Aspects To Consider

After choosing the right natural stone for your swimming pool flooring project, you also need to consider the following.

Pool Tile And Coping

Pool tile is the tiling done on the interior side of the pool. Whereas coping is creating a boundary around the top rim of the pool. Coping contributes to the structure and safety of the pool and also protects it from leaks.

By coordinating natural stone tiles with pool tile and coping you can achieve a distinct look and feel. There are endless design opportunities to explore. For instance, you can choose the stone of the deck for pool tile and cope. Or, you could also choose natural stones that are contrasting in character.

The Right Finish

We recommend using a flamed granite finish. It keeps the flooring slip resistant even in wet places. If you love a more natural look highlighting cracks and surfaces, go for the tumbled finish. A chiselled finish intensifies the texture and irregularities creating a rustic look. A honed finish is also a good choice if you like the sober and low sheen look. One more choice is the aged finish that reveals the ageing of the stone beautifully.

Bespoke Solution From Leading Granite Suppliers From India

Another influential aspect of the natural stone pool deck is the use of different formats. You can choose to use stone pavers, flagstones, or tiles of any size or shape to build the deck. This adds personality to your poolside floor further enhancing the aesthetics.
Know More About Your Flooring Preferences

At Quality Marble Exports (India), we offer bespoke shapes and sizes of stone, flagstones, pavers and tiles. Being recognised as the prominent granite and marble suppliers, we ensure optimal installation of the flooring to increase its durability and other safety characters. We have a huge collection of granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate to suit your precise needs and budget. Get in touch with us to create a bespoke solution for your swimming pool area.