6 Trendy Natural Stone Wall Panels For Modern Interiors

Natural Stone Wall Panels To Decorate Your Interiors

In a world that is fond of modernity, decorating walls just with paint is not enough. Wallpapers do enhance the interior design. But do you know what the modern trend for decorating empty walls is? It is wall paneling.

Increasingly, homeowners are switching to decorative wall panels - to renovate the house and office cores forging elegant accent walls. Wall panels are textured, vibrant, practical, and attractive. They personalize your interiors, adding glory and drama to modern interior designs.

Why Natural Stone Wall Panels?

Gem Red Granite For Intense Wall Panels

Along with adding a sense of history to your home, natural stones uncover the glamorous beauty. The stunning carved patterns of marble tiles always catch great charm making the rooms look fresh and new. Granite tile, like Gem Red Granite and Imperial White Granite, adds depth to the room and make it appear intense.

Over and above, natural stone maintains the home's temperature working as a protective insulating covering. Not just that, they compel the least cleaning. Though natural stone matches faultlessly with a simple style, the varieties it offers fit different styles equally beautifully.

Have a look at some of the most authentic natural stone wall cladding ideas.

  1. 1. Half Paint, Half Natural Stone Cladding

This idea never seems outdated. You can divide your wall spaces horizontally or vertically. Use paint on one part and strips of natural stone panels on the other. You can choose any shape of natural stone tile to complement the other half of the wall. If you wish to make the room look lighter, slate tiles are a fabulous option.

Or, if you are more inclined towards dark tones, granite tile offers multiple varieties. For example, Flash Blue Granite with a bluish brown blend looks rich and powerful. However, remember to use lighter paint on the other half of the wall. Extremely dark tones of granite with dark paint may overpower the space.

  1. 2. Triangular Panel

Triangular panels, especially when textured, provide an energizing look to the interior environment. And when the natural stones are blended with vegetation, it appears to be a masterpiece.
Silver Shine Polished Slate For Natural Triangular Panels

Artificial plants can introduce greenery and can work as a perfect decorative piece. But when it comes to refreshing the space and adding interest to it, living plants are irreplaceable.

Though they require maintenance, plants like succulents, ferns, and low ground covers can be nurtured easily. You can use stones like Silver Shine Polished Slate as triangular wall panels - with or without plants. The slate tiles reflect a shiny silver background with black patches.

  1. 3. 3D Wall Panel

Marble tiles look splendid when used to create a unique visual 3D effect. Jazz up your home instantly, installing a lighting system to the 3D wall panel. Casting shadows, this system enriches the outdoor wall.

You can decorate the entire wall or just the center, upper and lower sections. Or, you can go with only the middle section to get the 3D effect. Mercury Grey Marble is one of the best varieties to achieve a 3D effect. Naturally, the stone has a graphical pattern that can create a 3D effect.

If you want such a look for your outdoor walls, consider granite tile or slate tiles. They can withstand outdoor exposure very well while being cost-effective.

  1. 4. Floral Wall

Boost your interior performance with the botanical beauty of floral wall panels. Meet granite suppliers or marble suppliers and decide over various floral designs. Bala Flower is a granite variety that displays a radiant floral pattern that can brighten up your living room. Among marble tile species, Tinder Beige Marble serves as one of the most classy and elegant-looking stones. The pattern it offers is not exactly floral, though.

  1. 5. Wave Pattern

    Wavy Marble Walls For Interior Aesthetics

The natural stone panel, when carved into a wavy pattern, is a dramatic alternative to traditional flat wall panels. Use it as a background for your TV or use it in the bedroom to produce a stunning visual effect.

Rare species such as Bruno White Marble can provide a natural wavy pattern to get that look. Besides, marble suppliers can help you with a custom-made natural stone variety in a manner that produces waves. You can mount the waves vertically or horizontally whichever way you like.

  1. 6. Stacked Slices Cladding

    Stacked Natural Stone Cladding For Rugged Decors

Stack slices of natural stone, one over the other to build a pattern that produces an innovative vibe. When the stone of moderately dark colour is used, it matches perfectly with the furniture.

Consider GD Brown Granite tile or Merry Gold Granite to play with the untouched magic of nature. This design blends well with the wavy pattern. For example, you can have a rectangular area of the wall covered with wavy stone and rest with stacked slices.

Quality Marble Exports (India) - Personalised Granite & Marble Suppliers

Natural stones like slate, granite, and marble are blessed with inner beauty. When used for wall cladding, they bring a unique touch to space. Moreover, if you get personalized wall panels that make you feel yourself, the aesthetics become indescribable.

At Quality Marble Exports (India), we fabricate natural stone tiles to enable you to achieve the look you desire. As per customer requirements, we can cut the stone into different shapes to offer you a customized product.

Now when you know that the result is going to be personalized, luxurious, and long-lasting, don't hesitate to shift yourself. Contact us today to install natural stone wall panels that speak of the modern era.
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