Deck Your Home With Natural Stones This Festive Season

Incorporate The Festive Trend In Your Home With Natural Stones

Here’s the most awaited time of the year. At this time, the festive season in Saudi Arabia suddenly emerges much larger. And if you plan on having guests at your home or festivities with a large number of people, then it is an excellent time to start thinking about renovating your home.

Many Arabians love to add festive touches to their home. Not only does it get you in the upcoming festive mood, but can also brighten up the home. Choosing the best aesthetics of your home can be a fun activity, but it also exhausts really quickly, and so to guide you through the whole process, weekly we come up with unique and interesting topics for you to check out. This week’s topic is Natural Stone!

Make Your Home One-of-a-Kind

The Grandeur of a beautifully veined natural stone cannot be matched. Using beautifully custom natural stone from Quality Marble Exports (India), leading granite exporters and marble suppliers, is where you can have great choices like Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Slate to incorporate this festive trend in your home, thereby adding it as a luxe element.

Natural Stone - A quality piece that will withstand time, while giving a classy, sassy and luxurious touch to your home.

Trendy Ideas To Go Bold With Natural Stones This Season

With the onset of the festive season, nothing stops you from adding some life to your home with bold and fun natural stone designs for home. From Black Granite to Green Marble your interior can add the much-required oomph to any room.

Being a defining item in the interior, It injects personality to your space area and adds a lovely backdrop, also maintaining durability. As the theme of 2021, natural stone will be seen everywhere from interiors to decor.

We present you festive decor ideas in Saudi Arabia to style up your home with natural stone creations. As the biggest festivals of the year are just around the corner, the marathon of multiple festive decor ideas is getting quickly in your mind. Here are some ways with which you can uplift your interior. A required brainstorming and you are set to go:

#The Heart Of Your Home, KITCHEN

Render A Personalised Look With Granite & Marble Tiles

Give it the classy look it deserves with a sophisticated backlash done with polished natural stone tiles. Render a personalized look and install an extravagant hue in your kitchen with granite floor tiles, marble tiles, limestone and slate tiles that can easily be laid in an artistic layout or in any random fashion.

Interior designers suggest natural stone due to its heat resistance and durability making it a suitable option for kitchen countertops. Designing a kitchen with natural stone made of marble - Emerald Green Marble, Platinum White Granite or any other natural stone can do a trick this festive season.

#Your Favorite Room, THE BEDROOM

The task of bedroom renovation for this festive season would be a cinch if you follow our style guide. Natural Stone tiles are one of the hottest trends to come up with this Christmas.

Stones like Kota Blue Natural Limestone and Tropical Green Granite give you the freedom to infuse luxury in your bedroom as its sophisticated and royal looks come at economical prices. Not only will it look alluring but will make the space area look bigger. The earthy vibe and the textured patterns of Rain Forest Yellow Marble or Ivory Fantasy Beige Granite in the shades of yellow or golden works well to enchant the aura in the bedroom.

#The Space Right By The Door, THE LIVING ROOM

Transform The Living Room Into Work Of Art | Grey Slate Tiles

This Festive season, Your living room can be the most existing yet daunting project infused with the textural beauty of Marble, Granite tile, Sandstone or Slate tiles. What is the most impressive is the entire wall dedicated to the Imperial White Granite? It can transform the living room into a work of art. Get ready to host a grand celebration with the ideal backdrop of classic yet timeless Slate tiles like Silver Grey Natural Slate Tile. You will also be fond of the vibrancy and finish of the smooth honed polish found in Marble tiles like Green Marble, the effortless sheen and hue variation of the stone adding exclusively to the living area space.

#The Best Is Yet To Come, THE BATHROOM

White Marble & Granite To Exhibit Some Luxury To Bathroom Space

Stylistic renovations are not just always confined to bedrooms or living rooms. If you are planning to redo the overall look of your bathroom, look no further than Natural stone. A classic all-stone set-up is the zenith of bathroom styling. Due to its versatility, natural stones White Granite or White Sandstone can be added to the bathroom countertops, sink, tubs, shower wall or even the floor tiles. This festive season, bid adieu to the conventional bathroom wall and exhibit some luxury to your personal space.

Upgrade Your Home This Festive Season With Natural Stones At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Arabians are stepping their game up with where and up to what extent they are using natural stone in their houses. Quality Marble Exports (India), one of the leading granite exporters and marble suppliers, presents some unique natural stone design ideas to add style, warmth and character to your home this festive season. Get yourself a beautiful piece of white granite, green marble or custom-made natural stone online in countless finishes that will help you to inculcate the beauty of nature into your homes.

The Well-Known Natural Stone Suppliers & Manufacturers

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