(Part 2/4) Quality Marble Export India Contribution to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

(Part 2/4) Quality Marble Export India Contribution to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

Since the state Of Qatar was awarded the right to host the 2022 World cup, it has embarked on very remarkable projects in various areas of the country to meet the expectations outlined and that of the people.

The preparation to be carried out for hosting a huge international sporting event such as the world cup requires extreme consideration, attention, efforts, and resources. It is expected that various aspects must be taken care of such as changing the existing legislation, building infrastructure, workers' rights and immigration, sponsorships, consumer protection, tourism, free trade, and taxation to mention a few.

The proclamation to host the 2022 world cup came in December 2010, and this has led to Qatar's wide infrastructural plans for hosting nine eco-friendly stadiums, up-to-date facilities, world-class metro standard rail networks connecting locations, and a nationwide construction boom.

In conjunction with this, Quality Marbles Exports is happy to announce its assertion with Qatar by providing services to the city of Doha to add to its glory as part of the preparation for the 2022 world Cup happening in Qatar.

Who is Quality Marble Exports (India)?

Quality Marble Exports is a well-established Indian natural stone supplier with its branches spread in different parts of the globe. It offers world-class quality granite, marble, sandstone, slate, and limestone mined from its state-of-the-art quarries and processed at its highly equipped factories in India. 

After being incorporated in 1991 as a 100% export unit, Quality Marble Exports (India) has maintained a reputation for producing the best and finest natural stones and offering optimally efficient and on-schedule delivery of their products and services to clients in India and around the globe. Being a part of this preparation for the transformation of the landscape of Doha city in the run-up to the upcoming World Cup reflects a high level of commitment toward this project in Qatar 2022. 

We at Quality Marble Exports (India) understand our readers are looking for more information on our contribution. However, until the next blog we would like to keep your curiosity kindled. 

We can assure all our patrons and supporters around the globe that we are indeed proud to have been selected for this massive global initiative and we aim to keep serving similar projects in the future. 

We will continue to keep you updated with information about our business, products, and services in our blog.

Until then, here is a soft reminder that if you need an organization to supply you with beautiful, natural, and outstanding quality stones, produced and customized according to your need, give us a call today!