(Part 1/4) Quality Marble Exports (India) Contribution to Qatar World Cup 2022

(Part 1/4) Quality Marble Exports (India) Contribution to Qatar World Cup 2022

On 2nd December of 2010, Qatar won the bid to host the most awaited event on earth; The World Cup of 2022. After winning the bid, Qatar has become the first Arab nation to host the tournament. Since then, Qatar has focused exclusively on constructing a first-rate venue for the eagerly anticipated football tournament. To ensure that the World Cup is the greatest sporting event ever, different aspects are being taken care of with precision. 

Some of the areas of consideration include changing existing legislation, building infrastructure, tourism, consumer protection etc. This proclamation in 2010 brought about Qatar's wide infrastructural plans for hosting nine eco-friendly stadiums, up-to-date facilities and more. To this effect, Quality Marble Exports delightfully shares its assertion with Qatar by providing services to the city of Doha as a part of the preparation for the 2022 World Cup thereby adding to the grandness of the event preparation. 

We will share with you a glimpse of the country’s vivacious developments and our contribution to its substantial efforts.  

How is Qatar Preparing for the World Cup in 2022?

Qatar is taking the best measures to host the most happening event of 2022. It has prepared to welcome around 1 million visitors and is all set to welcome its guests to the mega event. The developments in the country are also in line with Qatar Vision 2030. 

  • Qatar projected 9 new stadiums and renovated the 3, making 12 venues in seven host cities.
  • Each venue has been connected with the Qatar Metro network to ease the commutation problem.
  • Due to hot weather in Qatar, the world cup is held for the first time in November and December, making it the first-ever winter world cup. The stadiums will be fully equipped with air-conditioning facilities giving relief to the visitors from the day temperatures of Qatar. 
  • Qatar has predictable 40,000 options for accommodation and plans to revamp it to 70,000 for visitors worldwide to enjoy this mega event.

Who is Quality Marble Exports India?

QM Export India is an organization engaged in the mining, processing, and exportation of quality natural stones.

Incorporated in 1991 as a 100% export unit, QM Exports India has been known for producing the finest natural stones and offering the best services and on-schedule delivery to clients in India and abroad. 

The Glimpse

Quality Marble Exports (India) ensures a high level of commitment toward the 2022 World Cup In Qatar. 
We are thrilled to announce that we are a part of this preparation for transforming the landscape of Doha city in the run-up to the upcoming World Cup 2022. 

QM Exports (India) is proud to have contributed to this massive global initiative. We anticipate supporting a great deal of more deserving causes in the future. 

As a customer you might ask: How is QM Exports (India) involved, what is their contribution to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and why were they granted to be the suppliers of this massive undertaking? 

We will get back with the information in the next blog!
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