Stone Of The Month - Pebble Black Granite

Pebble Black Granite For Your Interiors and Exteriors

Pebble Black Granite quarried from India is one of those natural stones that are destined to succeed and impress. The stone shows off a black backdrop embellished with pebbles of every size, ranging from grey to gold. Its appearance is evocative of a rich black jewel box containing gemstones. This is true, especially for the reflective polished finish. Thanks to such a gorgeous creation of nature that makes any space stand out above the norms.

This is one of the very few granites that has earned a great reputation for countertops, flooring and facades. From the functionality point of view, the natural stone is very hard and extremely versatile. It can withstand the environmental factors of diverse spaces including the interiors, verandas, and gardens. All the more, Pebble Black Granite accepts a wide range of finishes and forms that allow you to express your personal style.

But before you set out to buy the natural stone, it is essential to get familiar with its properties and applications. Because you don’t want to miss out on making the most out of it!

Physical & Chemical Strengths Of Pebble Black Granite

Pebble Black Granite is a premium quality stone that endures under continuous wear and tear. Thanks to its durability, surface hardness and stability. It is not just beautiful in appearance but also exceptionally practical and functional. It remains to be an irreplaceable option because of the properties discussed ahead.Pebble Black Granite

Resistant to scratches, cracks, chips - Being a granite, Pebble Black Granite is one of the hardest varieties of natural stone. Naturally, it does not crack under pressure even if it is hit by something very hard. It shows outstanding resistance to abrasion and scratches. A knife used directly on it for cutting will not harm the finish of the surface or damage the shine. In general, the granite stone does not chip easily. However, it has to be covered by a sealant to increase its durability.

Resistant to stains - The black granite has very low porosity. Hence, it remains resistant to stains. It is not susceptible to acidic substances like lemon juice, vinegar, tomato sauce, alcohol, etc. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to have a sealer on the surface so that the stains can be wiped off easily. Because in case the stain is left as it is overnight, it may change the colour of the stone.

Also, the black granite does not absorb moisture and therefore shows very high resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Resistant to heat - Pebble Black Granite is resistant to temperatures of up to 200 ̊C. Hence, it is not vulnerable to heat-related damage and proves to be an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

Resistant to slips - Pebble Black Granite with a highly polished surface may be a little slippery when wet. However, if choosing it for flooring, a rough finish will add to its anti-slip properties making it a perfect fit.

Pebble Black Granite is a tried and tested natural stone for a long time. Be it for indoor or outdoor application, it maintains the structural strength while keeping a low cost of maintenance.

Pebble Black Granite - Sustaining Every Space

Pebble Black Granite is a millennial stone that is versatile and adaptable to all surfaces in exterior and interior decorations. The physical energy of the natural stone invades contemporary architecture.

Wall Cladding - The pebble black granite is a great material to clad the interior and exterior walls. Using this stone for wall cladding accents the look of your home keeping the maintenance cost low. The physical strength of this high-quality granite invades the interior of modern homes in a transforming way. It redefines the walls of drawing rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen achieving a stunning aesthetic fit. A polished surface further enhances the look of the walls, especially when applied to facades.

Flooring - Using Pebble Black Granite as a flooring material is an exceptional option. Due to its robust properties, the granite floor tiles stay intact and in style for years together. Another notable characteristic of the black granite flooring is that it helps reduce the symptoms of allergies and asthma. As long as the granite flooring is cleaned daily, you can curb the number of allergens present in your home or office. A honed finish with a smooth surface ensures that the interior flooring is not slippery and provides a soothing appearance.

Walkway - A walkway embellished with Pebble Black Granite never fails to mesmerise. The use of natural stone seems like a path covered with a glossy carpet. Thanks to the possibilities of achieving a range of finishes that are rich in texture and nuances. A flamed finish that enhances the natural seams of the granite while giving a rough surface is best for a walkway. This keeps it absolutely resistant to slips.

Pebble Black Granite For Vanity Top Countertops/vanity tops - With this black granite you can add a decorative element to your home in the form of countertops. When it comes to installing the stone, the entire look of a kitchen or bathroom is enhanced. Pebble Black Granite pairs beautifully with white or light-colour cabinets or interiors. The application tends to become the central point that dramatically steals the show. The natural stone treated with polished finished is an absolute eye-catcher for kitchen countertops, bar tops or worktops. The polished finish bestows a mirror-like capability of reflecting light stunningly. That being said, a honed finish with a smooth surface is also a great option.

While Pebble Black Granite promises a fantastic aesthetic appeal, it must be purchased from authentic granite suppliers. Because the return on investment offered by a natural stone significantly depends on where it is quarried from and how it is treated and installed.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is one such leading manufacturer and supplier from India that takes care of every minute detail. We mine premium quality Pebble Black Granite from quarries in India. We offer black granite in varied forms including granite tile, slabs, and blocks. The surface of the stone is treated with finishes that suit customer requirements. Besides all, we ensure professional installation by our skilled and experienced workers.

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