Make Your Decision Fruitful By Purchasing The Right Natural Stone

Why Choosing The Right Natural Stone Is An Important Decision?

Natural stone is one of those unrivalled building materials that has stayed in trend for thousands of years. Even today, it matches contemporary architecture producing a lasting impression of grandeur and good fortune.

However, each natural stone reflects its own beauty and benefits. In other words, a stone that is fit for wall cladding may not be a good choice for the bathroom countertop. Besides, other elements of the interior design of a particular space also play an instrumental role when you make a purchase decision. Therefore, it is important that you choose a natural stone that best suits your way of life. It is essential that you keep your lifestyle and needs in mind.

Going ahead, we have sorted the factors that will help you choose the right natural stone for your property!

How To Choose The Right Natural Stone For Your Space?

Which Factors Are Responsible for Selecting The Right Natural Stone?

Naturally, the first thing you see in natural stone is its appearance. The colour, texture and pattern are of primary importance to enhance the overall appeal of a given space. Hence, your inquiry for natural stone starts from the unique look and feel offered by a stone.

Colour - Natural stones come in a full range of vibrant colours from classic white to subtle green and deep black.  Typically, the black granite stones like Black Galaxy Granite tend to be harder and less vulnerable to staining or discolouration. This means they will not require frequent sealing. But they tend to show watermarks, dust, fingerprints and make small spaces look even smaller. Black Galaxy Granite Tile, in specific, offers high-end sophistication and is best suited for large spaces.

On the other side, lighter colour variants, such as Imperial White Granite & Sardinia Grey Granite, make small rooms appear larger. And dust and fingerprints are not so easily visible. However, such stones may need regular sealing and maintenance. They are mostly used in commercial spaces.

Among the light and dark colour stones, there lie variants with both features. One such excellent example is Crystal Blue Exotic Stone. The stone boasts a deep blue base speckled with sky blue, grey and white spots. Among them lies a hint of silver lustre. It is a complex pattern with soothing colours. The speciality of this stone is that its colour scheme creates a dazzling effect when sunlight falls on it. Hence, depending on such factors the stone is popularly used in exterior wall cladding.

Pattern - The distinctive veining pattern contributes to the unique character of different natural stones. For example, marble is better known for its apparent veining. Whereas granite is more popular for a flecked appearance with pebbles or spots in a variety of colours.

The naturally appearing pattern on each stone reflects enthralling effects including rustic, earthy, casual, sophisticated and warm among many others. Depending on what kind of effect you are seeking for your space, you can choose the most appropriate stone.

Take the different shades and patterns of green marble. Rain Forest Marble tiles offer an earthy feel whereas Forest Marble stands high on the sophistication end. Here its also worth noting that Emerald Green, Fantasy Green and Forest Green reflect similar shades of green. However, the natural pattern of each one decides its distinctiveness.

Finish - The surface finish of a stone is also a great contributor to its appearance and even practicality. The finish given to a particular stone determines its unique feel. For example, a highly polished finish is ideal for kitchen countertops but not for bathroom flooring where it can become too slippery. Similarly, garden patios or outdoor granite/marble flooring need a non-polished or matte surface where the surface is rough. This avoids accidents due to trips or slips.

Besides all, the effect of your decor is another important factor to note. The stone and its appearance should complement the existing interior design in your resident or commercial projects.

Choosing The Right Natural Stone Considering Practicality

While the aesthetic beauty of natural stone will soothe your eyes, practicality will determine peace of mind.

Location & Environment- Each stone performs differently as per the location and the surroundings. Whether it is for bathroom countertop, indoor or outdoor walls or for paving, choosing the natural stone according to space is a must. Furthermore, climate also plays a crucial role in how the stone will endure over time.

Type of Stone - As mentioned, natural stone offers varied characteristics. Consider the type of stone you require. The most common include marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, and slate.

Natural Stone Collection At Quality Marble India

Technical Details - Every stone follows a standard that determines its usage in a specific space. Technical details like the absorption rate, hardness, grade of the stone and thickness of the stone slab are essential factors to look for. A grade of the stone determines its structural capability. Higher grade stone offers higher resistance to chipping and cracking. Besides, thicker stones are more durable and easier to install. So, they are usually used throughout the home. Thinner slabs are apt for decorative purposes.

Cost - The price of the stone and the cost of installation are major factors to take into account. When choosing the stone, get a free estimation from different marble and granite suppliers before making the final purchase decision.

Variation - a particular variety of stone quarried from a different location and supplied by different manufacturers results in variations. Some stones show higher variations than others.

Maintenance - Lastly, maintenance the greatest factor that will determine how worthy your investment is. For instance, If you have low traffic at home and no busy household activities, you can consider a stone that is more glamorous in appearance. Because the more exquisite and delicate the natural stone is the more maintenance will be required.

But if you have a big family with a kitchen that stays busy on a daily basis then you need a stone that does not trap dirt or harbour bacteria. This will help prevent wasting significant time in cleaning the dirt. Tan Brown Granite is one such exclusive option that sustains high traffic excellently. It is not just a dark colour stone but also a granite tile that justifies its enhanced strength and durability. Thanks to its robust features, the stone is an apt choice for countertops, interior walls, facades, and walkways.

In addition to all the foregoing, consulting a natural stone expert is a great idea. Having an established experience in the field and being recognized as the top marble and granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) is happy to assist you with the right stone for your requirements. Call us or send us an inquiry now!