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Quality Marble Export (India) Projects

As the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of natural stone, Quality Marble Exports (India) showcases the inclination towards perfection. From quarrying to customising products and consultancy relating to installation and maintenance, we have been involved in end-to-end execution.

With the capacity to mobilise a broad variety of natural stones, Quality Marble Exports (India) has been carrying out large-scale natural stone projects. As a long-established natural stone exporter, we are committed to providing the most desirable results to our clients. In doing this, we have gone a long way, leaving our trails in different parts of the globe.

Discover the exclusive natural stone projects completed by Quality Marble Exports (India)!

Natural Stone Projects In Kuwait

The Avenues, Al-Rai

The Avenues, Al-Rai

The Avenues, the largest shopping mall in Kuwait and the second-largest in the Middle East flaunts a beautiful flooring of natural stone. A stunning combination of 4cm polished cobbles and 6 cm thick granite reflects a soothing aesthetic across 3000 sq.m. area. The granite shown here in the flooring is Indian Flamed, Polished & Honed Jet Brown Granite floor tiles that bestow depth and sophistication to the flooring aesthetics. The stone has robust characteristics and requires less maintenance.

Avenues Phase 4

Phase 4 of the Avenues shopping mall upholds the beauty of Indian Granite with a magnanimous central fountain made in Indian Absolute Black Granite. Thanks to the properties of this black granite tile, the aesthetics remain speckless for decades.

The Dar-el-Salwa

The Dar-el-Salwa is the Official Palace of the His Highness, The Emir of Kuwait. It showcases a beautiful embellishment of Indian sandstone varieties that have long been the crown of many historic monuments. The palace is built with Indian Pink Dholpur Sandstone and when installed in combination with the lovely greenery, near the poolside, and fancy patios it fills the space with pleasure. Dholpur Beige, Red and Chocolate sandstone decorates a number of external architectural elements of the beautiful palace. These include 3-5cm thick wall cladding, arches, pillars, railing and flooring, Gazebos & Coping and entire external hard landscaping.

Al Bakr Mosque

Al Bakr Mosque in South Surrah, Al Zahra, Kuwait is a legendary monument in itself. Thanks to a wide variety of Indian granite that adorn the architecture of the building in a subtle yet attractive way. The richness and depth of this place are intensified with the exotic combination of premium quality Indian granite which include Serpeggiante, Bottocino, Alicante, Shivakashi Ivory, Kashmir White, Lavender Blue, Tan Brown & Indian Green Marble - water jet Pattern.

Quality Marble India Project Gallery

Farwaniya Hospital MOH, Al Farwaniya

Farwaniya Hospital, the primary healthcare centre in the city of Kuwait has implemented a mix of natural stones. One of the major installations is the Green Marble, which bestows a calming ambience for visitors and patients. Being the leading marble suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) supplies green marble in slabs and tiles, at a huge scale. Absolute Black Granite is another limelight of its aesthetics while holds a reputation as one of the most durable natural stones.

Hotel Holiday Inn Downtown, Sharq

Kuwait city is well known for its vast interior and chandeliered dome. To break the monotony, Hotel Holiday Inn Downtown is constructed in a modern style giving a touch of luxury. Every bathroom, kitchen island and buffet restaurant is ensheathed with absolute black granite. Along with this, the beauty of the elevator lobby is modified with the installation of Bottocino Marble tiles.

Al Ahmed Tower, Sharq

The parking area of Al Ahmed Tower in Sharq, Kuwait City is supplied with cobbles and Sierra Grey Granite as interns. The grey colour granite is an exclusive variety that blends white, black and grey creating an appearance that animates the atmosphere. As integral characteristics, the natural stone is resistant to elements, stains and spills. Other major highlights are Royal Beige Marble and Green Marble that enliven the aesthetic elements with their eye-catching colour combination and patterns.

Al-Thaemeer Complex, Sharq

The Installation of Indian Sandstone has been done in combination with Saudi Riyadh Stone. The exotic pattern created with premium quality natural stone amplifies the aesthetics of the building.

Al-Hamra Tower

Al Hamra Tower, the tallest skyscraper in the city of Kuwait has installed the Indian black beauty, Absolute Black Granite. Also known as Jet Black, the granite tile/slabs endow a refined and classic look to its modern aesthetics. As the leading granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) provided customised cut-to-size stone that offers elegance and uniqueness.

Al-Wataniya Tower

The Indian Marble installation in Al-Wataniya Tower, Kuwait City is an explicit example of marble’s magnificence. Grey cobbles have been used to complement the outer landscape. With high resistance to fire and robust properties, the stones prove to be an excellent choice over concrete.

Al-Awqaf Building, Hawally

The supply of Green Granite slabs enhances the aesthetics with tranquillity. In combination, Tan Brown Granite maintains its clear reputation for lustiness.

Baghli Complex, Hawally

Indian Juprana Granite in combination with Green Granite covers flooring, wall cladding, staircase and elevator lobby area in Baghli Complex, Hawally, Kuwait City. Indian Juparana is a picturesque stone with gentle hues of pink and grey.

Marina Residential Building, Salmiya

Granite slabs of Madurai Gold are supplied to Marina Residential Building in Salmiya, Kuwait City. The stone boasts a spectacular cream-white backdrop with glittering ochre sprinkled unevenly.

Granite Stone Project In Qatar

The Sidra Medical & Research Centre

The Sidra Medical & Research Centre

Indian Flamed Goldstone Granite, a symbol of luxury creates a soothing ambience in the Sidra Medical & Research Centre, Qatar. Quality Marble Exports (India) was tasked to supply granite slabs with cuts of 455 different sizes to perfectly match the aluminium framing.

PAAT, Doha

Indian Absolute Black Granite installation in PAAT building, Doha, Qatar emphasizes the application with durability and beauty. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers granite slabs in both rectangular and square shapes.

Granite Stone Project In Bahrain

The Avenues Bahrain

The Avenues

Quality Marble Exports (India) has supplied premium quality granite slabs to The Avenues, a famous waterfront shopping centre in Bahrain. A highly durable and robust solution in the form of Indian Flamed Jet Brown Granite has been used for flooring over an area of 9000 sqm. The granite slabs installed are 6 cm thick with brushing and radial cutting.


Granite Stone Project In Karachi

US Consulate

US Consulate

US Consulate in Karachi Embassy, Pakistan is a classic example of high-quality granite slabs sheathing the internal walls and facade. Granite, being one of the resilient natural stones, it is always preferred in high footfall area. The building incorporates a premium range of granite available at Quality Marble Exports (India) to give a robust yet captivating display. Desert Brown Granite and Indian Madura Gold Granite are the major highlights used in internal cladding to mesmerise the ambience. Absolute Black Granite, one of the most durable natural stones has been used over 400 prefabricated counters and vanity tops.

Sandstone Project In The UK

Pavements At Worcester City Centre

Pavements At Worcester City Centre

An old pathway at Worcester City Centre in the UK was renovated using Indian Shotblasted Desert Camel Quartzite, an ultimate variety of sandstone. The stone with a greyish backdrop and intense orange bands transforms the pavement into a beautiful public space. The sandstone slabs with 5cm and 7.5 cm thickness were supplied, contributing to a robust and highly durable pathway. With many more international projects accomplished, Quality Marble Exports (India) has grown progressively and has expanded its footprint in the global market.

A trendsetting collection of natural stones from high-quality marble to exotic stones have helped architectural icons reach new heights.

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