New Addition To Quality Marble Product Gallery

New Marble And Granite Product Range At Quality Marble India

Natural stone establishes a benchmark in providing strength, durability and beauty to any application. No other material like ceramic tiles or wood compensates the way a natural stone does. The first reason is that naturally occurring stone is more resistive towards weathering and wear. And the second reason is that natural stone applications are more diverse than other materials.

A block of natural stone can be transformed into a monument that sustains for centuries, like the Taj Mahal. Or it can also be carved into as small as a piece of spectacular jewellery that sparkles - unaffected by time. However, this comes with gentle care and maintenance.

At first, the need to maintain may appear difficult. Many back out from choosing natural stone, especially marble, due to this sole factor. But it is worth considering that a little care on cleaning and applying a regular sealant will serve your home with ultimate beauty. That said, a few of the natural stones like granite can endure elegantly with little to no maintenance.

Be it any natural stone there are dozens of varieties available and therefore, Quality Marble India’s product gallery has been expanding to suit your design ambitions. Here are four new natural stone additions that will make you feel spoilt for choice!

Tinder Beige Marble

Tinder Beige Marble Tinder Beige Marble is a novel addition to the Beige Marble category that exhibits luxury in the interiors. These marble tiles display a comforting blend of light grey and white veins that run through a beige background. The beige colour has long been the choice of interior designers who desire swanky interiors. For example, the Belgium suite of Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom flaunts the accents of subtle beige.

A premium combination of texture, colour and quality is the wealth of the Tinder Beige Marble. Quality Marble Exports (India) offers a wide spectrum of finishes that suit your requirements in a seamless manner. The finish ends up making the marble shine for a lifetime while maintaining its attraction.

Although the aesthetics offered by Tinder Beige Marble make it a popular choice for marble flooring it is also used for other applications. Due to its strong physical characteristics, it proves to be an ideal choice for kitchen countertops, backsplashes and vanity tops.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Tinder Beige Marble. We offer the product in various forms including tiles, slabs and blocks in multiple sizes.

Indian Satvario Marble

India Satvario MarbleAre you looking for a marble that is enticing and requires easy maintenance? Indian Satvario Marble tiles can be your ultimate pick. It is a high-quality natural stone that endures the test of time with unmatched strength and durability. A pure white background where black and grey colour veins flow elegantly is the main attraction of this stone. It originates from the quarries of Rajasthan, India which are home to a plethora of marble varieties used in constructing legendary monuments.

Thanks to its natural texture, the stone is not brittle. It is highly resistant to heat which makes it a desirable option for the lining of fireplaces. It is also used for kitchen countertops, tabletops, vanity tops, wall cladding, bathroom, mosaic, fountains, and window sills. Considering its physical properties and aesthetics the marble is increasingly used in flooring.

We as marble exporters offer Indian Satvario Marble in a variety of patterns and designs. The finely polished stone bestows a unique feeling at an affordable price.

Nurelle Grey Granite

Nurelle Grey GraniteThe aesthetics offered by Nurelle Grey Granite tile are highly valued in today’s world of interior design and decoration. The way grey and white colour is distributed in the stone easily replaces the inclination towards black and white. The natural stone is engulfed with small flecks of white and black over a grey base.

Nurelle Grey Granite is an eternal natural material that smoothly blends with its surroundings. Be it the home interior or the outside, its application has remained versatile since its discovery. The looks of the stone are simply traditional and are even suitable for modern design spaces. That said, it can make any space surrender to its luxurious look and feel. It is used in shaping countertops, paving, flooring, interior walls and facades.

To list the physical properties, it is admirably resistant to heat, scratches, and stains. It asks for very little maintenance and shows negligible water absorption capacity.

Quality Marble Exports (India) offers Nurelle Grey Granite in a variety of finishes. If applying to external flooring, flamed and shot-blasted finishes are recommended.

Carbon Gold Granite

Carbon Gold GraniteGold is the ultimate symbol of extravagance. And when it comes to Carbon Gold Granite, beauty is multi-fold with sophistication. Gold granite is one of the best-selling granite across the world including the US and the UK. Its fame is attributed to the warmth and traditionalistic appearance that allows it to suit any environment.

Carbon Gold Granite is quarried from India and comprises earthy tones that create a mesmerising aura. Its look appears as if a river of gold is flowing through the darkness. A black background accommodates a beautiful blend of gold and ochre lines. A glimpse of it is enough to make you feel the strength and durability it has to offer. Those who love incorporating black in the interiors can go for this unique natural stone.

The polished finish of the Carbon Gold Granite tile is perfect for kitchen countertops. More importantly, the dark colour allows keeping the material clean and tidy with little maintenance.

The gold granite compliments with dark-wood or dark brown furniture. At the same time, it also goes well with lighter interiors creating an intense contrasting effect. Here, it becomes the centre of attraction.

This gold granite variety is a new addition to the exotic stone collection at Quality Marble Exports (India). As the leading granite suppliers, we provide bespoke finishes to match the application. Granite in the form of blocks, tiles and slabs cater to the needs of the customer while saving both cost and time.

These new additions of Marble and Granite in the product gallery of Quality Marble Exports (India) can help you to transform your dream house into reality. We have fully mechanized quarries, backed by state-of-art machinery to manufacture and deliver premium quality natural stone at your doorstep.