How Is The Idea Of Using Sandstone Indoors? Look for Your Answers Inside!

Add Beautiful Sandstone Floor To Enhance The Beauty Of The Decor

Among all, sandstone was one of the most used natural stones in historic monuments. Even today, these sandstone-made heritage buildings have been standing the test of time. So you there is no question about how durable it can be for your home.

Although sandstone is popularly used outdoors, it can also be a wonderful choice for your interiors. Here are the answers to the major questions concerning the use of sandstone indoors.

Top 7 Questions Asked To Sandstone Suppliers

Q.1: Is Sandstone Good for Kitchen Countertops? Can I Use it in a Busy Kitchen?

Sandstone is a wonderful and unique choice for your kitchen countertops. It gives your kitchen a beautiful, natural aesthetic. What’s more, sandstone is heat-resistant. This is a great benefit, especially in a busy kitchen. However, try not to keep hot objects on the countertops for too long.

Also, when installing sandstone in your kitchen, keep in mind that it requires proper installation, as well as, proper care. It is best to get assistance from professional sandstone suppliers.

Q.2: Can I Use Sandstone in the Bathroom as Flooring? Does it Get Slippery When Wet?
Wet Sandstone Tiles For Slip Resistant Bathrooms

You can use sandstone for your bathroom flooring and even your bathroom walls too. Keep in mind, however, that the stone tiles can have different finishes. Polished sandstone is slippery when wet. Honed sandstone, on the other hand, has a more natural finish that offers some traction and so is less slippery.

Q.3: I Wish to Have the Countryside Feel in My Bathroom. So, Which Sandstone Will Look Best as a Vanity Top?

For a countryside feel, Dholpur Beige Natural Sandstone will be your best choice. It is not only beautiful, it is also easy to maintain, durable, and has fine finishes. It is known for its strength and will remain scratch-free throughout your use.

This sandstone is also highly resistant to acids, alkalis, and salinity. These qualities make it the best – and hygienic – choice for your vanity tops. Match your wall panels with your vanity tops, and you will have the most real countryside feel in your bathroom.

Q.4: I Have White Colour Interiors and Grey Decor. Which Sandstone Could Fit Perfectly as the Flooring in this Case?

One of the ideal choices, in this case, is Desert Camel Blasted Grey Sandstone. This modern-looking, Indian natural stone will beautify the interior, as well as, complement and enhance the beauty of your decor.

Desert Camel sandstone adds a minimalist and luxurious finish to your interior. It is a fine light shade of grey when dry and it has a stunning blue-green sheen when wet. What’s more, it produces a warm cream appearance when mounted, adding to the character of the interior.

Q.5: How Good is Sandstone for Interiors When It Comes to Maintenance?

Sandstone is great for interiors. But to ensure that the stone stays as beautiful as new, you have to maintain it properly. However, you don’t have to worry because maintaining sandstone isn’t difficult.

All you need to do is seal it regularly. The number of times you need to seal it depends on where and how it is being used. In a place where it is used very often, e.g. as flooring in a high-traffic area, you should seal it just about 3-4 times a year.
Sandstone For Easily Maintainable Spaces

Furthermore, it is easy to clean. Simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and dust. Then, clean with a damp mop.

As for spills or stains, clean with a soft cloth and mild soap. Afterward, be sure to rinse your sandstone well, then dry with a soft towel. You should also check with your sandstone supplier for the best way to care for the exact type of sandstone you choose.

Q.6: How Good is Sandstone for a Fireplace?
Honed Sandstone Fireplace For Artistic Look

Sandstone is a great addition to any fireplace. Using sandstone for your fireplace gives your home a natural feel, plus an artistic look. In addition, it absorbs heat from your fireplace and will release it slowly. So your interior remains warm even after the fire has gone out.

Q.7: How Can I Prevent My Sandstone from Losing its Colour?

For your sandstone to retain its elegant color, what is most important is that you ensure it is properly sealed. This prevents the sandstone from absorbing moisture and getting discoloured. Also, try to clean up spills as soon as possible.

Furthermore, avoid using iron-containing products on your sandstone. This is because iron can leave permanent rusts. Use only mild soaps for cleaning, rinse, and dry properly afterward.

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