Slate Tiles For Indoor & Outdoor: Get All Your Queries Answered!

Slate Tiles For Indoor & Outdoor: Get All Your Queries Answered!

Slate is one of the popular natural stones recommended for both outdoor and indoor use. It can be used for purposes such as wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertops, fire hearths, planters and furniture. It has all the qualities of natural stone such as being non-porous and aesthetically appealing. Plus, it doesn't split, making it ideal for your space.

Quality Marble Exports (India) offers a variety of slate tiles to match your design comfort. But before you can really decide on it, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Go ahead and make an informed decision!

Top 7 Questions Answered By Leading Slate Suppliers

1. Do Slate Tiles Last Long?

Exclusive Slate Tiles For High Traffic Areas

Slate tiles are known for their longevity and can last for centuries. However, this depends on the place where they are installed. For flooring purposes, thick slate slabs are ideal in areas with high traffic. However after a while, the look and feel of the stone can change, but like any other natural stone, this enhances its appearance.

For outdoors purposes, the colour of the slate tile is vital in terms of durability. For instance, darker roofing slate tiles absorb heat less than lighter coloured roofing tiles. This can reduce the lifespan of the slate tiles.

2. Is Slate Tile A Durable Material For Indoor And Outdoor Use?

Slate Stones For Roofing And Outdoor Purposes

Slate is more durable than man-made materials such as concrete tiles. Internally, this material is less susceptible to water damage, pests and fungal attacks. There are a lot of old buildings which have used slate tiles for their flooring, and they have lasted till this day.

For outdoor use, slate stones from India are recommended because they don't deteriorate as compared to man-made products. The natural stone is tough enough to endure all kinds of weather conditions as well as wear and tear.

For roofing, slate tiles are recommended because they are lightweight, non-porous and thinner than other materials. They apply less stress when used with other materials such as woods, thus increasing the longevity of the roofing.

3. Can Slate Be Used In Wet Areas?

One of the properties of slate that make it perfect for outdoor use is that it is non-slippery. Natural slate which is not polished for a smooth appearance has a firm grip, thus less susceptible to slipperiness. Therefore, slate tile is an ideal candidate for an outdoor area including patio, backyard and gardens. It is waterproof and resistant to mould or fungal attacks.

4. I Am Looking For A Dark Shade Slate For Light Shade Decor. Could You Recommend One?

Bring A Modern And Elegant Look With Jack Black Slate Tiles

Sure. For light decor, Jack Black Slate Tiles are an amazing option. The captivating colour and texture of the stone can blend well in both modern and traditional homes. Or, if you do not wish to get a full black variety, Silver Grey Polished Slate Tiles are another great choice. The grey and silver colour polished surface is eye-catching not just for property owners but also for architects and designers.

5. Do Slate Tiles Crack Easily?

Slate tiles can split along thin layers especially when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. Nevertheless, they can be made into thick tiles limiting the impact of cracks. But this does not go without saying that it is the perfect material for building fire hearths. The trick is to leave a small gap between the fire and the slate tile.

6. Can Slate Tiles Be Used In The Bathroom?

Slate tiles are non-porous so they can withstand high levels of moisture. They have low density so they can be used in the bathroom in areas such as the shower. Also, they do not absorb chemicals such as soap and shampoo which can attract mould. Besides, they are easy to clean and maintain.

7. Does The Slate Need To Be Sealed?

Slate is a naturally hard material but it does require regular maintenance to reduce wear and tear. Dirt and stains can make scratches on the floor which can ruin the slate tiles. However, the best way to properly maintain it is by sealing it. A protective sealant will reduce damage to the tile, but it needs to be changed after every three to five years.

8. Can You Suggest A High-performing Slate Variety That Suits My Traditional Home Flooring?

Copper Multicolor Natural Slate Tiles For Flooring

Yes. Copper Multicolor Natural Slate Tiles are an excellent option for indoor or outdoor flooring. Thanks to its superior high properties and rich texture. Architects and interior designers prefer slate stone for interior and exterior flooring purposes. The slate tiles from India flaunt a green tint on a reddish base. The overall appearance and aesthetics offered by the stone are perfect for a rustic or traditional home.

Quality Marble Exports - Home To A Variety Of Premium Slate Tiles From India

Slate is a kind of natural stone available in very few colours and patterns compared to granite, marble and sandstone. However, as one of the leading slate suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India) is home to a maximum number of premium quality slate tiles from different parts of India. You can choose from neutral colours like grey to bold colours like red.

Natural Slate Tiles Suppliers From India

In addition, we also offer bespoke slate solutions for your residential or commercial property. If you doubt whether a slate will be a perfect investment or not, we as experts are here to give you the best solution.

If the above answers do not include any of your queries, feel free to contact us!