The Marbelous Trends for Luxurious Interiors

Marble Collection - Creating Luxurious Interiors

Your living space reflects a lot about you. Just as you decorate your house to your taste, it is important to keep in check the damages done by time and weather. Renovation! That is indeed the key to have a house looking crisp, luxurious and perfect. There are a variety of materials that are out there for you to choose from, for your home but one of the most elegant is marble. Without a doubt, it changes the look of your home.

The Change

You can replace the flooring of your house with a premium quality marble and notice how it changes the appearance of the space. It can also make the area look bigger or cosier based on the colour of the marble that you choose. These days, marble is not only being used for flooring but also as kitchen countertops, tabletops, room dividers, furniture, lamps and even lifestyle products. Though everyone says luxury comes at a high-cost but marble gives you a long-lasting luxury at a decent price. Marble suppliers and marble exporters in India offers a wide range of beautiful stones to choose for your space at affordable prices.

The Ideal Colour

Bountifully, you have a long list of colours of high-quality marble to choose from, for your home but each and every colour may not go well with the feel of your living space, the existing furniture or even the colour of the walls of your house. What makes it even more difficult to zero down to the one colour that will go perfectly well with everything in your house is the variety of designs and textures available in the range of marble.

Our recommended colour is green marble. There are many varieties of design found under the umbrella of this one colour. The green marble is something that blends in with any type of interiors. It enhances the beauty of the space and gives it a sophisticated facelift. So whether you have a lot of woodwork in your living space or it has a hint of minimalism, green marble will go perfectly well with the surrounding. Oh, and why only the interiors of your house? You can use it in the form of tabletops, art installations or even lattice for the garden and landscaping. A premium quality marble will always make the space appealing.

Uses of Marble At Your House

BacksplashWhat Are The Major Applications of Marble In Your Interior?

A fireplace backsplash or a kitchen backsplash creates an atmosphere of luxury in the home. It can quickly convert a basic space into an opulent expanse. Install a pristine piece of high-quality marble as a backsplash and watch the magic happen. The abstract texture of the marble is definitely what catches the eye.

These days exotic stone suppliers can even supply pieces of marble cut into forms as per your requirements. It is easily achievable using the advanced lathe machines. Once the backsplash is installed, accessorising your home is not a big deal.


Pillars definitely add to the drama. Take a cue from Greek architecture. While originally the pillars are used to bear the load of the structure, it can be placed for aesthetic purposes as well. Pick a premium quality onyx or a green marble for your home and have it cut out into a pillar. Pillars can be used not only for the house but also for the outdoors. Installing marble pillars in the garden can give it a rich look.

Art Installations

Art is always in trend and what better way to express it than carving it out on a stone. A piece of art made out of fantasy green marble can be the center of attraction of your house. Based on your choice of art you can purchase of well-detailed human or animal figure or it can be an abstract installation. These can be made by skilled marble workers or a lathe machine.


Marble furniture with inlay work is yet another beautiful pick. There are numerous possibilities for making furniture from high-quality marble. This is something that you will not see in every home. Green marble furniture will go wonderfully well with the outdoor setting.


Marble is most commonly used for flooring. Whether it is new construction or renovation, marble flooring is something that is preferred over other flooring options. You will be able to find the choicest of marbles with the help of your local marble suppliers. A high-quality marble increases the face value of your living space and the best part is that it is long-lasting. It also requires very little maintenance.

Kitchen Countertops

Marble exporters these days are offering a fantastic range of kitchen and bar countertops. These countertops can, in fact, be used for dining tables, center tables or libraries, and even for outdoor barbeque areas. A piece of fantasy green marble that adorns your outdoor kitchenette and barbeque space is ideal for the purpose. Green marble is strong and will not crack or chip at any cooking-related activity.

What’s Trending Now!

Onyx White Marble

Prized for its exotic and translucent qualities, Onyx White Marble is a beautiful natural stone that brings a sense of elegance to any project. This high-quality marble is famed with the name of Crystal White and Aravalli White. It is ideal for countertops, bartops and used for interior and exterior flooring applications. Take a look here

Rain Forest Brown Marble

It feels like black, exhibits the properties of brown, and is reminiscent of a forest. That’s Rain Forest Brown Marble. It is a premium quality marble that finds multiple uses due to its appearance. It can be used for marble flooring, kitchen countertops, or backsplashes. Get more information here

Marbelous Collection At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Onyx Pink Marble

Marble with an exotic beauty! This premium quality natural stone falls under the pink marble category due to the pink patches on the stone. The stone is identified by the name Aravalli Pink because of its mines located in Salumber District, Rajasthan, Northwest India. It has an abstract pattern that allows this stone to be used for marble flooring, kitchen countertops, or even backsplashes. Know more here

Maharaja Black Marble

Also known as Haveri Black or Dhari Black marble, this stone looks like a black island with white rivers. Based on its appearance, this marble finds numerous placements. It is commonly used for bathroom countertops and backsplashes. It can be used for kitchen countertops as well as marble flooring. It works best with wooden interiors. View it here