Stone Category of The Month - Beige Sandstone

Beige Sandstone As Your Interior And Exterior Trend

White and cooler grey shades have decorated homes for a few years now. However, the choice is shifting to warmer tones like Beige and light brown. Interior designers are favoring beige to endow home space with a sense of calmness. Beige colour natural stones coupled with natural wood and linen make interiors feel instantly serene. And Beige Sandstone, in specific, is a rare kind with textures that reflect excellent earthy tones.

The sandstone has always been favourite for centuries and has been used in several historical monuments around the world. Artists have also used the stone in creating ornamental fountains and sculptures. Thanks to its regular bedding, uniform grain size and durability that makes it apt for both interiors and harsh exteriors.

Beige sandstone, especially Dholpur Beige, is gifted with purple-coloured veins which become noticeable only when the stone is wet. This charming look is attributed to its natural beauty.

If you are planning to introduce a natural stone in your home, you can be assured of the timeless elegance offered by Beige Sandstone. Read on to explore its properties, applications, and varieties!

The Properties Of Beige Sandstone

Although Beige Sandstone is strong and durable it is more porous than natural stones like granite or slate. Its intrinsic qualities fairly resemble that of marble in terms of the water absorption capacity. But considering the toughness, the stone is hard.

That said, this quality assures that the natural stone will endure for at least a lifetime with proper care. It is important to choose the stone with the right finish (depending on the use). For example, a honed finish is best for interior flooring and polished finish is good for countertops.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly option, sandstone is one of the best options to go with. As the material is quarried from the earth, it degrades over time (this takes time). It is unlike materials like vinyl that are composed of plastic.

The Popular Uses Of Beige SandstoneBeige Sandstone

Like many other natural stones, Beige Sandstone can be used in kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall cladding, facade, flooring, staircases, walkways, pillars, patios, etc. But its demand is more in shaping internal and external flooring. The warm colours from brown and tan to gold and red create aesthetics that mirror a beach or a desert. Considering its durability, homeowners prefer using the sandstone in high traffic areas.

The following are four types of Beige Sandstone, each with a unique look and feel.

Dholpur Beige Honed Sandstone 01

Dholpur Beige Honed Sandstone quarried from Rajasthan, India has a long list of historical monuments to its name. Its durability and intrinsic properties have made it one of the best options to use in the construction of legendary buildings. The stone flaunts a light and warm shade of beige with regular graining pattern throughout.

Owing to its nature, the stone is an ideal choice for outdoor flooring, garden walkways, and passages. It can also be used for wall cladding or facade. QM India offers the Beige Sandstone with a honed finish to suit the external environment. This avoids making the stone slippery when wet and prevents trips or falls. In addition, the sandstone is a popular choice to build feature fireplaces that truly mesmerise.

Dholpur Beige Honed Sandstone 02Dholpur Beige Honed Sandstone For Industrial And Personal Use

This variety of Dholpur Beige Sandstone differs from the previous one due to its pink tones. The stone (with the same properties) is preferred for both personal and industrial use. It has a beautiful colour tone which is a mix of beige, pink and light brown. Subtle purple veins flow through it which is visible only when the stone is wet. So, this stone is proven to be an excellent choice for garden walkways where the ground is mostly wet. It enhances gardens aesthetics and is resistant to water and weathering.

Mint Fossil Natural Sandstone

Mint Fossil Natural Sandstone looks more natural and earthy due to its colour and texture. It flaunts yellowish beige tints with light brown colour sprinkled here and there. Also, the stone has a touch of mint green in it and is primarily extracted from Madhya Pradesh, India. Its features enable excellent use in patios, yards and external flooring. Homeowners love using this sandstone to bestow their home interiors or exteriors with freshness.

Dholpur Beige Natural Sandstone

As the name suggests this is a beautiful creation of nature quarried from Rajasthan, India. The natural colour of the sandstone with shades of beige, light brown and pink produces a stunning effect. The attractive undulating texture enhances its appearance further. Dholpur Beige Natural Sandstone, in particular, is resistant to scratches and is very easy to maintain. Additionally, it is also extremely tolerant of acids, alkalis, and salinity.

QM India as one of the preeminent manufacturers and suppliers of Beige Sandstone varieties offers the product in different finishes. This sandstone can smoothly be chiseled and shaped to suit a specific application. Therefore, it is regarded as a perfect choice for wall cladding, paving, flooring and roofing.

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