Stone Of The Month - Tinder Beige Marble

Tinder Beige Marble For Your Space Flooring

The modern design-savvy homeowners often look for a stone that is unique and not a mainstream stone variety. This has been the experience of several interior designers and marble dealers in the UAE and beyond. Customers desire something that exhibits luxury showcasing life king-size. As a result, Tinder Beige Marble - a minimalistic exotic stone instantly wins hearts. The interest for this beige colour marble is very high, owing to its over-the-top glossy finish and minimalist style. Not to mention, the look and feel of the stone and its aesthetics is the foremost thing that matters.

Tinder Beige Marble, in specific, flaunts subtle white and grey veins on a light brown backdrop. It reflects gentle beige tones that bring out the perfect elegance you desire for your interiors. A home that adorns this stone variety whispers your taste of opulence. Given ahead are some more reasons that make Tinder Beige Marble - every homeowner’s choice!

Why Should You Choose Tinder Beige Marble?

Tinder Beige Marble is an exclusive stone variety of India. Being an exotic stone, it is produced by marble manufacturers in India and exported worldwide. Hence, as the stone is man-made it is customized to fit your requirements in a beautiful way. And so, it has a list of benefits to offer.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The marble is manufactured using pigments and dyes that create in-depth veining and a look that is unrivalled. In addition, it is protected with a sealant used during the casting process. This step adds ultimate glow and lustre to the marble that displays a sparkling vibrancy, regardless of where it is applied. Moreover, the sealant added by Tinder Beige Marble manufacturers gives you peace of mind for not having to invest in the after-sales sealants.

Ease Of Maintenance

The surface of the stone is coated to make it 100% non-porous. As a result, it becomes resistant to moisture, stains, and scratches. Even if the stone experiences minor injuries, it can be easily repaired by a professional. Considering its robust nature, Tinder Beige Marble is an ideal stone for any kind of heavy-use application. And if you are concerned about cleaning it, just a soft sponge with mild soap is all that you need.

Quick Installation

Tinder Beige Marble SlabsMarble suppliers from India, like Quality Marble Exports (India), offers this natural stone in customised designs to make it readily sit anywhere in commercial or residential spaces. This may include bathtubs, kitchen countertops, showers, etc. Each design can be matched to the specification through a plastic moulding or hot pressing method. Therefore, this prevents the need to cut the stone in shapes and add sealants. As leading Tinder Beige Marble exporters from India, Quality Marble Exports (India) also offers marble tiles, slabs, and blocks.


The stone is lighter, which adds to the ease of transportation and reduction in costs. And as a man-made product, it becomes less expensive to manufacture. This further makes your purchase affordable and increases the resale value of your home.

Tinder Beige Marble Design Ideas For Most Popular Applications

As mentioned, Tinder Beige Marble can be used for almost any kind of application. However, owing to its decorative look, the stone is most preferred by homeowners for the following applications:
Design Your Interiors With Tinder Beige Marble

Marble Flooring

The beige hues of this stone are proven to be a model of excellence when it comes to floorings. The gentle combination of white and grey veins on a light brown base makes the flooring look demure. It reflects the light falling on it with a scattering-like effect - making it visually attractive. Tinder Beige Marble flooring matched with reddish-brown furniture stands out at its best. It has the capacity to provide the right focus for each decorative object and showpieces around. Soft lights added to this help enhance the effect of a peaceful ambience. So, this beige marble is perfect for modern and minimalist floorings.


Whether it is a kitchen or a bathroom backsplash, Tinder Beige Marble is an appropriate choice. In fact, it is a designer favourite - due to its undying lustre. Considering the technical benefits, it is non-porous so it won’t allow water or stains to damage its visual charm. And it demands very low maintenance with easy cleaning. If you are looking to create a striking modern kitchen, match it with sleek grey cabinetry.


Elegantly designed shower rooms significantly contribute to the value of your home while intensifying the aesthetic appeal. These days, homeowners don't just go for the shiny finishes, but also fancy the rustic finishes. And Tinder Beige Marble is a win-win in both styles. With an extremely glossy finish, it offers a decorative effect to your shower room. Whereas the rustic look makes it more subtle and soft. For cleaning, you just need a nonabrasive bathroom cleanser and leave it dry naturally.

Vanity Top

Even when it comes to vanity tops, the beige marble showcases excellently. Its light colour look lends a warm and welcoming feeling to space. The brownish-beige colour with white-grey speckles brightens up the room. Tinder Beige Marble vanity top paired with bright white sinks, large vertical mirror and dark wood cabinets are truly mesmerising.

Bathroom Sinks

Tinder Beige Marble Sink For Modern LifestyleHaving a stone sink means decorating your bathroom space with a gem. And when you look at this beige marble, you know that it is the ultimate choice you would have wished for. Thanks to marble manufacturers and exporters in India, this exotic stone can be crafted into any size and shape of the sink. Be it a round vessel sink, a pedestal sink, a rectangular sink, or an oval sink - the list goes on. You can have it attached to the vanity top or keep it independent.

Tinder Beige Marble offers a beauty that allows you to create both a rustic and contemporary environment in your home. The stone originated from the factories of Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the most high-grade and luxurious stones. As one of the most popular Tinder Beige Marble exporters in India, we offer bespoke designs to match your palate. We also have a dozen finishes to choose from to bring a timelessly beautiful home.