Top 10 Granite For Kitchen Countertops

On-trend Granite To Modernise Your Kitchen Countertops

Among natural stones, granite has a great reputation for being tough and resilient. It is one of the most-selling stones worldwide, especially for countertops.

It is no wonder that people prefer granite in their kitchen. The family-friendly natural stone is extremely durable and non-porous in nature. Considering just two of these properties, you or your family members will have a hard time abusing them. Neither it allows a sharp object to make scratches on it nor it lets water or any spillage enter its depths. With that, it is resistant to bacteria, dirt and heat as well (provided it has a sealed surface). Cleaning up all the mess on its surface is just a matter of a few minutes. And besides all, it keeps shining for ages - without the colour fading out. So, even if you plan to sell your property, it will contribute significantly.

Quality Marble India, one of the best-known granite manufacturers and exporters, have a curated collection of granite. If you are planning for a kitchen remodelling or installation of a new countertop, this is your chance to browse through the world-class varieties.

Collection Of Granite Tile & Slabs At Quality Marble Exports (India)

Like any other natural stone such as limestone, granite offers innumerable looks with distinguished colours, patterns and textures.

Granite Range at Quality Marble Exports

Green Granite

As one of the most popular varieties, green granite bequeaths a sense of freshness and calmness to your kitchen. Within the green range, there are beautiful colour combinations and veining patterns for wooden cabinets - to create a traditional earthy feel. Go for Green Rose for sophisticated light and dark combinations of pink, yellow, black and green. If you are looking for a more intricate look, Rani Green is the way to go. It has an excellent blend of green, brown and black that appears to create a dense floral pattern. Fans of dark green colour have the attractive Seaweed Green. This is not it, as extensive green granite exporters, we have many more options in slabs, tiles and blocks.

Pink Granite

Homeowners who love the subtle hues of pink always admire Pink Granite. It is one of the best colours when you wish to create a dreamy and fascinating aura in the kitchen. One of the best examples, to explain this is Lady Dream Granite. It has the perfect shades of pink and purple to take your kitchen aesthetics to a new level. But if you like a more vibrant look, Rosy Pink is an exceptional choice. The combination of black and pink is the centre of attraction. Other popular varieties of Pink Granite we supply include Autumn Pink, Indian Juprana, Chima Pink and Raw Silk Pink.

White Granite

Want to have a snowy kitchen look just like the winters? Go for Maddy White or Viscont White Granite. The white background with discontinuous green, blue and black specks create illusionary snowflakes. Besides, if you don’t prefer less bright white on your kitchen countertop, then Zorro White is an excellent option. Its background is off-white with endless grey and black bits distributed almost uniformly. If you are looking for a calm and cosy environment, Imperial White Granite would be perfect. 

Moreover, the best part of White Granite is that you can coordinate it with any colour cabinet or backsplash and expect a charming look. As we, Quality Marble Exports, are the leading white granite suppliers, you’ll find nearly a dozen varieties here.

Beige Granite

Beige has become a new normal in homes around the world with the increasing trend to have a warm look. Beige Granite is one of the best possibilities to decorate your kitchen aesthetics with an emotional touch. Quality Marble Exports (India) has Gibli Beige and Shiva Gold Granite (lighter version) to create such aesthetics. Check out Copper Silk to withstand heavy pressure and set-up a beautiful appearance. It adorns an amazing beige-pink blend to complement kitchens with creamy cabinets and backsplashes. With added options, we have been exporting Beige Granite across many countries.

Blue Granite

Blue may be a less preferred colour among homeowners, but not Blue Granite. The vibrant fresh-looking colours it offers are crowd-favourite. There are two types of designs among these. One is a homogeneous pattern with uniform veining. The best examples are Chima Blue and Sapphire Blue. Another kind with irregular veining includes Lavender Blue and Srika Blue. Whichever Blue Granite you choose, it will give a unique refreshing touch to your kitchen.

Black Granite

The most popular, Black Granite has all that can bestow your kitchen with a modern and sleek look. In case you plan for a traditional expression, pair it with neutral cabinets. Black Granite offers eternal beauty to kitchen countertops even in busy homes. It easily disguises any messes or blemishes. Quality Marble Exports (India) is one of the largest Black Granite exporters that offers the three most in-demand varieties. These include Black Galaxy, Black Pearl and Absolute Black.

Brown Granite

This is another solid option to give your kitchen a modern or classic look. Brown Granite collection at Quality Marble Exports (India) has incredible variations ranging from a mocha cream to dark brown. For the former, you have GD brown and Crystal Brown. In between is the Desert Brown, Merry Gold and Ikon Brown with darker shades. Apart from this, if you want something to complement with neutral cabinets, go for Tan Brown, Cats Eye Brown or Coffee Brown.

Grey Granite

Those who fancy something between black and white usually choose grey. But Grey GraniteNurelle Grey Granite Slabs varieties we supply, are beyond the black and white balance. For instance, Sierra Grey and Nurelle Grey offer a steely shine that can enhance the look of any light-coloured kitchen. Then there is Bala Flower with a unique blend of grey and pink that creates a look of shiny corals in a greenish sea. As granite exporters at the global level, we offer eight different varieties of grey granite to match your aesthetic desire.

Red Granite

Red Granite is more like a gemstone than a natural stone. This kind was popularly used by Egyptians for building and decoration purpose. The tones it offers ranges from pinkish-red to deep burgundies. If you need a jewel that imparts an energetic feel to your kitchen, we have Ruby Red, Gem Red, and Jansi Red. These are the best options with a deep red backdrop. Quality Marble Exports (India) supplies Red Granite of 10 distinct varieties in the form of slabs, tiles and blocks.

Yellow Granite

Yellow is a deadly combination when it comes to contrasting the colour of the kitchen cabinets with granite floor tiles and kitchen countertops. Madurai Gold, a Yellow Granite, will go far in creating a happy and bright kitchen atmosphere. And in case you prefer a more reserved appearance, Crystal Yellow will help you out amazingly with an almost uniform look.

Quality Marble Exports (India) is among the largest granite suppliers from India, with more than a hundred varieties of natural stones. Join us visualise your kitchen countertops and we will help you select the best.