Different Types of Stone Finishes For Various Applications

Stone Finishes Enhancing The Look of Your Space

No natural stone is complete without its final touch i.e. the finish. It is the final process that makes a stone worthy for a particular application. Different types of finishes are available to enhance the functional character and aesthetics of stone. In other words, a natural stone finish ensures that the stone product is suitable for a specific interior or exterior use.

Therefore, when choosing a natural stone for your space, it is essential to consider the type of finish. Because it can significantly alter the colour, texture and physical capability of the stone. For example, some finishes brighten the colour while others soften it.

To help you have a better understanding of different natural stone finishes, we have compiled the most popular of all.

Different Types of Natural Stone Finishes

Polished Finish

This is one of the most popular natural stone finishes among homeowners. A polished finish uses a series of polishing wheels equipped with rough to extremely abrasive diamond pads. Through the grinding and buffing process, these pads intensify shine, colour and texture and make the surface sleek and elegant. A polished surface is easy to clean and resistant to external agents. As the finish seals the natural pores, the surface tends to repel water and moisture. Hence, polished stone is ideal for interior floors, wall cladding and countertops applications. Polished granite, marble and limestones are some of the varieties under this category.

Flamed Finish

This famous finish is applied to stones that need to be installed in outdoor environments where anNatural Stone Finishes anti-slip surface is a must. A flamed natural stone finish exposes a stone slab to extreme heat and immediate cooling. This makes stone porous, producing a rough and textured surface. A flamed finish can render a beautiful rustic look to the stone in two ways. It can keep the colour and other inherent characteristics intact. Or, it can also create a more natural appearance. As the flamed stone is slip-resistant, it is best for exterior applications.

Brushed Finish

The brushed finish is obtained by pulling a brush over the fresh concrete surface, to make the stone appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. The surface of the stone gives a smooth and textured feel that is ideal for wet environments. And so it is extensively used in bathrooms, poolside and kitchen.

Bush-hammered Finish

Natural stone is given this finish using either a high impact machine or a hand tool called a bush hammer. This finish produces evenly distributed pits of different sizes on the stone surface. As a result, the skin becomes resistant to slip and is perfect for an outdoor environment with high traffic. Apart from the flooring, it is also great for external wall cladding. Almost all natural stones accept a Bush-hammered finish.

Grooved Finish

Also known as ‘sawn finish’, this type applies the sawing method to the stone using diamond disc teeth. It creates nearly a coarse and irregular surface with small grooves and waves. The resulting product is lighter with a matte-like touch. Grooved Finish is suitable for external paving, pathways, driveways, patios, etc.

Laputoro Finish

In this finish, the stone slab undergoes a brushed finish, a polished finish and again back to brushed. Doing this creates a combination of polished and honed finish. It makes the surface semi-rough and semi-smooth that looks elegant and sophisticated.

Shotblasted Finish

Shotblasted finish is often misinterpreted as a sandblasted finish. But, both processes are different in many aspects. During shot blasting, the stone surface undergoes a blasting process with metal grit. The finish is achieved by a tunnel machine fitted with turbines. Centrifugal force is applied through the mechanical tool to produce a natural and rustic look.

Sandblasted Finish

There is a range of differences from rough to fine texture when it comes to a sandblasted finish. The fine finish is darker in appearance whereas the rough one is lighter. In the treatment, a high-pressure of silica sand is blasted against the stone slab by an air gun. This produces small holes with a coarse yet neat look. The smooth abrasion on the surface makes it look slightly scratched. And so the finish is ideal for use in exterior high traffic areas. Besides that, it is widely used for monument work, artwork, gravestones, etc. As this type is commonly used for sandstones, it is also known as sandstone finish.

Types Of Natural Stone Finishes Offered By Quality Marble Exports (India)

Quality Marble Exports (India) offers a huge collection of natural stone products, each with a customised finish. Here is a list of some of our popular stone categories, their finishes and possible applications. Reading this will give you a glimpse of our popular products.

Grey Granite

Grey granite range is a popular replacement for black and white decor. One of the mass-favourites is Nurelle Grey Granite with uniformly arranged black, white and grey spots. At well-known granite suppliers, Quality Marble Exports (India), different types of Nurelle Grey Granite finishes available are brushed, flamed, and shot-blasted. Considering these finishes, the stone is apt for kitchen countertops, granite floor tiles, wall cladding and exterior paving among others.

Cream Granite

Cream granite offers elegant yet soothing aesthetics with its soft colour combinations. Types Of Finishes For Cream GraniteDesert Camel Blasted is one such natural stone that reflects beautiful orange bands. Being a granite stone, this granite tile accepts various types of finishes including bush-hammered, brushed, flamed, polished, shot-blasted and grooved. Depending on the application, the cream granite can be treated with any of the above finishes. For example, to get a glossy surface for an interior space, use polished granite floor tiles. The polished finish will intensify the orange bands on the stone making it look more attractive. Or, if using for outdoors, opt for a flamed or grooved finish with a different look. The brushed finish is ideal when applying the stone in wet areas.

Black Granite

A shining black granite can instantly transform the look and feel inside a home. In this case, Black Galaxy Granite can do wonders. With colour and texture resembling a twinkling sky, it significantly enhances the aesthetics of any space. For Black Galaxy, Quality Marble Exports (India) offers brushed finish, flamed finish, sandblasted finish, laputoro, polished, and bush-hammered.

Polished Black Granite

Another variety named Ash Black accepts brushed and flamed finish. By choosing the type of granite finish, both varieties can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Apart from the natural stones mentioned above, you can also find a dozen marble finishes, sandstone finishes, and limestone finishes among others.

Contact Quality Marble Exports (India) to get a detailed picture of the full range of personalised finish ideas!