Stone of The Month - Kota Limestone

Kota Limestone For Exterior Architecture

Kota Limestone is one of the most inexpensive natural stones that offers lifelong durability and beauty. It is extensively used in India, especially in government buildings and institutions.

The variety got its name from Kota district in Rajasthan, India where hundreds of quarries are found. To be specific, Kota stone is mined near the town of Ramganj Mandi in Kota district.

Thanks to its unparalleled range of colours, the natural stone is very popular in the construction industry. From blue-grey to brown and beige to multicoloured hues, Kota Limestone has the versatility to make any space look modish or rustic. Blue-grey and brown, in particular, are the most popular ones.

The stone is naturally gifted with a fine texture that tends to be uniformly coloured. However, Kota Honey Natural is an exception. With random patterns in dark brown, light brown, yellow and orange tints, each stone slab offers a distinct appearance and make it a perfect choice for both exteriors and interiors.

Yet there is more that makes Kota stone the first choice of commercial property builders and homeowners.

Inherent Nature Of Kota Limestone

Various physical and chemical properties of Kota Limestone increase the possibilities of using it in different applications.

Apart from being hard, compact and tough, the stone is non-porous in nature. This makes it resistant to water as well as slips and falls. Owing to the same nature, it also shows excellent stain removability. Additionally, it has the potential to withstand any climate - be it harsh summer or freezing winter.

Kota Limestone is a siliceous calcium carbonate rock with fine grains. Its composition allows it to easily cut into any beautiful shape. One of the best examples is the Kota Blue Polished, which reflects vibrant bluish-grey colour. Also known as Kota Grey Slate, the stone offers a lively expression of aesthetics for modern space. Further, the polished finish it accepts enhances the shine on the surface. With all the inherent properties discussed above, Kota Blue Limestone is popularly used in sculpting artefacts.

Just like any other natural stone, Kota stone is biodegradable and a green alternative to other materials used in construction. Due to this property, the limestone variety is a favourite choice of eco-conscious people. As Kota Limestone is non-porous and moisture-resistant, it proves to be a hygienic flooring choice in humid regions. In addition, the stone is always cool and comfortable under feet in hot temperatures.

As far as the finishes are concerned, the stone surface can be treated as per the requirement of the application. The finishes it accepts include hand-cut, machine-cut, one-side hones, both-side hones, calibrated, and mirror finish among others. The polishing used in stone essentially eliminates chipping over the years. Also, a polished surface is great when used for countertops.

Different Types Of Kota Stones And Its Applications

The construction industry mainly uses Kota stone in flooring and wall cladding. However, there are many more applications of this stone. Let us explore some of them by matching it with the best varieties.

Around The Fireplace

Kota Limestone is a warm material with earthy tones that bestow a natural feel. What could be better than using the stone in fireplace surrounds? Homeowners love using the natural stone carved into anKota Blue Limestone at QM India ornate centrepiece, that creates a streamlined look around their fireplace. If you belong to the latter group of people, Kota Blue Natural is an ultimate choice. With the bluish-grey surface, the limestone dramatically transforms a fireplace mantle. This is one of those rare stones that offers a natural look with a sophisticated appearance. Quality Marble Exports provides Kota Blue Limestone in different finishes and sizes.

On The Floor

Kota stone tiles are widely used in outdoor and indoor flooring. Some of the popular examples include hallways, balconies, entryways, patios, courtyards, and parking lots. Limestone in tiles form is an impressive addition to indoor flooring. Kota Brown Natural is a common choice when it comes to using natural stone in flooring. Hence it is obvious that robust characteristics it offers helps the stone endure in all climates. As a leading limestone manufacturer, Quality Marble India offers premium quality Kota Brown natural stone in the form of slabs as well as tiles.

As Vanity Tops

For homeowners, Kota Limestone tiles work really well in kitchen countertops and vanity tops in bathrooms. It usually requires simple sweeping and occasional mopping which makes it a smart choice. Kota Brown Polished Limestone is a tough and highly durable natural stone with features at its best when applied to countertops. It’s high resistance to water and excellent stain removability evidently make the stone an apt choice in kitchens and bathrooms. Kota Brown is a lovely match for crystal white or cream interior decors. The combination is a prevalent choice among interior designers.

On The Wall

The beauty of Kota stone can easily transform your walls into an artistic masterpiece. You can use the stone against one accent wall or on all the walls in a room. Because the colours available in this variety are so catchy that they never make a place look too gaudy. In simple words, it could fit in anywhere you would like to feature it. Many property owners also use the stone to decorate facades.

Each stone variety explained here offers multifunctional uses. The limestones from Quality Marble Exports are highly-durable and unique. Explore the best of each Kota Limestone!

High-quality Kota Limestone From QM India

Quality Marble India has a wealth of quality limestones, mainly sourced from Rajasthan. Kota stone is very common in architecture. Therefore, it is extensively manufactured and processed in our quarries - until the final touch - which is its finish.

Being one of the economical options with no compromise on looks, Kota Limestone tends to stand out. Many property owners wish to use natural stone to adorn a huge area in their home - but with a shoe-string budget. If you are one of them, look no further then Kota stone. We’ll make things happen beautifully, for you, as per your budget!