Desert Teak Natural Sandstone

The Desert Teak Natural sandstone is formed in layers over the years and results in a wood-like veining, which gives close to a 'wooden' effect that you can expect from a natural stone. The sandstone is set on a buff/yellow background with the veins running across, in varying shades of orange/brown. The end result is a brownish orange base stone with dark orange waves which occurs completely natural. The sedimentary stone consists of small grains, which are held together by a silicon 'natural cement'. Also named as Kota Teak sandstone, the Desert Teak Natural sandstone is mined at Budhpura, district Bundi, North West India and Rajasthan.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength :1800 kg/cm2

After Freezing :1330 kg/cm2

Water Absorp :1.84%

Bulk Density :2590 kg/m3

Modulus of Rupture :285 kg/cm2

Modulus of Rupture :230 kg/cm2

Abrasion :7.08mm

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