Dholpur Chocolate Honed Sandstone

Dholpur Chocolate Honed sandstone is a kind of marble stone and has got a mild chocolate colour that is why it is named “Chocolate”. It is also known as Coco Dholpur and Dholpur Brown sandstone. The stone is considered as the best one for residential and commercial purpose. This sandstone is well known for its affluent colors and radiant surface. The Dholpur Chocolate Honed sandstone, can be hand cut, is highly durable and cost effective. It also provides an elegant look along with a style that never gets out of fashion. The Dholpur Chocolate Honed sandstone is mined at Karoli, Rajasthan and North West India.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength :930 kg/cm2

After Freezing :560 kg/cm2

Water Absorp :3.95%

Bulk Density :2250 kg/m3

Modulus of Rupture :120 kg/cm2

Modulus of Rupture :70 kg/cm2

Abrasion :5.6mm

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