Raymond White

The Raymond White Granite is yellow, pink, and beige multicolored granite found in India. This granite was majorly found at Koliwada, hence it is popularly known as Koliwada white granite. For contemporary and classic home design, Raymond white granite is preferred due to its dusty white base covered with black and bluish grains. Due to its neutral and calm texture, it goes well with light and dark cabinet. We offer various sizes of Raymond white granite in square and rectangle shapes. This granite is mined at Koliwada, Jhalore District, approx 500Kms from Jaipur, Rajasthan, North West India.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength : 1420 kg/cm2

After Freezing : 1330 kg/cm2

Ultimate Tensile Strength : 110 kg/cm2

Water Absorption : 0.20%

Bulk Density : 2650 kg/m3

Modulus of Rupture : 110 kg/cm2

Modulus of Rupture : 110 kg/cm2

Abrasion : 0.9mm

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