White Mystic Granite

White backdrop with diagonally linear grey and pink strokes illustrate the unique and classic White Mystic granite. Due to its misty white tinge, it is also known as White Mist Granite. The granite is ideal for ultra-modern designs providing the touch of glamor to each space. Due to its high durability, the White Mystic is a perfect pick for wall cladding, bathroom, and luxurious granite floor tiles. To define the luxury and elegance of the interior spaces, this granite tile is installed in a setting with dark-colored walls. The raw form of granite is mined at Madurai District, approx 650 Kms from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India. Quality Marble Exports is well-known granite supplier and believes in supplying high-quality natural stones.

Technical Specifications

Compressive Strength : 2080 kg/cm2

After Freezing : 1990 kg/cm2

Ultimate Tensile Strength : 132 kg/cm2

Water Absorption : 0.40%

Coeff. Thermal Expansion : 0.0065 mm/moc

Bulk Density : 2620 kg/m3

Hardness(Moh's Scale) : 6

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