How To Set Up Over The Top Alfresco Dining With Granite And Marble?

Granite Tiles And Marble Tiles For Al Fresco Dining

Having an alfresco dining area in your home is the best way to wrap up a tough day. Nothing beats having a sumptuous meal under the stars, moonlight, and a breeze of fresh and cool air. Setting an alfresco is as easy as going out to a picnic. You could get simple with just a table and some chairs. The outdoor setting feels so good that you will want to make it a routine.

You can further elevate this outdoor experience by using natural stone like granite and marble tiles. This way, you can have a sophisticated dining area, easy to clean and maintain and aesthetically appealing. So, let’s go ahead and find out how you can transform your backyard into an elegant alfresco.

Define Your Get-Together Territory With An Elegant Patio

Having a meal or drinks with friends and families is a beautiful thing. Sometimes, the house gets too boring to have any fun. Make a patio in your backyard and let the party begin. Setting up a patio should be easy. Identify the space near your residence and accessorize it. The idea is to have a beautiful outdoor area joined to your home for recreation or dining. The task is easy, and we have broken it into the following steps.

Identify The Space

To set up a patio, you don't need to clear up space. Instead, use what's already there to complement it. For instance, if the area has shrubs or rocks, use it to your advantage. In doing so, you can use any plants to make it more appealing or shrubs to provide shade.

Enhance The Area

Cobblestones For The Perfect Al Fresco Flooring

Now, use granite tile to make the path from your residence to the alfresco and the entire area to get occupied by the patio. In short, granite as a tough material provides perfect flooring for the dining area. Grass gets wet in the evening, and you don't want to get all messy. And granite tile is resistant to weathering and is easy to clean.

Plus, it doesn’t fade away with time due to exposure to weather conditions. To make your setting more dramatic, you can opt for cobblestones which are available in various colors and sizes.

Get The Furniture

For your alfresco to be complete, you need to have comfortable chairs and a table. There are numerous contemporary dining ideas you can use. We will be discussing natural stone ideas in particular.

Top 3 Ways To Use Natural Stone On Your Dining Table

You can use granite, marble, or any other natural stone to make almost everything. From kitchen countertops to wall accents and floors, among others. But here we are going slightly unconventional to give three ideas of how natural stone can enhance your alfresco dining experience.

The Dining Table Itself

White Granite Kitchen Countertops For Better Al Fresco Dining Experience

When you are choosing granite for the patio, marble can make for amazing dining tabletops. You will be leaving your furniture out, and you don't want to replace it every year. Hence, when marble is sealed accurately it becomes waterproof, and in case it rains, you only need to wipe the water accumulating on top. Marble stone is one of the best since it is available in unique and luxurious-looking colors. The polished finish will be easy to clean. You can visit marble suppliers online or onsite to explore the different colors and patterns. Get the one that compliments overall furniture.

The Serving Trays

Marble Tray To Serve Your Guests

Marble makes perfect serving trays. As the stone is softer than other natural stones, it can be designed into any shape and item. You can match your tabletop with your serving trays for more elegance. Use them to serve your guests or as beautiful pieces of accessories on your table. As one of the leading marble suppliers offering a bespoke natural stone solution, Quality Marble Exports (India) can help achieve your desired accessories.

Candle Stands

Forest Green Marble Making Your Outdoors More Beautiful

For candle stands, you can use any of the two stones. For a rustic look, you can choose from a wide range of granite varieties for the stands. You can have column stands that look like pillars to hold your candles from a height you desire. As leading white granite suppliers we can provide you with several designs of candle stands and holders to use in your alfresco.

White granite also makes unique stands sculptured into several shapes. In the bottom line, you can use Imperial White Granite tile to make your alfresco dining more beautiful. The only thing you need is the right supplier who delivers natural stone products considering all the requirements of an outdoor setting.

Quality Marble Exports (India) Offers Highest Quality Marble Tiles & Granite Tile Tailored To Your Expectations

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Get Customized Slabs & Tiles For Your Al Fresco Dining

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