How To Create A Sustainable Ventilated Facade?

How To Create A Sustainable Ventilated Facade?

Over the past couple of years, ventilated facades continue to gain popularity in the construction industry. They are also taking root to change the appearance of deteriorated buildings. Their popularity has grown because they improve energy efficiency for the building. Also, they are easy to maintain, durable and save on production costs.

The demand for ventilated facades has led to a rise of several materials for the exterior envelope. However, natural stone is the most common material used especially during reconstruction. It has been the go-to material since ancient times because; it is nonflammable, durable and creates an elegant appearance.

Advantages Of Ventilated Facades

A ventilated facade that uses natural stone such as granite tile has great advantages for your property. It also meets all the technical and aesthetic provisions for a facade to function properly. Here is a look at some of the pros of a ventilated facade.

1. Improves on EnergySidra Medical & Research Centre In Qatar

The natural stone creates space between the exterior atmosphere and the building. This in turn helps to eliminate the thermal bridge. In the long run, it saves on energy costs and makes the property more habitable. Slate tiles are a good example of natural stone which allow natural ventilation.

Also, the chimney effect plays a crucial role in energy efficiency. It is estimated that natural stone saves at least 20% to 30% of energy. For instance, when the sun is shining, the rays hit the stone slab directly and not the building. This creates density in the chamber thus the hot air flows up and leads to the introduction of fresh air. This helps to maintain the thermal stability of the ventilated facade.

2. Natural Stone is Durable And Strong

If you take a look at ancient buildings built with natural stone they have stood the test of time. Granite tile is one of the most durable natural stones and a great fit for your ventilated facade.

3. Helps in Sound Insulation

The chimney effect not only makes the property comfortable but also improves acoustics.

4. Creation of Unique And Aesthetically Appealing Architecture

Natural stone such as granite or marble tiles adds to the beautiful aesthetics of the facade. Every colour, pattern and texture of natural stone proves appealing.

5. Fireproof

Natural stone is framed with noncombustible materials. Slate tiles are classified as an A1 material to fire resistance.

Top 3 Natural Stone Materials For Ventilated Facade

There are some natural stones used in facade cladding. They are all good options but using them depends on some factors such as the strength of the material and the external envelope. Here is a look at the top three natural stones that are commonly used for facade cladding.

1. Granite

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It should not come as a surprise that a lot of buildings use granite for their ventilated facades. This natural stone is the most durable of all stones and there are many colour hues to choose from. It can withstand high pressure while also being heat resistant. One of the premium quality options is Imperial White Granite. The stone flaunts grey and pink veining with a neutral base which makes it popular among homeowners. Perhaps, if light colours are not your preference, you can opt for black granite varieties.

2. Marble

Marble Tiles For Ventilated Facades

Marble is the most elegant natural stone. It occurs in a variety of patterns and colours making it a great décor option. It is versatile and can be used for both interior and exterior ventilated facades. It is bound to ensure thermal insulation and energy efficiency for your property.

However, if you want to apply marble tiles to your ventilated facades ensure getting the installation done only by professionals. They make sure marble is perfectly sealed and protected from natural elements. Coming to its varieties, choose from a plethora of colours, patterns and textures you love. Amongst marble stones, Mercury Grey Marble is one of the commonly seen natural stones.

3. Slate

Slate has become the go-to building material for modern housing projects. It is stylish, durable, adds value to the property, and there are other plenty of benefits to consider. Besides, slate tiles allow natural ventilation to your property. However, if you are looking to cover your facade with a bright colour natural stone, perhaps slate may not be a good choice. Although the stone is available in a variety of colours, most of them are dark and neutral.

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