Touch of Nature In Your Space - Install Natural Limestone

Quarrying Best Quality Limestone

Have you visited tourist attractions like caves, rocky landscapes, and coral reefs? These spectacular nature's creations are the result of limestone formation. The geological formation of natural limestone is an exciting subject that allows us to witness nature’s way of designing aesthetics. And when this natural stone is used in residential space it brings one of the most fascinating creations of nature.

Depending on the environment where it is formed, limestone can take on unique structural shapes: grainy, crystalline, and clastic. It either forms through the deposition of fossils in the marine environment during the sedimentation process.

Owing to its composition and formation, limestone tends to be an attractive building material used over centuries. One of the highly favoured aesthetical characters of the limestone comes from its structure. The fossils encased in it are microscopic and don’t make the stone highly visible. This is good news for those who love minimalistic interior designs. There are a few exceptions though.

In general, the stone is soft and durable. Although it is vulnerable to scratches but a sealing on it can fix the issue. The rigidness of the limestone block/slab varies with the finish and the type of stone. It is resistant to weather impact and heat.

Installation of Natural Limestone In Different Patterns

How Natural Limestone Can Be Installed In Your Space?As a soft material, natural limestone is easily cut and shaped into any dimension to create customised interior or exterior designs. This natural stone is a traditional and classic architectural material used in a variety of applications from floors to facades. Thanks to its unique patterns and colours it blends with modern aesthetics excellently and complements both subtle and bold hues.

Moreover, the ability to clean and maintain it easily makes people enjoy the limestone’s presence to its fullest. Here are some interesting design ideas with limestone installed in tile, slab and mosaic form.

Tile Design Ideas

Like marble tiles, limestone tiles can be polished to a great shine. But its hardness is lower than the marble surface which provides a softer look to any space.

1. Varying shades - Symphony of back to back colours, for instance, white, off-white, and beige limestone tiles provide a soothing and warm feeling. In fact, it can also be used as a flooring option in commercial areas with low traffic areas for mesmerising aesthetics. You can change the tone of colours as per your design aesthetics.

2. Uniform look - Minimalist approach to install limestone! If you’d like a streamlined look, go for just one colour tile. Uniform colour limestone tiles are always visually striking.

3. Bold Colours - Dare to go bold? You can do it with limestone. White, beige or yellow is not the only colour you get with it. The stone also comes in greens, blues and blacks. Along with this, you can choose different textures and finishes to bestow a unique look to your space.

Slab Design Ideas

Limestone slabs provide a more earthy feeling than tiles. The porous, rough texture makes it look more natural. And hence, the slabs are perfect for a fireplace, a patio or a garden walkway.

1. Fireplace - Would you like to have a fireplace that stands out but at the same time doesn’t look gaudy? Then limestone slabs are the way to go. Add some neutral colours to give a modern feeling to your living room.

2. Garden Patio - Limestone slabs are popularly used for garden patios. In addition, slabs of different shapes and sizes (or irregular) can be used to design a garden walkway.

Limestone Mosaic Patterns

There are almost innumerable ways to use limestone in mosaic forms. The natural stone bricked one after the other can be used in wall cladding, pillars, facades and floors. Mosaics bestow beautiful aesthetics with a luxurious touch.

1. Narrow panels - Two different colour tiles installed in random combinations express a pacifying wall mosaic. It can also be used for a feature wall or as accents in the interiors.

2. Ragged Mosaic - The natural stone surface can be carved to provide a rocky surface that reflects a dark look. This kind of pattern is great for a one wall facade.

3. Block Mosaic - Limestone tiles precisely cut into blocks, squares or rectangles provide an eye-catching splash of art. You can use a single colour or a combination of two or three colours as per the look and appearance you desire.

QM India Popular Limestone Collection With Applications

Limestone Range At Quality Marble (Exports) India

QM India Exports (India) provides the best quality limestone in India. Whether it is about providing a definite cut, shape or finish, we customise our products as per the client's requirements. Discover some of the most favoured QM India limestone varieties.

Kota Brown Polished - This is a light brown colour limestone variant with plain texture. The natural stone is non-slippery which makes it suitable for flooring, walkways and patios. The stone leaves an everlasting impression when blends with light exteriors. Besides, the stone is less or not affected by climatic change. When used on walls, it can provide a striking bold look.

Jaisalmer Yellow - The limestone gets its name from the place where it is quarried from - Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India. The striking dark yellow uniform texture can make any wall stay in the limelight. It is tough, resistant to slips and oil and hence is appropriate for flooring. Paving of Jaisalmer Yellow limestone can boost your garden’s appearance with its ochre hues.

Kota Blue Polished - As this natural stone shows a greyish-blue tone, it is better identified as Kota Grey Limestone. The material owns one of those greys that go out of the ordinary to provide a lively ambience to any space. Naturally, it reflects a uniform finish and is available in the form of slabs and tiles. The stone is very tough and resistant to slips. Moreover, it shows a remarkable stain removability on comparing with the other limestone in the series. All this makes it apt for walls, interior and exterior flooring.

Kota Honey Natural Yellow - Offering the original look of the classic architecture than all, Kota Honey Natural deserves fame. The natural stone reflects random tones of brown just as the rocks. It has exceptional qualities like resistance to stains and is durable. And thus, it is extensively used for outdoor flooring and wall cladding.

Whether your desire is to create a contemporary space or bring home a hint of historic monument, limestone will do it. Your dream is just a call away!