Imperial White Granite & Wood: How Can Both Complement Each Other Beautifully?

Imperial White Granite & Wood Combined Together

Many homeowners are turning to natural elements to accentuate their interior decor. The two most popular combinations which have been setting trends for the past couple of years is wood and natural stone. Although these two have a contrasting effect on any decor, they have proved to be the best combination yet.

Granite has proven to be the go-to natural stone decor for interior decorators. One of their favourites is Imperial White Granite from India. It is a versatile and timeless piece that combines well with different shades of wood. The stone's white background with pink and greyish streaks make it a stunning application for various spaces such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

If you are thinking of mixing wood and Imperial White Granite in your space then this is the reading space for you. Quality Marble Exports (India) brings to your ideas to combine different wood tones with white granite. Go ahead and get some inspiration for your home sweet home!

Top 7 Wood Tones That Go Excellently With Imperial White Granite

1. Walnut

Imperial White Granite Kitchen Countertops

Walnut has been used for a long-time in making traditional pieces of furniture. However, it has made its way into modern-day design furniture as well. Walnut is a strong, hardwood that varies from light to dark brown. It is suitable for making pieces that require immaculate carving such as cabinets.

If you are opting for a more traditional looking kitchen then have dark walnut cabinets. You can go further and complement it with an Imperial White Granite countertop. The contrasting colours will blend perfectly since the light coloured countertop will reflect light in the kitchen.

2. Dark Mahogany

Mahogany is one of the most popular hardwood. For decades, it has been the epitome of luxury for many homeowners. It best suits a classic setup since the reddish-brown colour darkens with time.

If the general theme of your space is classic decor then a vintage dining set would fit perfectly. However, the reddish-brown dining set can also blend in a modern theme setting such as a kitchen. For instance, in a kitchen with light coloured cabinetry and an Imperial White Granite island, the dark dining set will stand out. The contrasting colours will make it the centre of attention.

3. Natural Maple

Natural maple wood is a variety that can influence your granite tile colour scheme. Although it is naturally light coloured, it will slightly darken over time. But it is the light caramel colour that attracts designers to it.

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space that has the right ambience. Natural maple wood is a great choice for furniture such as bed and wardrobes. With that, you can add an Imperial White Granite accent wall adjacent to your bed. This will create a clean and calming look.

4. Golden Oak

Imperial White Granite For Durable Flooring

Golden oak is a versatile shade that can be incorporated in both classic and traditional decor. The light golden hue colour does not fade over time. Naturally, the wood will have warm undertones, thus, if you are not looking for dramatic decor then pair it with neutral colours. For a harmonious space such as a library, how about building a bookshelf with golden oak and opt for a neutral flooring made of Imperial White Granite floor tiles.

5. Cherry Oak

Cherry oak is one of the most popular wood choices not only for furniture but also for toys and carvings. The warm red undertones make it great options for areas with neutral colours. The basic white, black and grey settings can be boring. For instance, if your living room has an Imperial White Granite tile wall cladding, you can use cherry oak flooring to add some vibrancy and colour.

6. Birch

As one of the hardest woods available, Birch is a good option for any decor. It comes in shades varying from pale white to yellow and reddish-brown. But here, we are considering the yellowish tone. For a table or countertop made from yellow Birchwood, the Imperial White Granite would be the cherry on top. The combination will evoke peaceful vibes in any space. Perhaps, you may use the blend as door and flooring or door and wall cladding.

7. Ash

It is very common to confuse Ash with Oak. The light appearance is very similar to the latter. However, Ashwood is used for finer furniture. For your living room, you can opt for Ashwood seats and blend them with Imperial White Granite flooring tiles. The overall atmosphere will be cool and inviting.

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With its amazing and elegant neutral look and feel, Imperial White Granite is one of the most versatile actors in the interior design realm. Try matching it with any wood tone, and see the astounding results!

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