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Black Friday Deals on Granite

Looking Back

The history of Black Friday does not go back to the Dark Ages…. It actually dates back to the 1800s, September 24, 1869, to be precise. This was the time America was under the presidency of Ulysses S. Grant. The Civil War had just ended and the country had not yet recovered completely. In order to give a boost to the economy, make the dollar stronger, and pay off the nation’s debt as a policy by Grant, the treasury gold would be sold weekly.

Jay Gould and James Fisk were paying attention to all the details and the people involved in this weekly affair. The pair then approached Abel Corbin who was the brother-in-law of the president and also a small-time speculator. Their aim was to get to the president and be seen with him by the people. This would help them to get insider statistics and would also portray them as a credible sources of information. They had almost succeeded in their meddlings but Grant got a whiff of their vicious plan and immediately ordered the release of 4 million dollars in gold. This led to a drop in gold prices. Wall Street was panic-stricken. It took a few months of economic disorientation but the instant corrective measures were taken by President Grant a national-wide economic depression was prevented.

The Black Friday of the New Era

Fast forward to 1952, the day following Thanksgiving Thursday would usher a long weekend. This led most of the people out for Christmas shopping. It was not known as Black Friday until quite recently. Back then this day used to be known as “The Day After Thanksgiving”. It used to be one of the busiest market days solely due to the Christmas shoppers keen on getting gifts for their loved ones. Some shopkeepers started using the term “Big Friday” for this day but it did not catch on. The sellers observed the buying patterns of the crowd and began keeping massive discounts on their products to entice more and more customers into buying from their stores. The trend caught on and more and more stores and the brand started giving colossal discounts, flash sales, and offers to the buyers. So even though they suffered a loss at the discounted price, the overall sales of the day amounted to profit. This is one of the reasons why this day eventually came to be known as Black Friday.

With the overwhelming response of the buyers on Black Friday, many stores have extended this practice to an entire week. The giant discounts, offers, and flash sales continue throughout the week. All these sales add on to the economy too. As the new age made its strong presence felt, so did the use of the internet. Many buyers buy things online rather than going out to the store for Christmas shopping. The online shopping network has considerably increased and for this reason, the online sellers are also giving the benefits of large discounts to their buyers for Black Friday. One can also find flash sales on various websites on Black Friday. It may extend for the entire week.

What’s in for Us?

Black Friday sales are not only beneficial for the Christmas shoppers, anyone can make the most of it. For architects, interior designs, and buyers interested in natural stones and granite can find lucrative offers on the website. Natural stones find a special place in the interiors of a property. It raises the style, strength, and durability considerably. Well-laid granite floor tiles can change the look of the home or office that it has been used in. There are products such as fountains, sculptures, and furniture made out of natural stones available that sell like hotcakes. They can also be sourced from various granite suppliers. Keep an eye out on the flash sale as you will find some of the best deals on granite here. Big Black Friday Sale

Lifestyle products and Natural Stones

The Green Deal

People all over the world are becoming more aware of their environment. They prefer to surround themselves with eco-friendly components to the interiors. Granite tile and slabs such as Royal Gold Granite offers to be a perfect fit for different kinds of eco-friendly interiors. Whether the furniture is made of wood or the living space is generously accessorized using plants, the granite proves to be a suitable option.

Home Offices

Since the majority of businesses have shifted their turf to the internet, a lot of people can work from home. However to do so, one requires a basic office setup at home. Many people plan this while building their house and many others do so while renovating their lining spaces. Royal Cream Granite can do wonders for your personal home office. Simply place a backsplash and it will transform your working space into an expensive-looking cabin. Small touch-ups like this can work well for those individuals who need to host business meetings with others from different parts of the world. One more commonly seen addition to such offices is Nurelle Grey Granite. Your architect or an interior designer can get you linked to any grey granite exporters who can get you good discounted rates for natural stones.


A general overview is that the space for a house, whether it be a flat or on an individual piece of land, is decreasing. This is due to various factors such as the influx of working population into the cities, rise in population, price hikes in terms of real estate, etc. People who opt for smaller houses definitely look for the multi-functionality of the space as well as furniture. For example, a kitchen side top can be used for baking or laying out food during house parties and it can also be used as a mini office table during the quiet hours of the day. Desert Brown Granite can work as an ideal natural stone laid as kitchen countertops. It is a sophisticated option that can change the monotonous look of the kitchen. Add some house plants and you are good to go.

Luxury Interiors

Black Marquino Granite For Contemporary InteriorsLuxury is a portrayal of art merging with opulence. People all over the world are opting for furniture that is handcrafted. It not only becomes an addition to the personal collection but it also is for a lifetime. There is an increase in demand for vintage furniture pieces. This kind of choicest furniture needs to be displayed in a perfect surrounding. Our selection for exemplary flooring is Black Marquino Granite. The depth of the colour that this black granite offers, brings out the elegance in these classic interiors. A commonly seen addition to luxury homes is made-to-order sculptures. The granite suppliers from India can offer a good range of granite slabs that can be exclusively used for the same. So sit back and enjoy the best deals on granites that can beautify your homes and offices.